Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday evening

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan just went up to bed after watching CSI Miami. It was interesting since it was partially about a cruise ship and we love anything to do with cruising. Also they make Miami look a lot better than we remember it from the few times we have been there. Magic of TV I guess.

Nan spent the majority of today by herself and handled it very well. I left this morning for Dixon and then Vacaville to do appraisal work. She stayed downstairs until about 11 when she went up for a nap. She called early afternoon to report that the Zophram shipment had not yet arrived. Later she called to say it had shown up after all and was safely on the front porch. She was able to reach our nurse practiciner Dr. Yee at UCSF and found we need to make an appointment soon with the urologist team. We will do so tomorrow. We should also find out tomorrow if Nan's hemoglobin has reached a level where she needs a transfusion. After a time of having 3 units of blood in one week three weeks ago it is nice that some time has passed and her number was still 8.9. Nan is not running a fever, our nurse was here today to draw blood and to give a general assessment of Nan's condition. After several days of low energy Nan seems to be perking up this evening. Perhaps it was the visit from Nikki and Keanna tonight. They came and made dinner, we gave the mac and cheese dinners a try that Marilyn sent to us several weeks ago. They are great and we feasted on them. Nan had some as well and a couple green beans too along with a glass of milk and a fudgesickle. I did not do any work after I got home tonight. Traffic was so difficult that a 1 hour trip took over 2 hours to get home. I was exhausted. I'll start early in the morning.

Nan appreciates the calls she received today. I know of several people she talked to, Sharon, Jan, Dana, Irene, Carol Peden and there were probably more that I don't know about. A phone call lets Nan get out of the house mentally. She is immediatelly transported to your world and enjoys hearing about your adventures even if they are only tiny ones. Nan's world is so dominated by 5 bags right now that any escape is great and enjoyable. It does seem to us that the 5th bag may be having less fluid but who can know for sure. We switched to a better bag tonight, one that is more comfortable for Nan to manage, we'll see if that helps some.

Nikki helped me back the motorhome up to the garage tonight so I could dump the tanks and then take it back to storage. People get really uptight here if you keep it at your home too long. Seems everyone else knows more about your business than you do, I wish we lived on an acre with a shop and some privacy, like that is going to happen anytime soon.

I feel the effects of the day overwhelming me and sleep sounds pretty attractive. Nan and I want to thank you for your faithfulness in praying for her recovery. I am pleading morning and night with God to seal the leaking places and I know He hears and is answering. What His answer is is unclear at this point.

Thank you for your kind prayers and I want to ask that you also remember Herb, a fellow GISTer who has just had Sutent fail for him. We remember when we found out Sutent had failed for Nan last January, it is a terrible blow. Herb is about to enter into a new trial to be conducted in Las Vegas for GIST and we pray it contains answers not only for his growing tumors but for others as well. We also remember Carol in Lodi, this is her week of Chemo and it is not a fun week for her. She and Bob have been faithful prayer warriors for Nan and we love them dearly. We are thankful that Roger Peden is recovering rapidly from his heart issues and is busy once again taking care of Lakemont Cottages.

Good night my friends,

tim and nan


  • At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Hello -
    Nan, you are such a good trooper. Your day by yourself sounds like it was a good one. How I'm praying for that leak to stop and you can get on with the healing process.

    You even had fun with Nikki and Keanna coming by and what a good little helper Keanna was with the motorhome. I'm sure she loves "helping" you do whatever needs to be done. Grandkids are just a breath of fresh air!!

    I haven't heard a word from Barb and Ger. I know they got to Hawaii because Barb called Mom on Sabbath - so I got to hear a little of what they are doing from Mom. I pick them up Wednesday night. Yesterday was Ger's birthday.

    We are having such beautiful fall days here. The leaves in my yard and neighborhood are changing color and the red berries on the bushes are very red. Kimberley was telling me about their fall colors in South Carolina - they sound a little more vivid than the ones here. They have had to postpone the movers bringing their furniture from Florida again because the remodeling on the house is taking so much longer than they thought. I'm wondering about the "good" handyman they hired because he hooked up the hot water to the toilet!!!! Oh my!!!

    I woke up a little while ago and my Gaither Homecoming CD was still playing - I love their music. But it woke me up and I decided to come see how your day was. I'm glad to hear you are still getting some mileage from my Costco shopping trip for you guys with the macaroni and cheese. I hadn't used that kind, but it sounded so good. Sunday I looked for the vegan soup, but they didn't have it.

    There is a new Lucille's BBQ restaurant on the way home and last night I called and ordered a garden burger for on the way home. By the time I got home, everything was a little cooled, but that burger was delicious.

    You are both probably sawing logs and that's a good thing. I'll continue my Mustard praying and then crawl back into bed.

    Love to both, Marilyn


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