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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving evening

Dear Friends and Family,

This evening we are unwinding after a very special day. We hope your day has been special too and that you have enjoyed family, good food and a wonderful day.

Unfortunately we are also coping with Nan's temperature at 101.3. We have called our oncology team and so far have not gotten anyone to answer so we are not sure what to do next. Her temperature has been up some all day long. Yes we are concerned and yes we are not sure what to do, Nan can't take aspirin due to Gleevec so we wait and keep taking the temp in hopes it will go down. We opened the door to outside because the wood stove really heats up the interior of the house but to no avail.

When we got home last night from the transfusion Jason had already cleaned the spa and had it running, Clayton had cleaned the alge on the fish tank and Jo had cleaned the dining room table and had placed some beautiful flowers there. Since the spa takes hours to get warm we had to wait until this morning to sit in it. Spas at 65 degrees are not fun at all.

We all sort of slept in this morning and when I got up I moved some boxes to the already bulging garage to clear the living room and entry way. Jason and I sat in the spa even though it was cool outside. After we became prunes we came back in, showered and started helping out. Jo worked like a trooper helping with mashed potatoes, making vegetables, setting the table perfectly, cleaning the kitchen and a lot of other things. Pam arrived early afternoon with a lot more food, turkey, vege turkey, gravy, salad and more. Jo and I located the Martinelli's. The ladies got the table ready and then it was time to eat. Nan had started watching the parade upstairs and moved down to finish up in the family room. Jason kept the fire going, Clayton kept up to date on the office computer and helped with preparing food. He peeled and cut up the potatoes which was a big help.

Nikki, Keanna and Steve dropped by mid morning and grabbed a snack before heading for Tracy this afternoon. Keanna was dressed so cute in a matching dress and shoes. She played and entertained us all. We always enjoy seeing them and hope Steve is safe this evening as he drives down to see his mom and brother in southern Cal. Nikki and Keanna have a big day planned shopping in the morning.

Finally it was time to eat so we settled in with mom at the head of the table. We had a lovely meal, great food, nice conversation. Starr even got involved by barking as she begged for food. Unfortunately Nan got chilled while sitting at the table and finally had to get back to her chair, Jason stoked the fire up and gradually Nan got warmer. Ryan and Shannon came later in the afternoon and had a bit to eat. Shannon prepared Sam's chicken under Nan's direction. It turned out great, so very good and tasty. She was thrilled to get the recipe and changed its name to Aunt Nan's Chicken.

Finally Jason and Jo with Clayton headed home and with sadness we watched them leave. Then Shannon and Ryan hit the road and finally Pam loaded up for home. We thank them all for their help and for their being with us today to make this a special day.

We don't know what will happen tonight, if the temp keeps rising we will have to go to ER and we dread that 5 hour experience. So we pray from our heart that God can allow Nan's fever to go down tonight.

When you read this please include Nan in your prayers.

We send our love and are deeply grateful for all the blessings of this day. How we treasure times like these together.

tim and nan


  • At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Guys,
    Have had some interesting events over the past few days. I took my Activity Director with me to a Womans' Retreat this past weekend. There were 20 ladies in our group that represented our church. We drove to central Texas just above Houston and had a wonderful time together. There is something special about sharing time with friends in such a setting. We shared fun, laughter, and tears.
    When I got back I became sick on Monday morning and after a visit to the doctor and an ultrasound, found several things wrong and not sure what is going on yet. Will find out more when tests come back. I'm still breathing and not hurting as much.
    Our dear friends from Portland Oregan flew in Thanksgiving AM. Felicita and Sam Munyandamutsa will stay with me till Dec.2. My sister Gwen picked them up for me while I helped my brother, Rick, run the Center. We open on Thanksgiving and feed the clients and their visitors a Thanksgiving dinner. For some, it is the only special dinner they get. I left a little after dinner and took my visitors to Luby's for lunch. We had a good time. Rodney, Shay, Gunnar, and Camden came over for awhile in the evening. Today (Friday) Sam, Felicita, and I will go out to see Troy, Sandra, Lindsey, Ryan, and Haley at their house on the water. The kids love the water activities and will surely entertain us.
    Trust each of you had a great day and remembered to think Him for all our blessings. We will be blessed by a visit from out cousins this week, Barbara & Jerard, and Laura & Milton, all from the Houston area. Haven't seen them in years.
    Time to get moving. Know that I love you all and will talk to you this evening. Love, Sharon

  • At 9:39 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    It sounds like you had a very special Thanksgiving Day. There's nothing like having family and friends around us on Holidays. Sorry, Nan is running a fever however. That does give cause for concern. Maybe it was all the excitement of having so many around all day.

    We braved the crowds this a.m. and did a little shopping about 6:30. I think we spent 1/2 hour in Wal-Mart. I wanted to pick up their big bath towels at $2.50 each for the cottages. Would you believe they were almost gone? All the white ones were gone and they had only a few red, dark blue, black, and peach left. Bummer! We did pick up a new computer and a paper shredder at a great price though. It wasn't crowded at all when we were there, but I hear it was a mad house at 5:00 a.m.! The check out lady said one lady bought $200 worth of towels. I think she was doing what I had intended to do only I didn't need THAT many.

    Have a restful week end after your busy day yesterday. I hope you are feeling a little stronger, Nan after your blood transfusion.

    We continue to remember you both in our prayers.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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