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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A mellow sunday

Dear Friends and Family,

9 pm sunday evening and we've laid low today. Neither of us are feeling to good so we've kept the place warm, watched some TV, I've emailed out some reports, read our emails and talked to family on the phone.

I had planned to attend Art's Mothers service today in Gilroy but failed to learn the time when it was being held until to late to make the trip. When I spoke to Art he was so kind and urged me to stay out of the rain and to stay with nan. After thinking it over that is what I did.

Art and Connie have been on our minds today as they say a grateful good night to Arts mom. Sarah, Matt and Holly were all there at the house.

Nan is experiencing some blood in her nephrostomy tubes, yes we are aware that it happens but we still don't enjoy seeing it, first the left side and when that cleared up then the right one this evening. Nan has had a pain in her upper incision where it is healed already for the last couple days and is still battling nausea all of the time. In spite of not feeling great she has all the statements for our company ready to go out, stamped, folded and ready to ship out. People owe us thousands of dollars and a portion of it we will never see. Agents come and go, people fail to follow through to see that we are paid and the amounts stack up. Nan has written nice little messages on some of the statements urging that they be paid soon. We desperately need the money with IRS breathing down our back, bills to pay and soon the house payment again.

Nan had some asparagas soup tonight, crackers, popsickle so she could take her Gleevec and Rapamune. She didn't feel much like eating but the meds work better with food.

Tomorrow begins another week of work with wednesday being set aside for the UCSF surgical procedure. As I understand it interventional radiology intends to introduce a small coil or balloon into her right ureter in hopes of sealing the flow from the kidney to the illilal loop which is the source of the leaking. If nothing comes in then nothing can leak out, that is the hope and thinking.

This is a busy time for everyone it seems and amazingly we are having some orders. Usually this time of the year things get pretty quiet work wise. Again we are grateful for the work and the eventual income.

I have included a couple photos from the night when Keanna's school had their Christmas program. It was an evening of enchantment getting to see Keanna on stage enjoying herself and so cute in her angel outfit. I just had to share and Nikki was kind enough to send photos over this morning or last night so I can pass a couple on.

Don't you think Keanna looks like a little angel? Well I sure do. When she comes to visit she has some dolls and toys that live at our house. They creates worlds with the dolls, blankets, bottles, games, strollers, and she is busy, busy. Nikki and Steve have managed to allow her to be secure, obedient (usually), creative and humorous. What a total blessing she is to all of us. Nan just loves to have Keanna come to visit, there is no one like Keanna to bring cheer.

Nan is watching a show about santa and his daughter that sounds cute, sounds around the corner because I am writing this blog in my office, she is in the family room. I've got to tell you, Nan is a total wonder, in spite of many setbacks and pains, bags and weaknesses she still has humor, manages to look great, is up on the business, appointments, bills, christmas cards, emails. She is truly amazing and I enjoy her intercom message each morning when she is awake enough to come down stairs and lets me know. This morning she slept in until about 10 which is pretty amazing, guess she needed the rest to make up for friday night and our 1:20 bedtime.

Life goes on and we thank God for it. We love to hear from you. mary came to visit and caught us up on all her trips, Monterey, Europe, jet setter that she is. Also she spent a week baby sitting sick children over in Walnut Creek so its not all glamor I guess. Her hubby retired so now they are more free to do things, they have worked so hard for so many years they deserve any away time they can find. Mary has a big heart of love for Nan and is so good to us.

So we say good night and send our love to each of you who read. Today we heard from the family of Amy who was in intensive care at Boston the same time as Nan was. She had been in a terrible car accident and for some time it did not look good for any recovery. Yet todays email says while she lives in a special facility she no longer has tubes or wires, she has long term memory back, can walk, talk, eat and is learning each day how to function better. We are so pleased and amazed at her progress. She has a great family and we supported each other every day in the ICU waiting room for weeks and weeks. Great people!


tim and nan


  • At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Tim,

    So happy to hear that your day was restful and to see the pictures of the dancing princesses. One more princessie than the others I suspect, which is the special way of all grandparents.

    Glad to hear that Art is the same generous and thoughtful guy even during the sad circumstances of the loss of a beloved mother. This gives us hope that there will peace for us during times of struggle. Tim this gift has come to you in large portion as you try to work and nurse Nan to recovery. We pray that the sun will come out on this situation will greatly improve during the Wednesday procedure and that the blessings will overflow your cup and fall on ours.

    Christmas cheer to you and yours along with our prayers.

    Wes and Nan


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