Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

100 foot walk today

Dear Friends,
Dana and Marilyn Titherington arrived today about 11 am to see Nan. They got to be with her for awhile and then the PT lady came. She put Nan through her paces, lifting legs, lifting arms, moving about and then she walked in her special walking device. They thought half the way around the circle but instead Nan kept going and went out the doors to the unit into the hall and then through a back hallway to her room. It was incredible to witness. Then when she got back she sat in the chair for 30 minutes before heading back to bed. She has been pretty well in a very restless sleep ever since. In typical hospital fashion the barium swallow test which was to happen yesterday afternoon did not happen then and has not happened yet today either. Dr. Greenberg thought she might be able to drink or eat jello by the end of the week. Today Nan was allowed to swish warm water around in her mouth but had to spit it out, was not allowed to swallow it afterwards. Nan is very low emotionally right now, hardly speaks, hardly smiles and appears to be very tired. She had dialysis today but the tubes in her neck are not working correctly so it took a very long time to finish. She seems most contented to just be asleep and of course since she is sleeping during the day she won't be sleepy tonight again. It is frustrating to see time pass with no visible evidence of progress. However when she moves and walks or sits she is obviously stronger. Once again we need to turn a corner and I am praying for the next turn toward more strength and wakefullness. Nan seems depressed and I have rarely seen this in her before and it concerns me. Someone from pych came by today but I don't know what happened in that visit. I am hoping that when Nan can begin to eat and drink that she will be more happy and hopeful. This process of sitting by the side of someone who wants to be well so much but is too weak to do much toward getting stronger is very hard. I do not want to say anything that will hurt her precious feelings yet I sense she needs to take the next step mentally and move forward. I don't have a clue as to how to help that happen but I now God knows exactly what needs to happen next. Will you pray that God will move her forward with his infinite wisdom and compassion?

Marilyn is driving back home later this afternoon and Dana is staying. I am back in a room, 532 and it has a frig and microwave oven. I look forward to a shower and a bed tonight. I hope Nan wakes up this evening like she sometimes does and we can communicate some. Last night we began to listen to a book on tape together and then watched some TV later, we talked about things so I have hopes for this evening as well. She has had no pain meds to make her sleepy, nothing can explain this other than just fatigue.

I sure want to thank the team back home who are working so hard to hold things together. Each of them is having to do things that Nan and I usually do and its hard to do that on an extended basis in addition to the normal job description each has to do. We could not get through this experience without the help of every person on the team. WE THANK YOU.

It is now later in the day. Marilyn and Dana came back over from the hotel room to sit and chat for awhile. Nan woke up and was a part of the conversation for about the last hour. It was nice. Now she is dreading her next walking appointment at 8 pm. While she hates it she knows it needs to happen so she can get stronger and out of here. The shift just changed and Loren is on her way home now. Nan hates to see the nurses she knows head home. She misses them. Tomorrow Amy comes back and I know Nan will like that. Of course tomorrow Nan may finally get moved out to the main floor. She is ready for that I think as a big step toward home.

We are going to let Nan rest for a few minutes before she has to walk again at 8 pm. Dana and I are going to go grab a bite before the big event. Nan does not want to walk. This will be interesting.

Please keep Nan in your prayers as you have been. At this point I think we pray for general healing, for healing of the incision and for the kidneys to do a better job. Thank you so much for your prayers and kind emails. We read every one of them and treasure them.

with love

tim and nan


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