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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sharon arrived safely - Nan spikes a fever -

Dear Friends and Family,

It is so nice to finally be in a moment of calm. Nan has her new TPN bag going, dressing changed, lovenox shot given, baked potatoes eaten and fish watched.

Nan started her day feeling pretty rough, pain woke her a couple times last night. I headed down about 6:30 to work on an appraisal and to prepare for the day. nan came down a little later and we had our customary hot drinks together, later she headed back up and just before I left for a Hayward appointment I changed her dressing, made sure she had fresh water in her bottle and headed out. Hayward went fine and then to the Oakland airport to finally greet Sharon. She was on time but they took nearly an hour to get her bag delivered. Then we hit the road and found a Taco Bell where lunch was waiting. After that we drove to Clayton, a town which was on our way home and did a driveby appraisal and Sharon helped me find the properties and keep track of the photo order. Then we drove home on a narrow winding Marsh Creek Road. We arrived to find Nan resting but ready to see her beloved Sharon. Unfortunately Sharon was not able to sleep at all last night so is very tired tonight. It is so wonderful to have her in the house and we appreciate her selflessness in coming here to help and encourage Nan. Last night Nan was working on a list of things she hopes to accomplish with Sharon while she is here.

Some of the plans may have to wait a bit though. nan has run a fever all through the day, 101.2 to 101.4, which means something somewhere is not right. The oncology office has called and ask her to come in since her hemoglobin is already low again as well. However on a crucial number, white count it was in the normal range which should indicate that there is minimal infection going on. The fever could be caused by the slowly healing incision wound or by a urinary tract infection which she often gets with her unique plumbing. We moved up with the pain meds last night to 125, the highest she has ever had and she says she feels less pain but is sort of taking time to make sense of things today so we may be a little too high. Tomorrow she and Sharon will discuss some of these things with the doctor and try to reach some new conclusions. Tomorrow afternoon she gets the wound vac installed, the box came this morning. In spite of this meaning she will be hooked up to yet another tube she is very anxious to have the vac in so she can get this incision wound healed up completely.

Nan went to the kitchen tonight and directly Sharon to prepare some backed potatoes with sea salt and olive oil. They are so good, the whole house smelled good with them baking. She then came down to the table and had a few bites of potato and some green olives that she dearly loves. She has been pushing water today, lots of it which is a very good thing. She has vomited a few times but more than replaced what she lost with continual water drinking afterwards. You can tell Nan does not feel well, the fever makes her feel lousy, the nausea and pain drag her down as well. Yet she has a sense of humor and is very much in charge.

I am working very hard this week. Tomorrow I drive to Fairfield for an inspection, then Lincoln up by Sacramento, then Sonoma and then Santa Rosa. These towns are many miles apart and I'll probably be tired when I get home, very tired. So far the kidney stone makes itself known with tiny pains from time to time but nothing big, always there on my mind though, wondering when it will hit again. sharon has a magic cure, drink only fresh grapefruit juice for three days and then one cup of olive oil. People in Texas swear that this is the cure for kidney stones, what do you think?

We were saddened to read an email this morning letting us know that our dear friend and hero Dr. Glover suffered a head injury last night at home and is in the hospital in very serious condition. He is 96 years old and has lived an exciting life of accomplishments, charity and ministry to many people. He has helped Nan and me many times including a gift of a trip to the Holy Land when we lived in Tracy. I have been inspired by his stories, his manner of operating and by his big heart for the past 28 years. Nan and I are praying for God's will for Dr. Glover this evening.

We have heard that Roger is doing much better and is no longer in ICU. This is thrilling news and we were informed that Roger and Carrol are away to Tahoe for 5 days which is also thrilling considering how ill Carrol was a year ago.

While we have many concerns on our hearts we also have many things to be thankful for. The sunset over the lake tonight was beautiful, the cool breezes of the evening are refreshing and the steady string of orders for our company is also a blessing. Now if some of those delightful clients would just mail checks, that would be nice too.

So we send our thanks to all the people who help us each day and in so many ways, I thank Nan for being such a good patient and for having such a strong determination to get better. We missed seeing Keanna today but hope to see her again soon.

Please pray for guidance as nan and Sharon head to the doctor tomorrow. nan needs help with pain, nausea, fever and healing and God holds all the cards.


tim and nan


  • At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Hello you two + Sharon ~
    So glad your friend arrived - let her get a good night's sleep and you two will be off and running in the morning. So glad they can get that appratus hooked up that will help heal your wound up. Maybe they can give you another transfussion and that will give you some strength again.

    Keep those appraisals going Tim. Wish Cal were here to help you out - he loved working with you doing those things!!

    Why not try Sharon's remedy - sounds like you get it all set with the acid drink and then slip it out with all that olive oil. What a deal. Did she say if it hurts passing it this way?

    Nan, I hope your fever is down in the morning. I'm still praying for courage and most of all for healing.

    Love, Marilyn

  • At 6:33 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    With the time change it is nearly time for you to write another blog.

    I'm sorry Nan has not been feeling well. It is good that Sharon could be there to help out this week. I know she brings a positive spirit into your home as well as good help and company for Nan.

    Take care of yourself Tim. I'm glad you have help so you can do your appraisals, but you still need to take care of you!

    Roger came home from the hospital today. He is doing very well and we are so grateful to God that we did not go on that cruise! It this happened on the cruise he would not be with us today. Scary thought! Now comes the rehab and working on patience ~ the hard part.

    You both continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We love you!



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