Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sylvia comes to the rescue!

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is resting having just gone up to bed. Highlights of this day that I know of are, Sylvia Ahn came to visit this afternoon and ended up taking Nan to Sutter Antioch Hospital for Type and Cross for upcoming transfusion. Since Nan has an unusual antibody in her blood it is always a big deal to find the right blood for the transfusion. Last time they didn't take enough and our wonderful nurse Terri had to come very early in the morning and take blood and then drive it to the hospital for us. This time Sylvia was here to sit with Nan and when the word came through that the transfusion was in the works they headed for the hospital, after some interesting times Sylvia said God sent the right person and 5 vials of blood later Nan and Sylvia were back in the car headed home.

I drove about 300 miles today or more. I left at 10, arrived in Hercules about 11 for first inspection, then drove a very long ways to Merced for the next inspection and then to Madera which is 30 some minutes further south on 99. Then the long drive home. I arrived home about 7:45 and I was so surprised to find Sylvia still here. She supplied food, folded clothes, cleaned up things, taught Nan new games and was a real friend. We thank you Sylvia for your help today. Your timing was perfect.

Since Loree had doctors appointments today I took the calls with the office line call forwarded to my cell. It really works quite well and I was able to handle business while driving or inspecting. While we are not buried with work we still have things to do. The only problem really is the distances we have to drive to find and conduct our work. Relatively few appraisals for our local area come in at all so we go where the work takes us. Yet we are very thankful for the work we have to do.

Nan has had a fairly good day with lots of rest. Since her blood is 8.5 or lower right now her energy level is less than ideal. As you read this your hemoglobin is probably 12 or better which gives you an idea of how much less energy Nan has at this point. We hope to get started on procreat soon, this very expensive shot is given once or twice a month and aids the body in creating healthy blood and can help put off the transfusions which carry more risk. Right now insurance is mulling our request for the procreat since each shot is about $1,600.

I am thankful to be home tonight safely. In fact I am thankful for many things that are God's blessings. I asked God for His blessings for Nan this morning and I believe He granted her His blessings through Sylvia and the helpful person at the hospital.

Art came by today and cleaned the deck, I'm sorry I missed him totally. Thanks Art for your help and prayers for Lydia as she is going through some health issues herself.

Right now going to bed seems like a blessing, I'm exhausted through and through.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for Nan.


tim and nan
ps The wonderful wound care visiting nurse came today and changed Nan's dressing on her incision wound. She did a great job and Nan is so thankful for help.


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