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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A quiet sabbath

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you enjoying the weather? the season? gift finding? traffic?

For those of us who live in California we really get so little less than ideal weather that when we complain about our nasty days the rest of the country probably snickers at us. When we rolled out this morning we found a beautiful clean and bright world. The showers of the night had cleaned the air and everything looked fresh. As the day progressed gradually things grew darker and finally this evening at a time when I had finally motivated myself to get outside and move firewood from the driveway to the side yard it started to rain. I happened to turn and look toward the boat to find the cover had blown off and it was exposed and open. So as it started to rain again I fought the huge cover back up onto the boat and got it recovered. Will it stay? Doubt it but the light bulb I have burning for the winter in the boat by the steering wheel to keep things dry was still burning and at least for now the boat is covered again. We wanted the look of the fire burning and managed to raise the temp in the family room to 79 degrees, too hot to be comfortable unless you just came in from outside in the rain, then for a few minutes it felt great. We started the TPN early tonight, at 7 to see if we can give Nan more freetime during the day when the TPN cycle ends.

After our time out yesterday Nan felt very sore today in her upper torso. Once again she has wrestled with nausea and some pain from her left nephrostomy. We are heading in early tonight after our very late night last night, 1:20 this morning. I have no idea how that happened except we were happy to be home and get warm after being out and enjoyed the fire and its warmth, prepared the TPN late, turned the tank back on so I could feed the fish, it normally goes off at 10 pm on its timer STeve has set.

I've been keeping the washer and dryer going when I happen to remember and right now have a load of jeans and pants that are done and need to be taken out, we don't iron here in this house, I don't know how and Nan does not have enough strength so getting clothes out of the dryer after it stops becomes very important.

This evening I made a grilled cheese with tomatos for myself and some top romen noodles for both of us. Then Nan had a plate with green olives, cranberry sause and noodles and chicken. She cleaned her plate and took the Gleevec and Rapamune. Right now I think we are heading to bed. I have a rather full plate of work tomorrow with many dead lines looming or already past. I am also needing to find out when the service is for Art's mom and will follow up on that in the morning.

I attended church today in Tracy and enjoyed the pastors sermon. It prompted my thinking about treasuring the moment and learning to let Jesus be in more complete control of my life. I have wrestled with how to surrender and stay surrendered for most of my adult life and continue to find it challenging. I know God cares, that He has our best in mind, that He is willing to be personally involved in every aspect of our lives. I know that some level but allowing it to happen on a hour by hour basis during the days as I race around through traffic, do nice to the people whose homes I am inspecting, answer business calls and try to hold it all together. Not really an easy life and I'm sure I don't allow God to control much.

We send our love and want to remember especially our family members, Sharon, David, Dana and Ron, Joe and Linda, Aunt Ann, Barbara, Jan, my brother Jerry, my sister Sibyl and our precious children. We feel so blessed to have such a kind and attentive support group of people.

Please pray that Nan will find success on wednesday as doctors take steps to solve the leak.

love to all,

tim and nan

ps Roxanna and Rick, we love the little bird you sent.


  • At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    It is always nice to see your smiling face at church and today was no exception. I to have wondered about that control issue thing myself. My thought was if I could always think that God was covering my back the control problem was solved. It was like he didn't want to control it at all he just wanted to help when needed. Give joy when I was doing well and forgiveness when I wasn't. Not unlike how I feel about my children. If he is always there I seldom make a poor choice. It's the times that I leave him at home when I go out that things don't work out well.

    Your comment about the weather is so true. If you have not been to the gulf coast you really don't know what heavy rain is.

    Do you remember the hell stones that joined our church camping trip to the Dardenelles? I think of the many happy special moments that you helped create for our church family. I pray the Wednesday will be one of those happy days for you and Nan.

    Your in my prayers daily,



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