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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nan hits the roads again

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been an eventful day. This afternoon Nan took her van to Stockton, went to her eye doctor and had an eye exam and ordered new glasses. Thanks to your generousity and the nan's recovery fund we will be able to pay for the glasses. Thank you so much. We also found out that our Blue Cross will pick up a part of the cost of new glasses as well. Nan made it back home but ran out of energy before she could go shopping. Another day.

Scott, Mr Mengs assistant called and let us know he is working on scheduling the ureter occlusion as soon as possible. I think Nan is ready to take this step to see if the leaking can be stopped. She has wrestled with pretty strong nausea all day and even was driven to losing her cookies a couple of times. We used both Kitril and Zophram at different times but still the nausea persisted. We tried tomato rice soup tonight but that lasted about a minute before being rejected. Triskits, popsickles, green olives and Pams lemons saved the day.

Nan is tired this evening as you might expect. She slept very well last night and didn't really wake until about 8 this morning. She had a lazy morning watching Rachael Ray and the Price is Right. Our new fire wood has proven to really keep the house warm but its heavy bringing it in.

I have the kitchen counter clear, I'm working on getting caught up with the washing, delivered pay checks today, got the garbage service turned back on, shot some photos in Brentwood and didn't drive my normal 100 plus miles, nice! Thanks to Gerry the cars are both warmly stored in the garage, thanks to the Lord we are warm, safe, secure and grateful for this day.

Nikki, Keanna and Steve are the proud parents of a new puppy this evening. Now the search is on for a proper name for the new addition. This is one lucky puppy, Nikki and Steve are great animal lovers and take great care of their pets. Our kitties, George and MooMoo snap to attention as soon as Steve and Keanna walk in, they love the way Steve treats them.

Well its time for several things, first off, time to head to bed, time to have checks come in the mail again, none for the last 3 days and we desperately need them to arrive, time for me to settle down and get work out the door, time for Nan to get to feel better.

Thank you for your love and concern and we are really looking forward to Dana coming to visit starting on Christmas day. Now it seems her friend Bonnie may be able to come visit as well. That would be wonderful and a big boost for Nan.

Seeking your prayers for courage, healing and God's direction.


tim and nan


  • At 4:11 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    What a gal! You just "can't keep a good gal down"! That was a very adventurous thing to do ~ driving to Stockton.

    We hope and pray that the ureter occlusion will take place soon! Just think ~ one less bag to deal with. Perhaps this will take care of several problems for you.

    Keep up your courage, Tim. We're all here praying for you. God has been there for you all along. There are times when I pray "Lord please help me to learn quickly the lessons you have for me to learn through this." I don't know why we have to go through these things. I remember someone saying one time that he had to come to the conclusion that sometimes God wants to show us the awfulness of the sick world we live in. There is a better land not far away. One thing you have learned is that you have many friends who care and many praying who don't even know you.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Nan,
    I was just checking to see how today went for you but it is too early! I know I am on the computer too late when I see Tim's blog for that day! It must feel sometimes like you aren't going forward very fast or at all but to hear that you get yourself ready and into the car and all the way to Stockton and back Wow that is so much more than you were able to do not too many months/weeks ago- I was reading one of Steve's mags about restless leg synd. and burning and discomfort in legs- Iron defiency seems to make it worse- A low hemoglobin means iron deficiency- Next time you get blood notice if your legs are better for a day or so. It would be nice if knowing why made it better.
    I put out many of my Nativity sets last night- I think your idea of keeping them out and on display all the time in the nice cabenits is a good one!


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