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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday evening

Dear Friends and Family,

Its sunday evening and this has been a calm day. Nan has been able to rest a lot today. I have concentrated on getting work out. She got up about 10 or so and then headed back to rest at 2:30 or so this afternoon. She told me not to let her sleep too long. At 7 pm I went up and had a hard time waking her, at 8 I went back up and stayed with her until we came down stairs. She is very sleepy, we went up to 100 on her pain patch today and perhaps she is adjusting to the change. Right now she is in her recliner, has the TPN going and is trying to stay awake for a bit, I keep asking her if she is awake. We have the room warm and the new wood really heats great once you can get it started burning. I even bought kindling at Safeway this evening. And soup Nan likes and more mandarin oranges that Nan likes.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to Redding. Nan has a nurse coming in the morning and Pam has called and is coming in the afternoon so I think she is covered. Tomorrow Nan gets her first Eranas shot, someone said it is $4,800 per shot. We hope and pray that it will help her body make red cells and lift the hemoglobin. We have tried for several months to get it and finally we have it. Just hope it does not cause too much pain during the shot like Procrit did in the past years.

It is sort of difficult to get back into a normal work schedule after the holidays but there were so many good times connected. Great memories made. Our front room fake tree is still standing waiting for Keanna to come take down the decorations. Frosty still guards the front yard for a few hours each evening. And most of the Christmas food has been eated with some sweets still around and a big plate of dried fruit remains too.

Its fun to enter the garage as the wood smell is still here from the new shelves. And no more salt water leaking and leaching the concrete floor, Tom and John put a drain down the edge and so it drains outside now. Thanks for everything guys.

We enter the new week with hearts begging for relief from the nausea. We are considering the possibility that the pretisone in tiny doses once in awhile might give Nan some relief but we need to make sure that it does not get in the way of the Gleevec and Rapamune. For some reason Nan had no nausea in the hospital and that is the only thing we can think of that was different. The nausea is worse all the time and Nan has not been able to eat anything today to speak of. Her life needs some joy in it and some relief.

I'm going to be gone for hours tomorrow so it would be nice if you could call at some point. If Nan is sleepy go ahead and talk anyway, she can always go back to sleep again. I plan to call her often while I am driving. Tomorrow we hope to hear from the oncology office at UCSF too for an appointment.

So our life goes on, challenges, little victories, setbacks and opportunities to laugh, to cry, to hope and to face a new day. Over the past 24 hours there has been very little drainage of the black fluid in Nan's illistomy but some has found its way into the incision wound. We keep hoping that it will quit. We keep hoping.

So once again we ask, please pray that God will come close and help Nan again like He has so many times before.

Its not easy to keep up the courage when day after day Nan suffers so much. Thank you for your input and help.


tim and nan


  • At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Tim and Nan ~
    News not so good this morning. Nan, I'll be praying extra today as I travel with Patrick. I'm picking him up at 9:35 and we're headed to Oakland to see an old roommates new baby. Then we'll be home and I have a little "honey do" list that I need some help with. Another roommate and his wife are arriving this evening for the night and they are all going skiing tomorrow.

    Anyway, I will have plenty of Nan praying time in the car. I wonder why the sleepy time. Maybe your hgb is low again - will the nurse check for that today?

    Tim, are you better? Have a safe and productive trip to Redding - I know when you are out and about you worry about Nan at home - especially when she's not feeling well. Get that work done and head home. We'll be praying for you today too. Those colds hang on - several at the office have them and they are nasty ones once they really set in.

    Have a good Monday. Love and prayers to both, Marilyn

  • At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    We are hopeing so much that relief for the nausea & Pain will soon be there.

    We had a good weekend with friends , Games , Visiting & lots of good food. Time to get on with the things that must be done this week.

    Carrol goes in to the Lab tomorrow for a Blood draw. The results will be read on Monday 22nd at Her regular Clinic Visit for Aridia Infusion. We are Praying for good numbers that will allow Her to stay off of the Chemo Pills for another month.

    Glad to read that the Shot for Blood count improvement has been approved and here is hopeing that it will help. Carrol gets Procrit once a month now and depending on Her counts She may get to skip it this month.

    Have You heard from P.G.& E. yet? Your furnace needs to be working, cold weather is coming this coming week from thursday through monday.

    Have a safe trip to Redding Tim and Know that We are thinking of You both & Praying for the Lords intervention.

    Much Love,

    bob & Carrol

  • At 1:21 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi ~ I'm back!

    Our internet service was out since Thursday and we just got back on today. That was not convenient! It was a mix up in the office and they shut ours down. Glad to be up to date again. I had to call Bob and Carrol to read the blog to me on Friday. I wanted to know how Nan did in surgery.

    I'm glad your surgery went well for you and you are not leaking as much. Sorry about the nausea. That is definitely not fun.

    Tim, take it easy! Roger is still coughing and blowing. Mine lasted 2 days and I was ok. I had been taking "Air Borne" so I think it did help. I sure hope we didn't bring those bugs to your house. We had no symptoms when we were there and I tried to keep my hands clean with hand sanitizer.

    Take care of yourselves and each other.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I hope the wood smell from the garage has not overtaken the mint smell from your recent roundabout experience. Just another regular day for me at school with 90 kids and your basic grammar lesson! If you want a really hard job, try making grammar interesting. Can you say predicate nomnitive and smile at the same time. See I told you it was hard.

    All I can do for you is hold the light and call your name. You have journeyed so far into the valley where it is dark and I am afraid to go. I know you are there for I can hear you struggling and I hope my on vigil on the side line is some help. There sre lights ahead Tim, look up your friends are holding them high. Can't you hear the chorus of cheers that lift your name on high. You are our hero Tim, keep up the fight for soon you will wave at us from peaks above our heads. The highest peaks reserved for those who through the darkest valleys have tread.

    May God bless you and keep you as you travel along lifes way,



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