Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Surrounded by Christmas decorations!

Nan is surrounded by boxes of every kind of Christmas decoration. All the way from antique ones from Heinz where Nan used to work to boxes of colorful balls, beads, lights, etc. I brought lots of boxes in so Nan could select what she wants put on the new tree, a tree which is now standing considering whether it wants to open his branches or not, so far NOT. But the wonderful odors the tree puts into the room, nice, very nice.

This has been a rough day for Nan. Nikki, Keanna and I went to Sabbath School at Tracy this morning letting mom rest and sleep in. We enjoyed the experience and Keanna looked just precious in a burgundy red dress, matching shoes and a bow in her hair. We sort of challenged her to eat her sandwich as we drove to church and she ate it all along with bananas, grapes and her special rice milk. The teacher Kim did a very nice job with Sabbath School and then Keanna decided she wanted to eat so we met Steve and hit up the Olive Garden, no waiting and great food.

When I got home I found Mary here, she had been here and helped Nan get new pain patches in place. They were overdue to the pain was hitting hard. Also extreme nausea has kept Nan in her chair most of the day. Because it is our Sabbath I was able to be here with her and not be in the office working. I've kept the fire going for warmth and with the pleasant smells of the tree the room looks and smells like Santa's workshop. Nan is still anxious to get her wrapping accomplished and tomorrow we will tackle that project. Hope we can get Keanna's help with decorating the new tree too under Grammys direction.

I completed a nice detailed blog a few minutes ago and when I hit send it failed and poof, it was gone. Now that is not nice at all and it does not please me to lose my work, but when its gone its gone. We heard from Jason and Jo today who are now able to move around in Denver. Jason and Jo's family were able to go to church but Jo is down with a cold and does not feel well. They got to attend a service where John and Karen Cress are the pastor team, now that is always a treat because they are good, committed and very creative.

I sense that its time to go to bed, my eye lids are closing as I write these words. We are looking forward to Dana's upcoming visit very much. She is like a spring, always full of energy and ideas and having her here is a delight. We appreciate Dana being willing to fly here on Christmas day.

Well the cars are both back safely in the garage tonight Gerry! Black one had to live outside last night and it almost did not start, being diesel it does not like the cold and its battery is marginal too. Tonight they are back in where they belong. I added some timers to the yard display where a large blow up Frosty and friend dominate, there are five little lit up trees, three wreathes and long with our next door neighbors display it all looks nice. Tonight our living room tree is also showing in the front window.

Mary worked very hard this afternoon bringing arm loads of clothes down from nan's bulging closet and then Nan could make a decision, keep, Dana pile, Nikki pile, sale pile, give to charity pile, Mary found some things she liked too and insisted on paying for them, that sure was not our intention, she has done so much for us, helped. In fact I had soup she brought over. It warmed up perfectly in the microwave and was great for super tonight. Thanks mary for allllll your help today and always.

Please join us in praying that God will see fit to curb the nausea, control the pain and help nan with her recovery. We have much to be thankful for and many friends and family to be thankful for as well.

Love from our family room to yours,

Tim and Nan


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