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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not a bad day at all...

Dear Hearts,

9:50 and our day is slowing down finally. For the first time ever Nan blogged this morning. She had me show her how to create a message, wrote one and sent it. Progress! What a change in plans but once we thought it through we just had to accept it. I settled in to work but took Pams advice and called Jim, my doctor and friend since college. He was able to see me so I went there directly. Jim prescribed some meds to help me fight the infection that has been growing in me. This evening I am coughing less and feeling some better already.

Nan was able to speak with many family and friends today to let them know of the change in plans. She has battled heavy duty nausea all day. She rested quite a bit and this evening had some toast so she could take her meds, of course also a lemon from Pams trees.

I will be out for a long day tomorrow, Daly City at 10 am, Concord at 12:30, Fairfield at 2:30 and then Dixon at around 3:30 or so. Not an easy day but then who wants it easy. So if you happen to be free and can call Nan tomorrow or even come by she will be delighted to trade stories or Christmas greetings. Try to avoid mid day as that is when she sleeps for a little while.

The mail certainly brightened our day. Hundreds of dollars came in and while thousands are still owed the money that came in helps meet the huge challenges of this week. We thank God for His help.

This evening I ran a cable over to Nikki and got to see Keanna, the newly sealed travertine floors and the new puppy. What a kick to see happy faces even for just a few minutes. Mom had me stop for popsickle backup supplies on the way home. Don't dare run out of those precious popsickles.

And so we wind up this interesting day, a day which changed dramatically yet turned out OK. My prayer tonight is that the nausea can be calmed down. It is no fun to have to put up with hour after day illness. Thank you everyone that called today, when you dial Nan you are making a big big difference in her life. And Wes please reaim your prayer machine toward monday for success in healing the leak.


tim and nan


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