Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Home safely

Dear Friends and Family

We are home safely and Nan had a very good time I think. She slept well last night and enjoyed time with Jason, Jo and Clayton. Jason has done such a good job with the yard and it is very calming to visit their home.

We had to manage a very difficult situation with the incision wound this morning. Just before we left we decided to make another change. We borrowed supplies from the neighbors and managed to get it to hold. Then we hit the road. Of course a piece of the motorhome broke but I was able to fix it. We had hoped to be able to stop and visit with Irene Wing but we could not due to the lack of time. As it was we got home at 3:30 in time for the wound vac nurse to replace the sponge and get the system working again.

It was fun to drive and listen as Sharon and Nan played cards and gossiped on the front bed. They had a blast and Nan has been feeling slightly better. Both Sharon and I think Nan is stronger than when we left on thursday. We have had wonderful weather, calm nights, pleasant times together, Nan and Sharon went shopping, we got to see Jason open his gifts, it was a great trip. Personally I was so ready for a break and some beach time walking with the dogs. God gave me a break. I have several important things hanging over me right now and could sure use more time than I have. My tax day is Oct 15 and I need to do a lot of prep for the accountant before then, our income is not matching the obligations and we need our accounts receivable to kick in big time. Nan's health concerns me a lot, the fact that the wound is putting out 300 cc a day of fluid indicates something is not right, the fact that the fever continues to hang around 101 and up is not good, the daily nausea is not good. Yet she seems stronger.

Well its bedtime and once again I continue to seek your powerful prayers in Nan's behalf. We have heard that our friend Dr. Glover is about the same, holding on and that Roger is doing better which gives us relief.

We love having Sharon here, she adds so much to our enjoyment and peace. She is a very good friend to Nan and they enjoy each other so much. We are so glad she was able to get away from her business to spend time with us. Our love is pretty tough and having her gentle touch makes things a lot better.

love to each and every one of you

tim, nan and sharon


  • At 12:16 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hello again, Sorry you had to miss seeing Irene again but glad to know you are home safely and Nan and Sharon had such a nice time. We went to a Heritage Singer's concert this evening at the Carmichael Church. Tomorrow we have a big day with our LSV group. Pot luck lunch at the Sports Pavillion, Riddle Rally in our LSVs ... they make riddles up using street names and we have to go find the street, address, and answer a question about the house. Then we go to the next place, etc. When we finish we go back to Sports pavillion and have dessert while the scores are being counted up. They always have nice prizes and we win one. Even if we don't, it's lots of fun. We have a great group of people...always fun, fun, fun.
    Maybe Nan is having a fever because there is infection around the wound area, could that be the cause of so much being pumped out? It's time for bed and I always pray for you, Nan, at bedtime. Please get well! You really have had so much progress since your surgery but we are so human that we want all healing to happen right now! Patience, please! Keep getting stronger. Lots of love to Tim, Nan, and Sharon from Barb

  • At 4:12 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    So glad you had such a great week end. There's nothing like being with our kids and there's nothing like a long walk on the beach to lift our spirits. You had both this week end. Plus ~ you had Sharon there!

    We're doing ok. I sort of crashed this week end, but I guess it had to catch up with me eventually. Roger is doing great! Still a bit weak, but doing very well for what his body has been through.

    We will pray that Nan's wound area heals quickly and she continues to gain strength. Cherish those good week ends!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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