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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quiet Sabbath - we kept warm and cozy

Dear Friends and Family,

10:30 Saturday evening, Nan went up a few minutes ago after having a low key day. The highlight of the day was the arrival of a little person who came in, checked to see if the dogs and cats had food, fed them and watered them, checked on her Grammie and then prepared to have a Belgium Waffle Pappa was making. She ended up eating three! She and Nikki were on their way to Stockton and came in to bring us some much needed cheer. It worked!

Nan says she woke around 6:30 but we didn't climb out until about 7:40 this morning after going to bed at around 2 am. Nan did feel stronger today. When we moved to the family room we built a fire and raised the temp from 65 to about 78. Nan likes it warm these days. She had a mocha this morning, we watched the weather channel to see what kind of weather Sharon, David, Dana, Joe and Linda were having, also Roger and Carol in N. Carolina and Roxanna in Conn. Always interesting to see what kind of weather is hitting Ohio where my sister lives or Houston where Dana lives or Denver for Jan. Seems to bring them closer to us.

At Nans requesting I have rubbed her feet and legs several times today and late this afternoon she decided to take a long walk down the block. Walking causes pains in her hip and legs but she does it anyway knowing it helps more than hurts. The house felt so warm after being outside. When we got back she told the dogs I would take them to the park so I did and they loved it totally, didn't notice how cold it was outside. We watched a Jodi Foster video this evening, chilling one about her daughter disappearing on the plane, very exciting and sort of dark. We got Nan on her TPN about 10 tonight instead of the 2 am last night. She is still not feeling real great and is feeling the weight of the 5th bag and the leaking that has not stopped yet. She longs to have her independence back and to be able to come and go when she feels like it. When you call then for a few minutes she is there with you and life is better again.

We enjoyed being together without work intruding today. Some money arrived in the mail so now payroll is assured for last friday and we can get started on the stack of bills we face. Again some money came for the recovery fund and Nan and I thank you for it. Bob Miller is so faithful as the treasurer of the Tracy SDA Church in passing along the gifts. It seems like nearly every time receive a check it comes at a time of great immediate need. I was able to shop at Safeway for several things we needed and the total cost of the shopping was covered by the generous gift cards that were given to us. We are set for many days I think food wise, between that given by marilyn and that which Jan bought when she was here we have few needs.

I hope we can find a reason to get out and about tomorrow, to get Nan beyond these 4 walls. We will see. She hates to have to go through the process of getting dressed and knowing what to do with all these bags. it is not easy at all.

As always we need your prayers. Please dear Father, heal the leaking places and make Nan strong again. Not because we are worthy or deserving but because You Father are worthy and loving to your children.


tim and nan


  • At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Good Morning ~
    Yesterday sounds like a very nice low key day in front of the fire with a precious surprise tucked in - Keanna and Nikki!!!

    It's a little overcast this morning, but I could still see that full moon - beautiful. I haven't turned on my heat yet, but this morning may be the time - a litle nippy in here.

    I'm so glad you are still enjoying my little care package. It's about time to send down another one - with more food this time. Let me know how the paper supplies are holding out.

    Yesterday was church with Barb and Ger and at lunch Barb said they need to make another trip to Discovery Bay - so that is in the plan - they are trying to work on dates.

    Today some friends are having a birthday supper for Ger and they have invited me too. Good cooks make great suppers!!!

    My dirty house is calling me - so is the laundry - and guess I better listen and get going. I love it when all the horizontal surfaces are cleaned off - how in the world does mail and stuff pile up in a week?

    Keep those foot rubs going - Nan, do you want more Mint Bliss and the other lotion for those rubs?

    Much love and many many prayers to you both, Marilyn


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