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Friday, December 01, 2006

Keanna takes to the stage

Dear Friends and Family,
Another week is passing and Sabbath has arrived. We are both getting ready to go up to bed soon. The highlight of this week was seeing Keanna on stage this evening with a santa hat, little black dress, tights, and dance slippers. She looked wonderful and did a great job being up on stage before hundreds of people, all parents and grandparents who were just as proud of their little ones as we were. Both Steve and I had our camcorders going. While the music played she went through her moves along with about 5 other little girls, smiled, enjoyed her time up there and then came back as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. Nikki and Steve had saved us seats right up close to the front and Nan was able to sit in her wheelchair and take it all in. What a kid and what a blessing her parents are to her, caring, loving and protecting her. We are so proud of them and the job they are doing raising precious Keanna.
Other than her night out on the town Nan has had to lay low today, increased nausea has plagued her all day but she still got up and made pizza buns and a lemon. This evening she had had a popsickle and candy cane which Pam provided. They seem to help with the nausea.
I worked in for part of the day and then took a run over to Vacaville to do a field review of someone elses appraisal, then back to pick up Nan in the van. I started the day with a quick final inspection of a home with 6,200 sf and just completed construction. It is totally beautiful and so nicely appointed. Steve says Keanna noticed this same house and said that it was big and that she wanted to live there, good taste!

Our new TPN shipment came today, they send 7 bags of TPN, connections, vitamins and pepcid to infuse, saline prefills for flushing lines, Kitril for nausea and batteries for the little pump. I now have batteries to cover about 2 months into the future. The home health company is really quite good at what they do and we enjoy working with them. Nan has gained up to 124 or 125 lbs now, a long ways from 97 after surgery and she looks it. She looks great, now if we could just get her to feel as good as she looks, its coming. We think that Dr. Meng may decide to oclude the right ureter this coming week but arn't sure yet. Nan continues to leak some, more some days and less others but there is no stopping yet.

So this week draws to a close and we are thankful for many things and hopeful for others. We may screw up the courage tomorrow to go visit Bob and Carrol. They have made the trip out to see us so many times, we think its time to return the favor. All depends on how Nan feels mid day tomorrow. We are hopeful that she will feel good.

I was thinking today about our friends on the east coast. We certainly appreciate the kindess of Roxanna and Marilyn, all the washing of clothes, helping us in so many ways, allowing us to come visit and stay. We miss them and wish we could see them often. We also remember with great fondness our wonderful IC nurses, we think they are the greatest in the world without question. They were life savers over and over again. We also remember Dr. Morgan, Dr. Bertagnolli, their wonderful staff, Dr. Mennard who saved Nan's leg and others. We are where we are today due to their skills, courage, wisdom and care. Also we remember Travis who was such a good friend so many times helping us out.

So we move forward, praying for God's healing and His will to be done.

sending our love,

tim and nan
ps thanks Jason, Jo, Nikki and Steve for your calls and visits this week. You are the worlds best medicine for mom!


  • At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Hi Nan and Tim ~
    I woke up and was way too warm - came to read the blog. Good news with Nan doing much better. Aren't grandkids just a bundle of joy - literally!! Keanna with no fear entertaining everyone - too fun!! So glad you got to take this all in. God is good!

    I hope your trip to Lodi works out - it's nice to have a little outing and fun to visit with friends.

    Today was beautiful here - sun was out in full force, cold, but no wind.

    The AHmen from my office are going to do church at Lincoln tomorrow - guess that's today - and they are so good. A male quartet with the best piano player around. They will provide all the church service. I love to hear them sing.

    My Tim called and wants me to send Cal's nailing gun. I looked in the cupboard where Tim told me it was, but can't find it. Will look again in the morning. Wish I knew what to look for. It will help the kids with some projects they are doing in SC as Tim won't have to pound - hurts his back. I'll find it!!!

    Guess I better tuck myself back in bed. You two are hopefully sleeping good. Talk to you later.

    Love you both and many prayers going your way - Marilyn

    ps - Nan, I got the sweetest card in the mail today - from you. You are amazing!!!!!

  • At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan,

    Super news! Glad to hear that Keanna has received some character traits from her grandparents. It is a blessing to all of us to hear that Nan is able to go on these family outings and is gaining weight. These encouraging signs increase our hope of an even happier future!

    God Bless,

    Nan and Wes


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