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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

251st Blog

Dear Friends and Family,

It seems hardly possible that we have created 250 blogs so far since Nan's surgery in Boston. Time passes slowly but every day is a new opportunity to move toward recovery for Nan.

Today we rolled out late, built a fire and I decided to attend church in Tracy. I always enjoy being there with friends and a tremendous pastor. I walk out knowing that our family is loved and cared for by God and the Tracy family. How we appreciate the faithfulness of the many tracy members who pray continually for Nan's situation and recovery. How precious Fern is to how, a sweet Godly lady who cares for everyone with her big heart. She told me today that she prays for Nan at least 3 times a day, that is so reassuring. It was great to finally get to thank the lady who so many weeks ago slipped a tithe envelope into my pocket. I later discovered it had gas money on an Arco card and Food money on a Safeway card. Finally I was able to say thanks directly, that felt good. What a big help it was for trips to the hospital and food afterwards even up to thanksgiving time. It is such a big boost to rub shoulders with Barenchis, Lanzas, Sylvia, Kim, Kahlers, Wes, Mary Alice and so many others.

When I got home I went up to see Nan and pulled a blanket up and took a nap. Then we got up and drove to Bob and Carrol's in Lodi and had pumkin pie with whipped cream, sat by their fire and had a great time. Nan found a big rocker which is even more comfortable than hers at home. After we left Bob and Carrols we stopped by Pams house to see the new paint and had a cup of tea with her. Then we headed home, Nan fell asleep even though she was sitting in the front seat and slept nearly every mile all the way home.

When we got in she got into her nightgown, I prepared TPN and some soup for her and myself. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, our course built a fire and relaxed some myself.

Now its time for bed. Of concern is every time Nan blows her noise there is a little blood and there is also a little blood in her left nephrostomy. She is cold and it takes some time for her to get warm. All in all she had a very courageous day though and did well with it all. We were so happy that we could do the visiting this time since Bob and Carrol have had to make so many trips this way. They have such a comfortable living room and beautiful home.

Tomorrow is a day to unload the garage to find the Christmas lights, yard lights and Frosty the hot air snowman, our artificial Christmas tree and boxes of decorations. I'll be undoing most of what Gerry Lammerding did when he sorted and stacked the garage.

Please continue to pray for sweet, courageous Nan as she takes baby steps toward recovery.

sending our love and seasons greetings,

tim and nan

ps congrats to phyllis who retired on the 30th after working faithfully at county hospital for 35 amazing years. Now thats a record to be proud of.


  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi to you both! What a nice Sabbath day you both had. One day soon Nan will be able to go to church with you, Tim. What a day that will be. I've read every one of the 251 blogs and look forward to reading all your updates. Last night we went to the SAA Christmas program in the school gym and it was very nice. Handbell choir, harp music, band, choir and special choir. Our neice (June & Wayne's daughter #3), Beverly Wesner-Hoehn is the choir director. Right after the program she had to hurry downtown as she is the harpist for the Nutcracker season. This evening the ladies from our church are having a dinner and we will draw names for secret sisters. Marilyn is off to the Singing Christmas Tree this afternoon with a girlfriend from her office. That is always such a beautiful program. Dennis is 49 today! Happy Birthday to him way out on the ocean someplace between Florida and Panama City/Costa Rica. You better be careful getting out all the Christmas tree stuff so you don't fill up your parking space. I won't read that part of your blog to Gerry. He was so excited to get room in your garage so you could park your car inside. Keanna is becoming quite the entertainer. What a bright spot she is! Well, I'm off for an early morning walk. I see ice on the sidewalk out front but the sun is out so it will melt soon. Come up, Nan, and try out our recliners. I'll make you lunch and rub your feet. Now wouldn't that just be fun!! Keep on making those baby steps in getting stronger. We love you both. Barbie


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