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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dana is worth her weight in gold

Dear Family and Friends,
What a treat it is to have Dana with us. Unlike yesterday when she slept in this morning she was up and mopping the floors, sweeping, loading the dishwasher, cooking. All with one hand. Nan slept in this morning until about 9:30 and then came down. She has been downstairs the rest of the day. She and Dana have taken small naps. nan continues to wrestle with pain. Today the pharmacist at Critical Care told us on the phone that we could get Dilautid IV. That would be great since we really don't have an ideal pain med for the break out pain she is experiencing.
Once again today I battled the medical mess trying to get Nan's new cancer drug, Sprycel. Longs Drugs told me that the doctors office needed to do something so I called them and they had already done it and faxed it to the insurance. Longs knew nothing and had not ordered the drug yet and it takes a day to get it once it is ordered. When I called Blue Cross the voice tree would not let me through not recognizing our social security number. I just about lost it while I was driving. So tomorrow morning we will start again. Nothing comes easy it seems. Meanwhile the tumors grow without control of any kind.
Today I had the high privilege of enjoying produce from Keanna and Steve's garden. Huge tomatoes, new potatoes, white corn. So for lunch I had pizza buns with baked tomato and corn. This evening I had more corn and broccoli. Wow is this good stuff.
Now we are sitting in the love seat, nan is hurting and getting ready to head to bed, ready for some Adavan, TPN and rest.
I worked in until this afternoon, then drove to Benicia for a driveby appraisal of a home located on the water, then to Walnut Creek to take a look at a house where the people want an appraisal but are working on the house, then home finally. The ladies were sitting in the family room with Starr and Lady when I got home. Dana was tired and has now gone to bed, she deserves it, having accomplished so much. Our frig which is normally sort of empty is jammed full of goodies and I'm afraid I may not lose any weight this week!
I woke this morning to find I was totally dizzy, could not even stand up without holding onto something. It was a very frightening experience and eventually I became sick while trying to move around. Gradually the world stopped spinning and after a nap in my work chair I was able to resume working. I think its a wax buildup in my ears and tonight I will put in the drops to see if I can make things better. It reminded me of my own mortality once again.
This evening we appreciate your love and prayers and we sure need them.
I would just like to express our gratitude to Marilyn who left just before Dana arrived. Marilyn we really enjoyed your being with us and we thank you for your help and friendship.

So good night friends and family.


nan and tim and dana


  • At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Too many times you have heard people day, "Stick it in your ear", and too many times you have followed those directions. Now you have a problem. Plugged up ears. Well I have a great opportunity for entertaining your family and friends and decreasing the amount of wax in your ears.

    You need an ear candle, two actually, they look like a long skinny ice cream cone. You lay down on your side, stick the candle in your ear and then get some one to lite the end not in your ear on fire. Yes, I said, "Lite it on fire". That is the really entertaining part.

    Can't you imagine yourself with a long 12" candle on fire stuck in your ear? I thought not. That is of course what makes so entertaining. It is just something that you have to see for yourself.

    Hey, I'll get the candles. You stop by and I'll light them up for you. Lord knows we could use the entertainment!

    See Ya,


  • At 4:35 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    Another dry day in NC! An inch of rain fell just north of Asheville, but we only got a few drops ~ dust dimples I think they are called.

    Good luck on dealing with your balancing act with your insurance company, the pharmacy and the doctor. And it all needs to fit into their schedule. They never make life easy for you, do they? At least they are paying a lion's share of the bills. No problem meeting your deductible.

    That "ear candle" thing really does exist. Check it out at your local health food store. Some say it actually works. I haven't tried it. Be careful of the "self diagnosis", Tim. It could be something else. I'm glad you at least started to bed earlier last night. The sleep will do you good.

    Another day to praise our Lord and His goodness to us. "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it."

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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