Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday evening 11:48 pm

Dear Friends and Family, Fellow GISTers and Care Givers,

Nan is settled in for the night. Her day included a trip to Concord to see our oncologist which was mildly helpful. He was kind enough to up her pain patch to 100 after the lower doses have not touched the lower back pain. He too found the radiologist report from last Saturday's CT scan confusing. The report seems to refer to more than one mass being in play now but is not very helpful because the only reference point the poor radiologist had was a CT scan taken in April of this year which is well before the large surgery in Boston. The oncologist did report that the blood work shows Nan's body to be in pretty good balance now and she is gaining weight slowly. Her PH is good, her potassium and magnessium were both good, her hemoglobin was 11 which sure beats the 8 she had last friday before the blood transfusion. We also found out that the reason Nan felt so good and alive at the end of the transfusion was the mild steriod they gave her. He alluded to the fact that a little steriod given once in awhile can be of assistance but he warned that steriods get in the way of healing. We were late to our appointment due to an equipment failure, happens sometimes without warning and we always travel with back up supplies, still no fun for Nan to have to cope with and cope she does so well. What an amazing lady.

When we got home from the Dr. we had decided that I should use the afternoon to get some work done so I drove to Palo Alto, 1 and 1/2 hours to do a driveby appraisal, that means I just stop in front of the subject property and shoot a photo of the front, note the features and condition from the street, take a street photo and then go shoot comparable sales that are as similar to the subject property as possible. Then I hit the road.

In my last blog I think I may have seemed a bit to human, sort of down, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, sorry about that. Out of the blue a person called today to offer some immediate assistance with the mortgage payment, my first reaction was to say no but Nan stopped me when she said, you've been praying for answers and perhaps God is responding, well that put a different outlook on things and so with humility we both express our appreciation for the help we received today. Let me tell you, things look more positive tonight than they did last night. Thank you secret friend for your kind assistance today.

When I finally completed my battle with weekend traffic and got home around 8 I found Nan awake and in pretty good spirits. Our visiting nurse had come by to double check that Nan was receiving the entire 1500 ml of TPN with the new computer setting. I was thinking she was not getting the entire amount since some was left in the bottom of the bag each evening. Turns out I was wrong. After I got home Nan came down and I made her a peach smoothie with peaches Barb and Gerry had brought and left here. Since I had to drink the extra I know personally that it ended up tasting great. Nan had a big glass of 2 peaches, ice cream, ice, soymilk, honey and strawberries. Then later in the evening she had a hot drink of mocha she had me buy last night at Costco. Then a glass of water. She and Starr sat in the recliner on the heating pad and although Nan was hurting a lot she hung out until nearly 11 pm. Then we made our way upstairs. Now she is sleeping and gradually her pain will subside since she just took Roxinol on top of the pain patch.

We are both so very glad that this week is drawing to a close. Two big doctor appointments and trips, stress over new tumor growth or not, wondering if we get a wound vac or not, now we know it is coming next week, wrestling with financial issues, IRS, lenders and so it goes. Finally tomorrow we will be together without stress, take it easy and probably enjoy the good weather on the back deck some, takes some naps, walk the dogs and worship God through listening to great CDs, hopefully get to see someone who gets lost and drives this way!! Perhaps even get to see Keanna.

Tonight as I reflect on the week I remember the worst personal pain I have ever felt, kidney stones, Boston contained the worst emotional pain I have felt, the strange world of vicodin and its effects, waking to hear Nan's soft groaning with pain, driving for hours trying to miss the bumps so Nan's bed would not bounce around. I also remember the courageous stand Nan took at 4 am when we went to the ER and she drove, she drove mind you with intense pain but she would not have it any other way, she simply said, we are a team, now get in the car!

Good and bad, we all experience it, we groan from the weight of it and we grow from the pressure of it. How much our Heavenly Father must love us.

Thank you so much to so many this week, it was great to hear from my sister Sibyl, my brother Jerry, Sharon, Dana, Joe and Linda, Mary, our wonderful times with Irene, our great start to the week with Barb and Gerry, really we have much to be thankful for. And we have gotten to
see Keanna nearly every day and Steve and Nikki. Thank you all for your kind messages to the blog.

We send our love and thanks for your prayers in Nans behalf. She certainly needs them now.

Tim and Nan


  • At 1:59 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning,
    I assume your kidney stone has passed, Tim. You didn't say anything more about the pain. That was quite an undertaking for Nan to drive you to the hospital, but it is certainly not surprising.

    May I ask for your prayers this time? Roger had a heart attack tonight and is in Mission Hospital in Asheville. His Left Anterior Descending artery was 98% blocked and he had a blood clot behind it. He had a stent put in and is resting comfortably now. He got hit with nausea about 10:00 p.m. and vomited. He took anti-acids and it didn't help. His body was cold and clammy and he started having chest pain which he thought was indigestion. We had salsa and chips for supper and he thought that was the problem. 10:30 he woke me and said he wasn't sure what was wrong. I had some nitro which I gave him and it helped, so we knew it must be his heart. He wouldn't let me call 911, so I drove him to Park Ridge Hospital. (I should have called 911) They treated him and sent him by ambulance with lights and sirens to Mission Hospital Heart Towers. By 1:00 a.m. he was in surgery. Since he is in ICU I couldn't stay with him, so I came on home for a few hours. He will be in the hospital 4 or 5 days. Dr. says he is doing fine, but aren't sure yet how much damage was done to the heart. So much for our cruise...... That's the least of our worries! Our emotions are a bit hazy at the moment. I guess numb is a better word. It looks like our lives will be changing around here. The projects will have to remain on hold for awhile or hire them done. I was suggesting just today that he hire out some of the work around here. He said as long as he owns the property it is his responsibility to do it. Now he will have to consider some help.

