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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A good weekend

Dear Loved Ones,

Nan and I were settled in bed, I had just climbed in after kneeling and thanking God for His blessings when suddenly it hit me, I had not blogged! Not wanting to alarm you my faithful reader I am back down here in the office sending this message.

We have experienced blessings this weekend, Nikki and Keanna were great, Bob and Carrol were great, Sharon your phone call this evening to Nan was great, getting hundreds of dollars in the mail to cover bills already written was great, sitting with nan or eating with her by the fire is great.

This morning Nan suggested pancakes so being the total chef that I am (not) I turned out some pretty decent pancakes, Nan ate about half of hers and a glass of milk. Then I worked in the office which is about 10 steps from her chair writing appraisals and she watched TV and slept. Mostly food channel and some old movies. I even took a nap this afternoon, so warm and cozy. Then I decided to take care of a rush appraisal for an old friend who has not been ordering many reports over the last few months. So off to martinez, about an hour, empty property so everything went quickly, shot the comps and headed back home. When I got home Nan was not even aware that I had returned, she was upstairs and I came in quietly so the dogs didn't go bonkers like usual. She needed zophram for nausea, slept a bit more and then came down. We had soup and crackers, milk, green olives. We watched some food channel Iron Chef show which was pretty interesting, food sure looks attractive when they are done with it. I prepared her TPN. One takes the white plastic sack of fluid from the frig, fill a needle with vitamins and more vitamins, inject them into the bag, then change needles bodies and do pepcid, throw needle away and jam a plastic insert into the bag connection, push on bag until the white fluid totally fills the long plastic tubing getting all the air out, then place tubing through the battery powered pump, turn on pump and program, clamp line, change batteries in pump if needed. zip up back pack, find patient, use alchohol swab to clean picc line, push in 10 cc saline solution to clear line, use swab again and then connect TPN line. Wait 16 hours and then disconnect line. I can now do this process almost without thinking about it and it goes very smoothly. It works wonders for Nan having all the things she needs to be healthy including hydration.

We have noticed a very small amount of fluid in the tummy bag today, we hope that trend continuesl!! This afternoon Nan decided on her own to take a walk and did so in spite of cold temperatures. She walked quite a ways before turning back. I am real proud of her for doing it in spite of it causing lots of pain while she walks.

So now we face a new week. Our fervent prayer is for less leakage, less nausea, less pain and more energy and hope. We hope to be able to see Keanna in action this week at her swimming lessons. Nan mentioned today that she is the happiest when she gets to see Keanna in motion. Thanks Nikki and Steve for bringing her over so often, soon we can come to her and help with her care and give you two a break God willing.

Our lives are not what we would desire them to be but we are thankful that we have the chance to be together and on the same team helping each other. We are thankful that Mary is back from europe safely and we look forward to seeing her soon.

Dear friends, please keep praying for Nan when she crosses your minds. She has a long ways to go but has come so far already. The fact that Juli was able to use a smaller plastic bag to cover the incision wound means something, that the wound is smaller now, that is such great news really in light of everything that is happening.

we send our love and appreciation for your help in so many ways,

tim and nan


  • At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Phyllis Lytle said…

    Dear Nan and Tim...
    You cross my mind often and are prayed for often.

    Gods blessings continue to flow over you and fill you both with joy and healing.

    Love and prayers,

    Phyllis Lytle - NC

  • At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, guys, Has been a long day for me. It was a Monday, we delivered the food bank to over 130 clients (Rick really does all the hard work for our Center and then helps the other Centers to load their food bags. They weight from 20 to 40 pounds each.) Rick is the most visible answer to prayer I have ever experienced. God is so good to us. Having gone through awful awful personal events over the past year and half, I can see how God has led in so many ways, even before I knew it He had sent my brother to work with me and He knew why long before I did. What an awesome God takes care of each of us! I am going to a Women's Retreat this week-end and am taking my activity director of the Center with me. She is new to our faith and a real inspiratiion to me. She is so excited about going and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for the both of us. We need the time away from the Center in a bad way, her more than me, just wish we didn't have to leave Rick short handed. All will work out, I'm sure. Am hosting a baby shower at my house this Thursday and need to get busy. Remember that you are loved and prayed for all through every day. Clients ask about you daily and pray for you faithfully. I love you both, Sharon


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