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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Its cold in California

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from the winter wonderland. Its actually cold here for a change, may even get a frosting tonight. We keep our bedroom window open and last night was really cold, when I got up this morning Nan had the covers pulled all the way up so just her eyes showed. Very cute! Last night having Starr near was a real blessing, warmth!

This morning when I came down to warm the place up it was 61 degrees and it took the wood stove a bit to get the room up to 70. When Nan came down I had the heating pad on high in her chair, a blanket covering the chair to break the cold of the leather and a space heater pointed toward the chair.

Nan has felt better today with less pain in her hip, less pain in her legs and feet and the urine running into her ileostomy is clear, also the small amount of liquid in her incision wound is clear. Could it be the antibiotic doing its job on infection? Not sure and of course who really would know. Tomorrow at 1 pm Nan has a new CT scan of pelvic and abdomen at UCSF. We plan to leave around 11 so we will be in place on time. Then we scurry down to Palo Alto for an appraisal and then home. We may get a chance to see Irene for a minute along the way, all depends on how Nan feels and the traffic we encounter.

I'm just back from a quick run down to Santa Clara this late afternoon to shoot comp photos for several appraisals that need to be completed in that area. I turned out several reports this morning to lenders and several orders came in. We are very grateful to have this much work for this time of year. Now if the lenders would just pay up, it would sure help at the bank. It seems like there is a black hole that just sucks every dime away as soon or even before it arrives.

Nan has been busy today moving about on her own, writing Christmas cards, checking emails, putting wood on the fire, trying to keep warm and fighting off the animals. She was holding MooMoo and Starr started after her and the kitty put some nasty scratches on Nan's face as she fled. I know from experience that those scratches are no fun. Wish Starr would calm down.

For dinner tonight we had soup and sandwich, cheetos, milk and a few nuts. We are still very much enjoying the leftovers from Thanksgiving and the generous shopping of Marilyn. We are still eating tangerines, oranges and apples that Barb and Gerry brought. I just got back from a quick run to Safeway to buy milk, cottage cheese, more pastry shells like we had last night and 5 cheese pizza buns that Jan introduced us to when she was here.

We won't know what the CT scans show tomorrow but will get a CD to send to Boston for their reading there. It is always a very nervous day when CT scans are taken for me, less so for Nan. Over the past few years we have had good reports and terrible reports and so we are always anxious to know the results of the CTs.

Have you been shopping for Christmas yet? We are sort of playing it conserative this Christmas since funds are very scarce. We'll put lots of thought into what we buy and since we have people who love us and we love back Christmas will be just fine.

Please remember Nan tomorrow as she travels to UCSF, has the CT scan and tries to rest in the back of the van. Thanks for the phone calls and your prayers.


tim and nan


  • At 2:23 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning Mustards,

    It sounds like another good day at your house ~ Nan moving about, writing Christmas cards and Tim getting new orders in. The Lord does supply your needs at just the right times. He just doesn't let you know very far in advance. That's what faith is all about.

    We pray your trip today goes smoothly ~ traffic running without too many slow downs, Nan's pain level remains minimal, the leaking is clear and minimal, and of course a decent parking place in SF.

    This week has literally flown past! It has been a strange week, yet a good week for us too. I'm up early this a.m. to get Dad and Barbara to the airport. Dad helped start the organized ministry in the Turks and Cacaos Islands in 1946. The first Sabbath keepers can be traced to 1906, so this is their Centennial celebration. They are the guests of honor and Dad is so excited! What a special time for them! Barbara is so proud to be a part of Dad's life and doesn't hesitate to let him know. They are both very happy together and I'm very happy for them.

    I'd better get going. I'm sure they have been waiting ~ even though it is still early ~ to get to that airport on time. Again ~ have another good day and don't get too tired out!

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Phyllis said…

    Hi Nan and Tim,

    Been keeping an eye on you through the blog. Had to chime in again to say how happy I am that your pain level has diminished for you Nan. I have had a big smile on my face and a "Thank you Lord" on my heart.

    Thanks for yesterday's reminder that I had better get a move on. Because I have been practicing Christmas music with the two choirs I sing with, Christhas has been with me for about two months...wonderful. However, it is time to get to the other "stuff". By the way, what is a "pug" card?

    I pulled out a couple of boxes this morning and plan to put out the few decorations that I need grace our hearth. The manger scene for the mantle and a 3 ft wooden tree that two of my little granddaughters made for us. Then I have to think about baking my Dad's holiday breads (that's all he wants). We have thirteen grandchildren, ranging in age from 24 to 2 years, so we tend to be conservative and practical in our gift-giving. The older ones get money and the parents of the little ones use money we send them to buy for us. I hate it, but it works. All of our kids are in Michigan, Ohio and California.

    Have a blessed day and take it easy. Praying for checks and more of God's blessings for you both.

    Love and prayers,

    Phyllis Lytle, North Carolina


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