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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wrapping it up in style

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Gisters,

Finally its Friday. We caught some Christmas shopping, had dinner out at California Pizza Kitchen and are still up now at 12:20. Nan was thirsty for something different and we remembered we had a bottle of non alcoholic grape juice from Italy in the bottom of the frig. We are not sure where it came from or who brought it but it is sure good. Nan enjoyed her glass. On our way home a bag burst, that happens once in awhile and Nan knew all the right things to do to take care of everything but it is still very tough to handle. Now she is resting in her chair and watching the fire burn down.

Nan has demonstrated tons of courage this week, she is taking on projects and seeing them through, more Christmas cards went out this afternoon that she had personally addressed and prepared. She has had to teach her hand to behave when it is writing, she has had to teach her body lots of things after the long hospital stay and bed rest. This morning UCSF surgery called and we have an appointment for 1 pm wednesday for the right ureter to be blocked. They are treating is as an out patient process but we know from experience there will be lots of pain connected with the process. Nan was impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of the person who called to set up the procedure. It will be at a different campus than we are used to, Parnassius or something like that.

Our life has settled into some comfortable routines. nan has been able to sleep all night and sometimes up to 10 hours, that rest has helped her a lot with awake times and more strength. She goes back up for a mid day nap and then the TPN is over so she can move about freely without having to carry a back pack with her. We are planning to put the TPN on earlier, about 7 pm so she can be free by about 11 in the morning. Nan is having less pain than a month ago, more nausea but I think she is slightly stronger than she was. We are trying to control the nausea by using either Kitril or Zophram, both seem to work pretty well.

We have talked to both Nikki and Jason today, it is always a blessing and joy to get to catch up on what they are doing in their busy lives. I have not heard about Keanna's plans for tomorrow so I don't know if Sabbath School is possible or not. Nikki will call me about 8 in the morning if its a go. Nikki and Steve found some beautiful tile for their living room and entry and Steve has been preparing the concrete floor for the new tile. In the process he hurt his back and can hardly move yet in spite of the pain he has emailed through appraisals, I tell you he is amazing in what he can accomplish. Boo is getting used to living with the Shipleys and is so very cute and sweet. keanna loves to play with her new puppy and so does Steve. Somehow Boo seems to find her way into bed with Steve in the morning and settles in and goes back to sleep. These kids sure love their pets and are so good to them.

I spent hours in traffic today going 20 mph. It was almost a waste to leave the house. I inspected a triplex in Berkeley and then drove across the Dunbarton Bridge to palo alto to inspect a cute little place where the owner has lived for 30 years. Both places had new granite counters, quite a shock, not what one would expect from the street at all. Then I headed back to Walnut Creek to do a field review of someone elses appraisal report but the setting sun beat me out and I had to head home using the backroads. These short days are tough to cope with. But when I got home I found two checks in the mailbox. That is always a good thing, will cover todays payroll.

For now we are heading to bed. We are thankful to God for His presence, His protection during the hundreds of miles I have driven this week in heavy traffic, for His healing effects on Nan's body and for many happy moments with family. Our hearts go out to Art and Connie as they lay ARts mom to rest on sunday. She was a fine lady, a good lady and must have done something very special because my friend Art is about as good of person as you can find. He is a real friend, solid, honest and trustworthy. I count Art as one of God's blessings to our lives.

Please keep Nan in your prayers, that she will continue to feel better, stronger and be able to enjoy the season even more than anticipated. She is so precious and beautiful and I'm about as lucky as any man could be to have her as my own.


tim and nan


  • At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    So good to read that Nan is doing better and that a "Leak Stop" is in the works, also that You ,Tim have had a safe week on the busy roadways.

    We are shortly on Our way to Sonora to attend a Stage Play Preformance put on by the School that Our Grandaughter attends. She has a Major Speaking & Singing part in the Play. We will fill you in when We get back.

    If the weather is not too severe on Sunday P.M. We might possibly run over for a short visit with You. We will call to see how things are going before We come over.

    Carrol's Sister is with Us and has been for a week now I think that She will be going home next week sometime. Carrol enjoys having Her here to "Play" with. (Card Games & Crossword Puzzles).

    Have a good Sabbath, We will miss seeing You today.

    Much Love & Continued Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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