Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sabbath evening - rest and friends

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is resting now and its about 11 in the evening. Today we both woke up a couple times in the morning before getting up. We decided I needed to attend Tracy SDA church this morning. Nan could not due to pain and nausea. My intention was to attend to worship, ask for special prayer for Roger and Carol and to let people know who we were doing. Nan intended to stay in bed for awhile and then head down to use her recliner. Just before I left I changed her dressing and gave her Zophram. She feel asleep and was still in bed when I got home after service. It was a very warm experience and I got to see many of our closest friends. I was touched with their concern and expressions of help, a very kind person put something in my pocket and when I opened it on the way home I found 4 safeway cards to purchase groceries and 2 gas cards. I was shocked and very humbled with this kindness. Emily slipped something into my pocket, "spending money" was all she said. Nan and I thank everyone for their warmth, prayers and special helping. It was so good to see everyone including pastor Jim and I finally found out that Jamie's wedding went off great. We hated to miss the wedding and have wondered how it all turned out. People told us it was great. What a sweet girl, lucky guy.

When I got home Nan got up and we prepared to welcome Bob and Carol who were on their way over to visit. We had a great time with them, asking questions, discussing our vans, they are nearly identical, talking about pain and answers. Carol is doing so well considering all the challenges she faces and Bob is like the ultimate care giver. They are so inspiring and great friends to us in every way. They brought some of the most beautiful tomatoes today, huge, yummy and mouth watering plus a little watermelon for tomorrow.

After Bob and Carol headed home I made raviollis for dinner. Nan had some and we both enjoyed them. We both had hot drinks and finally Nan gave up and came back up to bed. I spend the early evening going through boxes of letters and magazines that had been there since Boston. I found a few bills, lucky me. Then I paid bills for awhile until I lost heart. Sure did better than I planned thanks for the kindness of our friend and the checks in the mail today.

We have heard that Roger is doing well now after having a lengthy procedere inserting a stent in a mostly closed artery. Carol and famly are with him and get to see him every two hours for 10 minutes. Please keep Roger and Carol in your prayers, they are precious children of God and this is a total shock to them. We will pass on more reports when we get them.

This has been an OK day and once again we are reminded of God's blessings. This morning Syliva Ahn, our long time friend from Tracy, told of a blessing she had received. She was pulling slowly through an intersection with a green light and suddently someone blasted through the red and would have hit her if she had started up briskly instead of being extra cautious. It was a real blessing that God watched over her. If we only knew that what God does for us, if we only knew.

Please pray that Nan is get back on the road to recovery. She and I send our love and appreciation to the many people who have touched our lives today. Thank you.

tim and nan


  • At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good morning, Trust you are both ok this Sun. morn. I stayed in bed yesterday with cold and no umph. I read Isaiah 58 in the Clear Word version and,once again, realize I'm not living anywhere near how I should. Read it and weep. Then pray!

    Am praying for Roger and family. What a shock! Am thankful for the generosity of good friends that keep you two in mind. One day at a time. Hope for a good, pain free, and a no worry day for you both. Hope to see you on Tuesday.

    Love, Sharon

  • At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    We did enjoy Our visit with You two Yesterday, Good to see Nan more alert and more like herself than at Our last visit 2 weeks ago.

    We are praying for Roger & Carol , Too much sickness in this old world. Time for the Lord to come back !!

    Have a peaceful Sunday and a good week. Don't eat too much Watermelon, Ours was very sweet.

    Tonight it's the "Tim Conway " show at Jackson with some good friends then the Chemo Center tomorrow for blood work and a Procrit Shot , (if necessary).

    Much Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol


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