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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nan watches Keanna at swimming lesson

Dear Friends and Family,

Wed. evening and Nan is riding her recliner, on TPN, room at 80 degrees and she is winding down. The highlight of her day was going to watch Keanna at her swimming lesson at the club. This precious little girl with her goggles and fins was loving the water and seems to have no fear left. She dove down deep, spashed, swam and seemed to be loving every minute of her adventure. Afterwards she came out to tell us she loved us and to give us hugs. What a great big wonderful moment it was.

Nan has not felt all that strong today and has been resting up for our trip to the club. We made it there and made it back home. Tomorrow morning she is supposed to going to Brentwood to have her hair done. Since I am scheduled out she plans to drive herself. I wish there was someone who could drive her there and back, just not sure if she is up to this whole thing yet. She is supposed to be in Brentwood at 10 in the morning and has been looking forward to having her hair worked on for weeks now. I hope it can still happen for her.

I had the pleasure of inspecting Joyce Glover's home this afternoon in Tracy for tax purposes. Joyce is a very special dedicated Christian lady who is missing Dr. Glover who we lost on Sept. 25. She is so lost without her pardner of 22 years. I enjoyed seeing her home and getting to talk with her for a few minutes. It is a lovely home with outstanding landscaping, a corner setting and is a much desired single story. I also inspected 1808 East STreet, a home that Dr. Glover has owned for many years. A home that he allowed our family to live in while we were in Tracy years ago. It felt so strange to walk through a home that we spend wonderful times in when the children were much younger. A place full of memories.

Tomorrow I am heading to Santa Clara to inspect several properties owned by the same person, a duplex, a large victorian, a small normal house and a large 3,000 sf home. The Lord has blessed us with lots of work right now and we are very grateful.

Well its time for me to go sit with Nan for a bit, sip a mocha and get ready for bed. We send our thanks to each and every one of you for your love, your prayers and for your support as we make our way day by day through this difficult time.


tim and nan


  • At 4:47 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    That was an adventurous day! That little Keanna is quite the little fish! How fun it is to watch or grand children in action. A hug from a little one can make our day!

    Nan, knowing you I'm sure you are looking forward to the possibility of getting in that car and driving yourself to the hairdresser. Independence!!! I hope it works out for you and you can have that adventure by yourself. It must be just a little bit scary though.

    We plan to go to Dollywood today to the Christmas shows. There are some new shows that we are looking forward to seeing. The Holiday hours are 2- 9 so we'll have a late night. I wish we could stay over, but this is Lesley's first day of being on duty. She will do just fine I'm sure. We will be no farther away than our cell phones ~ except through the mountains....

    George isn't doing very well. He does have an infection in his incision, pneumonia, fever and a collapsed lung. It seems that if anything can go wrong with him it will. He is still coughing up "stuff" along with blood. That doesn't sound so good to me. Paulette is actually more relaxed at the hospital than having him at home ~ he's not her sole responsibility. However, she doesn't leave his side.

    Well, my dears, I hope your plans for your adventure work out well for you today and you have the strength to accomplish it. That's quite an undertaking! A new do and a little independence can do a lot for a woman though.

    Continued love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I called late and got your message mode. Our baby shower was very nice, good crowd, lots of cute things. I will pack in the early AM and be ready to leave for the Womans Retreat in centeral Texas early in the AM. Glad you managed to get to Brentwood ok today and know you feel better just having your hair done. I'll call you tomorrow during the day. Remember that I love you. Sharon


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