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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Making progress one step at a time

Dear Friends and Family,

Its 10 pm and time to wrap up this day. Its been OK and God blessed with some high points. A very nice moment for me was when I was finishing up an appraisal inspection over in San Ramon and Nan mentioned she was fixing some food. It was enough to hurry me home over the back roads, used to avoid the terrible traffice we have everywhere these days, hurry home. Nan was considering having us go shopping when I got home also but by the time I got here she was tired. She has had more nausea today and this time lost an entire meal, not good at all and we have no clue as to why the nausea is much worse again. Seems just when the pain lessens the nausea gets stronger. We are using Kitril through the IV, Zophram once in a while, peppermint sticks, lemons, triscuits. Nan has made it a pretty good day in spite of not feeling great. I see she has been working her computer a lot probably doing Christmas shopping or at least looking at things. She has her Christmas cards out at least partially and ordered stamps for the business statements through the internet also. She is helping in so many ways. I feel so blessed every day to have her intercom me about 8 to 9 when she wakes. Last night she slept almost 10 hours which was wonderful, only up once during the entire night.

I worked in this morning putting in orders in the computer, emailing out completed work, taking care of business.

And when I saw the mail today God had really blessed with two checks that go a long ways toward covering last weeks payroll. I had prayed hard this morning seeking some blessings from God's special shelf. We are counting the days until Dana and Bonnie come for their visit. nan was saddened today to learn that Dana has taken a full time job and will not be able to stay as long as we had hoped but we still get her for more than a week which will be wonderful.

Steve brought Boo for his first visit to our house today, a beautiful timid black lab puppy. Starr was not sure about all the attention Boo was getting, what a cuties. Steve said that to sleep last night he had to have Boo in the garage with a heater nearby, otherwise it was crying and wailing. I sure remember those days when new puppy comes to live. Every piece of our wood furniture has chew marks from Starr, Lady and Noka when they were little, but somehow it does not matter because they have brought so much joy to our lives.

Tomorrow I am am out again and need to get somethings written before I leave in the morning. This afternoon I was doing field reviews, that is where I have someones appraisal and I drive the comps he or she used and see if I agree with the way the report finds a value. Today I ran out of light, left too late out the door, seem to never learn, always one more thing to do before leaving. While I was working I did the laundry and started the dishwasher so things are pretty much in order, then dryed things in a dryer that never used to work well. When Barbie was here she talked to the dryer and pulled lots of junk out of its insides, now the dryer works great, what a blessing that is. I even folded everything.

Nan is anxiously waiting to hear from UCSF regarding the interventional radiology procedure. So far no word or appointment. They say it will be a outpatient process but since we have to be there early in the morning we might stay in a hotel nearby instead of try to fight traffic all the way in at that time of day. We'll see.

We are thankful for each of you, we are also thankful for your help, the recovery fund has enough in it to cover Nan's glasses and do some Christmas shopping. Now for paying bills we hope and pray that lenders will pay up and soon.

Thank you for your prayers for Nan, please keep them going.


tim and nan


  • At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Glad to hear that the sun sets too fast on your day. Thought it was a personal problem of mine, so greatful it is not. Was also reminded of our own furniture after I read the dogs chewing the legs remark. Our personal collection of miss matched pieces have distressed finishes. Very sheek! Professionally done by our kids,cats,dogs and our own cluminess over a twenty year span.

    Praying for you and Nan daily. Hoping for a good report after the radiology procedure.

    Your brother in Christ,


  • At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    We are reading Your blogs every day as usual but have been busy with company this week so have not responded as quickly as We usually do.

    We enjoyed a great Christmas Concert by the Air force Band of the Golden Gate on Tuesday evening at the Lodi Hutchens Street Square Auditorium. Today we are going to see the Movie "The Queen" at the Tower Theatre in Sacramento at 1:00 it is supposed to be 93 minutes long so that is about right for Me, Long Movies get Me rstless in a hurry.

    Good to read that something is in the works to stop the "Leak" We will be praying for success.

    Just Paid the 1st instalment on the Property taxes yesterday, That is a real wake up each year when You are on a fixed income. We signed up Carrol for the new enhanced AARP Medicare Drug Part "D" which should be a big help for next Year. This new plan covers the "Gap" but the premiums are a bit higher. Over all We should save about $300.00 a month over this Years Rx expenses.

    Have a good day and stay safe on the Highways Tim. People are "Nuts" out there.

    Much Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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