Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A very dark monday, Nan in intense pain

Dear Ones,

This will be short as I still have to prepare Nan's TPN bag and change her dressings. She went up about 1/2 hour ago and I'll wake her when I come up to do the medical things.

Nan's terrible day started during the night when her lower back became so painful that she could not stay in bed, she tried about everything to ease the pain and finally at 5 we came down so she could lie on the heating pad in a different position. She had already had bouts of vomiting and extreme nausea by then. She was able to get a little sleep and so I slept in a recliner nearby. At about 7 we woke up and I made her a hot drink, then a toast so she could try to get her meds down. The pain got worse and worse and when the nurse came she took in the situation and called Nan's oncologist team to get Roxinal, a morphine med. Sandy, our pharmacist at Longs did not have the drug on hand but arranged for it from her competitor at Safeway. Terry, the nurse went by the Concord office and picked up the hard copy of the prescription to deliver to Safeway later in the day. Gerry and I drove in and picked up the med and came home so Nan could get some possible relief. She started to take tiny doses of it under her tongue and eventually got some relief. However morphine causes her to vomit and so she had several more times of vomiting. All day she has run some fever ranging from 101.7 to slightly below 100. She has felt terrible but continued to try to drink liquids. It is one of the worst days Nan has ever had, such a contrast to yesterday when she did so much and felt so good. As you might imagine I have been a nervous and very stressed out wreck. Nikki called and that helped a lot, just to get to talk to her, Art also called and it was good to talk for a minute to him. mary has been helping nan all day with encouragement and offering to help in any way she could. Barb and Gerry have been wonderful help. Gerry took it as a challenge to get my bug into the garage and after last night's failure to get it in he went to work moving things about. Well its in the garage tonight, pretty tight indeed but its in and he feels good about his accomplishment.

In business we are suddenly busy again but I'm out on Wed. taking Nan to UCSF to see Dr. Warren and on friday to see the oncologist in Concord. Busy times and I'm behind. I sure do miss Nate. Fortunately Jean will see settled soon and can start writing to assist me with the load.

Loree has been very busy today coping with lots of business calls and things to do.

Everything is hopping, now if we could just have some good news for Nan, if she could just feel better again.

I've been praying last night and all day today for God to intervene and help her with the pain, the suffering, the being sick. How we need to see Him in action for Nan.

Please pray for sweet Nan, she's had it tough today. We are praying and hoping for a better day tomorrow.


tim and nan and barb and gerry


  • At 3:50 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good morning! I hope today dawns brighter with less pain. I'm so sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. It is good that Gerry and Barb are there with you for moral support. When things look dark it is easy to forget how God has intervened so many times in in the past 11 years. Nan is a miracle and God has been there for you both. Remember to praise Him for the good times. He will not forsake you now. May you feel his loving arms around you today and may his ministering angels uphold you during this trying time.

    We love you both and keep you in our thoughts and prayers ~ even though we are on the other side of the continent.

    Continued love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Hi ~ The sun is about to come up on a new day and I'm praying for you guys. Give the caregiver strength and comfort through another day. And please give Nan a day with less pain and put her on the road to recovery.

    Have courage you two ~ Love, Marilyn

  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Bob & carrol said…

    Hi again Tim & Nan,

    We are so very sorry that the pain & Nausea are again a major factor for Our Dear Nan.

    We will continue to lift her up in Prayer again today.

    We will try for the "Apple Hill" trip again later and hope so much that You can accompany Us there.

    Here is hoping that today brings comfort & healing for Nan .

    How good it is that You have Gerry & Barb there to help at this difficult time. Good friends are priceless.

    Have a safe Day on the roadways Tim.

    Much Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    Our wish is that Nan be without pain. She has been so strong through the years. Tim, you need to rest whenever you can. I have never seen a person that does so much for his dear wife. You really are a great husband. I'm glad that you have the nurses to help out and your other friends there.

    Art's son Matthew asked about you guys without us mentioning anything. He is spending a few days here with us.

    Take care.

    Connie and Art from Gilroy

  • At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Am so sorry about your bad day. I knew last night when we talked that things were not good for you. I have learned to read you fairly accurately. I hope today has been better. Will talk to you this evening.
    Got through the audit and with a great exit conference. No deficiencies! Glad and most thankful to have it behind us. Troy had an audit today on his Home Health Business and came up with 100% (no deficiencies!) Rodney had an audit on his new business (he has started a durible medical equipment business) and passed his state audit and inspection and now is licensed. His next step is dealing with Medicare. I am sooo proud of both of my boys, they have done very well for themselves and I know that they will always take good care of their mother!!
    Will talk to you shortly, as I am starting a new sleep medication this P.M. and will be in lala land soon.
    Love you much and will see you next week!


  • At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Nan and Tim

    My heart is heavy with the desire that Nan's pain be taken from her. Nan and Tim hang in there. God has given miracle after miracle and I believe "He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it".

    Father God we cry out to you for your faithful servants Nan and Tim. Lord they are so greatful for all that you have done for Nan. All of the hurdles that you have taken them over. All of the doors you have opened. But they are weary right now.

    Father God, please take Nan's pain away. Let the doctors do what you have planned for her and that will bring her back to the vibrant, outgoing witness of your love that she shares so beautifully for you.

    Right now Lord, I ask that you wrap your arms of comfort, love, protection and healing around Nan and Tim. Strengthen them and let them feel your very presence tonight. Give them rest, refreshment and renew their hope in You. I praise you for what you have done and for what you will do, knowing how very precious these two special people are to you. I ask these things in the name of your precious son, Jesus Christ. Amen

    With love and prayers,
    Phyllis Lytle - North Carolina


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