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Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday morning-looking for a blessed week

Dear Ones,

I forgot to include these photos of Keanna in last nights blog. We had such a wonderful time with she and Nikki when they visited mom at the hospital. These are taken as she was leaving by my trusty little beetle car. This girl sure knows how to smile for the camera.

Dana has already left to be with nan, I am cranking out some work first and then heading over myself. I slept from 11 to 7 last night, felt like a luxury, didn't move, didn't even dream. I have not heard from Nan yet but our rule is I am to let her sleep until she calls me so I'm trusting she had a good night. Her nurse last night seemed really good and kind too. I'll give them today to keep pouring fluids in and then I'll raise the over hydration issues until I'm heard. It takes weeks to get the extra fluid off and is dangerous too. Nan begged for and got the privilege of drinking her precious ice water with Dr. Melynk. Otherwise she is NPO right now due to possible blockage they think they saw on the CT scan. Thank God for TPN to keep her nutrition going well.

Hope your day is going well. Sure thankful for Dana and Irene wrote this morning reminding us that she is willing to come visit Nan as well. She is so special and a powerful prayer warrior too. If one could think of our friends and family as a team then our team is really diverse and deep. While we don't deserve such a host of support we certainly appreciate it and thank God for our human wall of caring.


tim and nan and dana


  • At 1:59 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    What a special ray of sunshine that little Keanna is! She would liven up anyone's day!

    How refreshing for you to get a full night's sleep. It has been a very long time since you slept all night, I'm sure. I'm glad you are trusting the hospital staff a little with her care. No, they won't give her the undivided attention you give nor do they know how to care for her as well as you do. You have MUCH experience and that is more valuable than any education. However, you need a break now and then also.

    I hope today brings answers and rest for both of you.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Greetings, It sounds like things are better and that is happy news! We saw John Truscott at Anne-Marie King's graduation party on Sunday (Joleane's daughter) and he wants to get your address and go see you. He will be calling me soon ... and I hope he has my current phone number. Your spot at Tahoe is on hold. We sure hope the fires at Tahoe are not close to Yvonne & George. Wow, things look fierce up there. In fact, I'm going to watch the new right now. Love, Barbie

  • At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    What do you mean you didn't even dream. What about our permanent dream. You know, the one where we are all happy, where there is no more sorrow. no more sadness, no more trouble to see. Just peace, joy and love! Now there is one big dream.

    We are just doing the prequel now but the next chapter is really really good!

    Dream on!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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