Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another week comes to a close

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is riding her recliner, has a blanket on and is napping from time to time. After last nights scare with the high fever and not being able to reach our doctor Nan woke this morning with a lower temperature of 100.3. It has continued to go down a bit during the day. When I came down to my computer I emailed our urologist at UCSF letting him know about Nan's current condition and that some leaking was still taking place. I was able to reach Dr. Arora one of the oncologists and he agreed to prescribe some antibiotic just in case Nan was having some infection starting. The urologist agreed with the antibiotic and said that sometime within the next two weeks we will move forward with sealing off the right uriter to see if that willo stop the leaking. I picked up the antibiotic at Longs this evening. We also communicated with Dr. Morgan at Dana Farber and he urged Nan to restart the rapamune along with continuing the Gleevec. He also agreed to take a look at a new CD when they do a CT scan at UCSF soon.

Nan's hip hurts so much that she can hardly walk and the pain meds don't even touch it. She has split her time between recliner and fireside and upstairs in bed where she can stretch out. She slept several hours this afternoon and this evening a wound care nurse came to change the dressing over the wound, clean up the dressings on the nephrostomies and change the colostomy bag. Then after she is through Nan has to stay in place for 30 minutes as the glue dries. Then she came down to eat some dressing and take meds. Now we are chillin until bed time.

Tomorrow is our Sabbath, a day for resting in the Lord. We think I will take Keanna to Sabbath School providing she feels up to it. Then we will get to spend some time together. Bob and Carrol might be up to coming over for a visit which we will enjoy. We have some cherry pie and pumpkin left from yesterday so this time we might be able to feed them a snack.

So for now we are turning in, hope this weekend is going well for you and that you experience God's blessings in unique ways.

We send our love, please keep praying for Nan's recovery and for some relief from this terrible pain she is having.

Tim and Nan


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