Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Incision wound much smaller!

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is asleep by now having gone up a few minutes ago. While my intention is always to be ready to go up with her and stay there I usually forget to blog until we are on the stairs and she is riding up and I am walking behind with the TPN backback.

She had a pretty good night and did not wake until early this morning when she needed a zophram for nausea, then back to sleep for both of us until nearly 8 am when we rolled out and came down. I built a fire to take the chill off but her nausea sort of hung over her the rest of the day. After finding out for sure that Keanna did not feel well enough to go to Sabbath School Nan and I decided that I should drive to Martinez to visit Loree who is recovering from surgery. I did that and found Loree walking the halls, doing pretty well but still experiencing some pain and not quite ready to head home, perhaps tomorrow. While I was there I discovered in the conversation that when she goes home she will need to sleep on the main level of their home for a few days since they have a very long set of stairs to reach the second floor. She will be sleeping on a hide a bed which is not reported to be comfortable at all so Nan and I decided that we could get a memory foam set from CostCo for that bed so she can be more comfortable. I drove to Tracy this evening and purchased the memory foam system which should make the bed a whole lot more comfortable for her. nan and I feel strongly that she has done so very much for us all through the spring, summer and fall, helping in every way possible, house sitting for the cats, fish and dogs, paying bills, answering the phone 24 hours a day and collecting appraisal fees. She is really quite special to us and has helped us a great deal. It is the least we can do back as she recovers. Her family have been very supportive to her and she is doing well in her recovery.

When I came in after the Martinez trip Nan asked me to come up and see something, what she showed me gave me great job. Since the visiting nurse had been here today and had changed the clear plastic cover and drain over Nan's incision wound it was possible to see the wound itself. It was so much more closed than the last time I had seen it, amazing, I mean really much more closed, parts are almost touching side to side now where they were over an inch apart before. We are both quite thrilled with the change and gratified.

Last this afternoon Barb and Gerry arrived from Sacramento. Their trip took a while due to bad traffic but they arrived with a car loaded up with more supplies from Marilyn. We are now pretty sure we could be stuck in a blizzard for a month and have plenty to eat. Our pantry is full, shelves are bulging, frig is jammed, it is so exciting and all in time for thanksgiving. Thank you Marilyn for your amazing generosity and wonderful selections. That bread is wonderful, the pineapple smells great, the grapes, the oranges, the mac and cheese, the beans and on and on. Thank you so much. Then on top of that Barb and Gerry brought some wonderful mandarin oranges they just picked, perfect, Nan ate three tonight herself. So we will not be hungry any time soon.

After Barb and Gerry came in a we got the things unloaded Nikki and Keanna turned up at the door, Nikki cooked, Keanna ate, played with little prayer books Irene had sent, helped her Grammie open many wonderful gifts that the children of the Tracy SDA School had prepared, so many yummy treats and goodies and cute things, thank you children for making Nan's day and Keanna's too as she got to help open the things. All too soon they had to go home to get Keanna to bed and we settled down to watch a tape of House, a doctor show we like and catch up on being friends.

I had a wonderful phone conversation this afternoon with special people that both nan and I really look up to and enjoy, Dr and Mrs Duerkson who we knew in southern california but have now retired to Priest Lake Idaho. It was great to get to go over Nan's medical challenges with someone who has been there in surgery many many times and to receive encouragement. I have learned a lot of how to live from these two very special people. One of the first trips we are going to make when Nan feels better is a flight to Spokane to see our special friends. Today is once again a reminder of how blessed we are to have real friends, not just polite but genuine and caring friends who touch your soul and rekindle your faith and hopes.

We will enjoy our time with Barb and Gerry tomorrow and monday doing a blending of working and getting things in order for thanksgiving this week. I also enjoyed talking to my brother Jerry this evening who was in Sacramento for a work layover and to Pam Whitted who has been battling illness but is finally feeling better. I also enjoyed talking to Shawn who helped build the home we live in and is now enjoying a new breathing machine. what a miracle for those of us with sleep apnea.

As I watched Nan interact with Keanna I was struck once again with the fact that she is an inspiration to us all and I thank God this evening for her presence, her courage, her humor, her spirit, her faithfulness and her love for all those around her. May God grant her peace, healing of the leak, continued healing of the incision wound and general good health.

with love

tim and nan


  • At 4:31 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good News!

    So glad Nan's incision wound is shrinking. Now for the less leaking. We'll take one improvement at a time.

    Busy day today ~ cleaning and redecorating cottages. Lesley doesn't work on Sundays.....

    George is still in the hospital. He is coming home tomorrow or Tuesday with a pic line for antibiotics for 3 months. He has some sort of infection in his body that is chronic. If it's not one thing it's 10 more with him. I don't see him getting better any time soon. Not much determination there.

    So glad you have Barb and Gerry there for a few days. That should give you a boost! It sounds like they always bring renewed optimism when they come and help you with the little things that can mount up into great big things.

    Last week was a week of progress ~ I pray that this week will be equally as good for you.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Carrol and Bob said…

    Hi Friends,

    We are so glad that you have had such a good weekend with dear friends. I trust you have had lots of good games and accomplished lots of chores around the place. Now those are "DEAR" friends, who can spend that kind of time and energy to make your lives better. I can't help but envy you a little. I wish I had the ability to do the same for you, but I can't even do it for myself. I'm just so blessed to have a husband who does it all for me. It is a shame how these illnesses change our lives.

    We are thankful for the healing in Nan's wound, now the drainage needs to stop and we will just have to leave that in the Lord's hands.

    Have a good week and a wonderful Thanksgiving. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


    Carrol and Bob

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