    Sorry, I know this is not MY blog, but I do know a lot of our friends read this. So, I'm asking as you remember Tim and Nan you add Roger to your prayers today.

    Hugs ~ Carol

  • At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Is it possible that an MRI would show things better? Is Nan still running a fever and could they explain it? I have not heard anymore about it.

    How are they planning to follow up, one can't just up the pain meds forever, they have to find the answer. I guess the first thing is having the radiologist take a look at the CT scan CD and obtain his opinion.

    I know that spots that are healing can show up on scans after surgery and look suspicious.

    Perhas a Pet Scan is in order but again I believe "healing spots" can uptake the solution and look "hot".

    Could the back pain be part of the inactivity from laying in bed, it is probably too intense for that but I know that is a factor sometimes.

    I am glad our Kidney stones passed, I have heard that is very very painful.

    My thoughts are with you both and it is wonderful to have the backup friends close to help to keep up the spirits.

    PS Carol, I don't know you but have watched your posts, I hope that Roger had the surgery in such a prompt time that no damage was done to the heart. Take Care and be Thankful that you guys went to the hospital in time to prevent something worse.

    Sue Muse

  • At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You sounded pretty good, Nan,and I trust you had a good night. Tim, do you think you passed the stone,sometimes they hide and sneak up on you and take you by surprise, my sister Gwen can tell you all about it! FUN FUN
    Carol, this has become "our blog" and I am praying for Roger.Sometimes the Lord has to scream at us to get our attention and maybe He wants Roger to slow down. You two sound like you have a very active schedule, which is great, but when God speaks, we have to slow down and listen. Will keep you both in my prayers. Keep us posted.
    Have a bad cold so am going to stay low this weekend and pray I'll be able to get on that plane Tue. AM. Nan has said that I have to come, cold or not, but I think I'll have to do what is the smart thing to do where she is concerned. Hope to see you soon. Love, Sharon

  • At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Good morning ~
    Barb and I got home around 7ish last night - we had made a little trip to our new IKEA. This was her first time to an IKEA and couldn't believe how big it was. Anyway, I was up until around 10ish and still no Blog posted and am just now reading about your doctor visit.

    I hope the pain patches work a little better for Nans pain. It doesn't sound like this guy had much to say about the pain and nausea either - why is it so bad?

    Tim, it's good to hear you are in better spirits - that boulder must have passed! Drink lots of water and cranberry juice - lots!!! And what a good secret friend to help with the mortgage - that's enough to make a spot of cheer to your day!!

    Hang on you two and keep your courage going. You two are a good team and God has been so good and will continue to be by your side. Don't let go - just keep holding on.

    Prayers and love, Marilyn

    ps - I don't know Roger, but he's on my prayer list too!!

  • At 7:54 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Good Morning, I looked late last night and didn't find the blog and thought perhaps Tim was in too much pain, but surprise, you didn't say if you passed the stone but it dosen't seem like you are in pain. I too believe the doctors should find the cause of Nan's pain and not just increase the pain meds. What a relief from your secret friend and thank you for helping the Mustards!! I know Roger's daughter, Cheryl, and I am sad to hear about his heart attack. Roger will be on my prayer list. I feel like I know you folks because of the blog messages you are so faithful in posting. A note to Sharon: Get rid of that cold! Nan needs you. Ger had a good time at the Reno Air Races and he met up with his friend from Oregon. Later this afternoon we are attending a community church service in the park and a program; when it gets dark there will be fireworks to close. We went last year and it was fun. Praying for a nice Sabbath day for you two. Thank God for all His blessings you have received so far. He know where you are and what you are going through and He loves you very much.
    He's coming soon ... no more pain! Yahoo! Bunches of hugs!! Barbie

  • At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Glad to read that things are a bit brighter on several major fronts now. We continue in prayer for more blessings to be sent Your way.

    We will Pray for Roger and Carol and trust that the Good Lord has a plan for them that will include many more good times together. They are a very special Couple to Us and so many others in the World of Worship in Gospel Singing.

    Somewhere there must be an answer to Nan's Pain & Nausea, We will pray that the Dr's can find it soon and take corective measures to fix it.

    Have a Good sabbath Day of rest .

    Much Love & Prayers always,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Erin and Tim:
    I'm in Walnut Creek babysitting Owen. I will be home tomorow Sunday and I will be coming over in the afternoon with some goodies. I won't call I'm sure you will be home if not I will let myself in and leave the food in the Refrigirated. Erin I hope your feeling better you sounded good yesterday. See you tomorow

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