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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve with Nan, A wonderful gift!

Dear Friends and Family,

As I look back this evening from our warm family room with Nan relaxing in her recliner I think back with a grateful heart to the evening of June 6 and Nan was in recovery. At that point no one knew the outcome of the night and for weeks challenges arose at least once a day or more. Since that time Nan has braved and prayed her way through 54 days in Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston, recovery in Conn. with Rick and Roxanna, a very long flight home, 8 hours later back to the hospital with many times in and out of the hospital since. We have been blessed with excellent care at UCSF, wonderful home health care nurses and a gradual inprovement in weight, strength and healing. As we remember the greatest gift ever given in Jesus who lived and died in solidarity with us and then rose in victory we know there are reasons for hope both for now and eternity.

We woke this morning to heavy and dense fog. Fortunately we didn't have to go anywhere so we could ignore it, build up the fire and do indoor things. Today we have stayed warm, talked to friends and family and been lucky enough to have Nikki and Keanna come to visit and work hard. Grammy shared a tiny coin purse with Keanna and Keanna took on the mission of finding any penny or more of change in the entire house. We had a a great time as she found money and then put it into her little purse, then she started working on the tree, putting decorations all over with a pretty good eye for one less than 4 years old. Nikki went to work wrapping presents giving mom a hand. They wrapped for hours getting everything just right. Finally it was obvious that Keanna needed a nap very badly so they headed home and Nan went upstairs for a nap as well. I decided to finish the tree and had fun with Christmas music playing, fire crackling and me learning how to hang balls on the tree. Our little 10 buck tree looks great now. We found a string of 200 lights with 12 different lighting options and they formed the base of the decorations. nan did another bow for the top. While Nan slept I carried all the Christmas boxes back to the garage so when she came down all was in order. When she woke she decided that a trip to Longs would be a good idea. I called and found out they were open till 9 so Nan got dressed in some very Christmassy clothes and we headed out. We found many of the items she wanted at Longs but they were out of candy canes, a trick that helps nausea, suck on a peppermint candy cane. We then headed for Safeway but for once Safeway, the 24 hours store was closed. Not ready to give up we drove into Brentwood and found a Walgreens that is always open, found candy canes on special and content with our finds came home.

Upon arriving I built a fire and Nan decided she would like rice so as she instructed I cooked, not too bad for the first time for me. Then she decided some chocolate milk would be good so 2 glasses of brown milk later she is slipping in and out of sleep in her chair. I have the dishwasher going so kitchen will be in order when Dana gets here tomorrow afternoon. Now just finish the blog and we head to sleep. In spite of feeling rough with nausea Nan has made it a good day. This brave and stubborn lady does not give up easily. She has been very involved in making Christmas work without spending very much money. She and Nikki are both excellent shoppers and especially at saving money. Its amazing the deals they get.

Tom Miller, our Lodi friend who used to live in Tracy, called and offered to come out and build shelves in the garage to hold the boxes of appraisals which we are required to keep for 5 years. He has a great plan and is going to make it happen New Years week. I am so excited, it will make keeping track of reports so much easier than ever before.

Tomorrow morning we travel over to Nikki and Steve's for breakfast and then Christmas tree time. That means I get to move all the presents from under our tree to under theirs, exercise for sure but the fun type. Then at noon I will head to Sacramento to the airport to meet Dana. We certainly hope for a safe and speedy trip for her. She will be with us for about 10 days which sound so good to Nan and me also. We appreciate Ron and the rest of the family for letting her come be with us.

On June 6 we began a new kind of adventure, one of faith and hope, of setbacks and terror, one of needing and receiving tremendous help on all levels, one of seeing the good in so many people as they stepped forward to help with the recovery. We have grown closer to our family, our friends, our Saviour. We have learned humility and renewed opportunity. We have seen miracles and non miracles which require waiting and waiting. We treasure every hour, every day of life God gives us and look forward to His answers and healing in the future.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and for helping us with the load.

Merry Christmas, thank you Jesus for being born that we might have eternal hope.

with love

tim and nan
ps more thanks go to Sylvia, your cleaning and arranging has helped us get ready for Christmas, thanks so much. thanks to Mary, once again I had a wonderful lunch today compliments of Mary for her soup and pasta.


  • At 12:06 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi Tim & Nan and Merry Christmas! You sound like it's been enjoyable getting ready for Christmas. Gerry was happy to hear that the black car was in the garage! We had fun on Saturday night with Gerry's family at our family Christmas dinner and party. Joleane did most of the planning and it was a very fun evening. Tonight we had our Christmas with Den, Lyn & Jen. Sandie called from Maui and they were out laying on the beach. Our kids were complaining that it was too cold in our house. We cranked up the heater, turned on the fireplace and snuggled in with lap blankets. Your reminding us of all the things you have to be thankful for was a good boost to my thinking, also. We are so happy for the progress Nan has made. We are praying for her every day, especially for the nausea problem. Please remind Dana that you do not need any more pets! Wish you could stop by when you come to Sacramento to get Dana at the airport, but I know you will be in a hurry to get her back home to Nan. Lots of love, Barbie

  • At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Tim,

    Thank you for sharing the real meaning of CHRISTmas. I think looking back on it you may agree that the Season without the money is closer the the real Christmans than the one with the the money.

    Well done good and faithful servant. Your daily BLOGS have ment a lot to your readers as we are all on a spiritual journey as well. I especially have benefited from your honest and heartfelt communications. Thank you for leading the way through difficulties. Thank you for wrestling with God. Having seen the effects I feel that good wrestlers are God's favorites.

    God bless you and and your family and you friends. God bless us everyone!


    ps please write a book about how to be so positive with those of us that might be stubborn!

  • At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    "Ho-Ho-Ho" To The Mustard Clan,

    We just arrived home here in Lodi about 5:00 p.m. after a very easy drive from Chico where We spent the last 3 days with Carrol's 2 Sisters and Families. Lots good Laughs remembering Past Years Holiday times. Lots of good food too.

    Tomorrow is Clinic Day for Carrol. We are hoping for good blood numbers . Aridia Infusion and Procrit Shot too if necessary, so far Dr. says the Chemo is on a hold. Good news indeed !

    Looking forward to hooking up with You & the Pedens in the next few days. Hope they did not get caught up in the Denver Snow Storm. I guess there are still people in the Airport there waiting to get where they started to go 4 days ago.

    May the Lord richly bless You All on this very special day for which We all are so very grateful.

    Much Love & Warmest of Good Wishes,

    Bob & Carrol.


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