Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

10 pm Sat. evening in room 59

Hello again,
Well friend, its been a long day with many ups and downs. At the moment Nan has just been turned by a group of three, had her back rubbed with lotion, got fresh linens and is now getting her incision redressed with saline and gauze. They all seem to know exactly how to do it and it is healing in its own slow way. When I got back from a quick break over to CVS for my prescriptions I found that once again we had a new wrinkle. Nan had a fever of 102.4, highest since the first week after surgery. I felt the room was warm and Nan had 2 blankets on. So they took it down to the sheet and waited a bit. The temp was then 101.4, not great but better. Even better news was the most recent blood test which showed no increase in white count from its previous 14. So right now the thought is that perhaps the spike in temp could be caused by the recent transfusion of blood. Her heart continues to misbehave and her pulse is too high on average. However they just moved some of the sensors that tell the screen what the blood pressure is and suddenly we had a much better blood pressure, up nearly 20 points. Also a heart factor that cardiology wants to be 8 jumped from 1 and 2 up to 9 or 8. Nan is breathing on her own now without oxygen assist and the last 6 hours yielded much less output of the colostomy, down from 4 hours and 700 ccs to 6 hours and 300 cc. So for now we are having less bleed from the GI. That was in spite of sitting up in the chair, standing up and walking around a little. We sure need to keep praying about the bleed, that God will use his scope and repair what is wrong.

Finally it is quiet in the room, the incision has been dressed, drains dumped and Nan is settling in for the night. A little while ago Nan was able to talk to her brother Joe, her sister Dana, her sister in law Sharon as I dialed and held the phone to her ear. That seemed to give her some peace and calm. It has been a troubling day for me and I know it has been for Nan as she hears everything that is discussed by Doctors and Nurses, good and bad. Through it all she has been a brave trooper, holds her dignity and cooperates even when to do so hurts a lot.

I am in awe of this gentle woman with a heart of a lioness, a faith like the Bible greats, a resolve like steel and a tenderness that melts hearts. Her baby blues are very hard to argue with and if I happen to cause tears well its all over for me. When I told her about my conversation with Nikki and Keanna today, how they were enjoying the Oakland Zoo she smiled and responded like she always does when the kids and Keanna are mentioned.

Truly Nan and I are very blessed, we have great children (adults) who married great pardners. Nan's family is amazingly supportive and loving. My brother Jerry and his wife Donna are so special to us. Our vast array of friends located around the world is lending us support that is humbling and very helpful as the long hours pass. Our home church family is amazing and John and Karen Cress who now pastor in Denver remain our prayer warriors and close friends. I have found that a true friend is a person that I can call anytime day or night and its OK to do so. My friend Art Diaz is an on call buddy like that that I can dial up any time and its OK. George and Yvonne Miller have been our friends for many years and continue to be there with encouragement and counsel. Pam Whitted is Nan's special friend and we talk several times a day and night, she is a true friend to both of us. Aunt Ann is a dear Aunt of Nan's who is a prayer warrior that we call on often. Our loyal Appraisal family not only works hard but prays hard as well for us every day. Yes we are blessed in so many ways and by so many people and I'm not sure we had ever really thought about that before, not like we do now.

So as the day ends, 10:40 pm, we are once again driven to seek your prayers and intersessions on Nan's behalf. Please Lord, will you help Nan's body heal the bleeding areas, will you help her heart to find a peaceful steady rythmn, will you prompt her kidneys to once again remove the toxins, will you help her to continue to recover? Lord we ask you to do your will in her tonight and tomorrow. Lord we need your divine help on her behalf. Thank you for hearing our prayers. We love you.

Good night friends and family,

tim and nan


  • At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Good Night Tim & Nan,

    May You both get needed rest and reasurance from the network of Prayer Partners that are lifting You both up to the Lord once again tonight.

    Once again we are hoping for "Joy in the Morning" May You also be blessed with some Sunshine tomorrow. Rain gets to be a downer in more ways than one when it continues too long.
    Carrol & I just got a nice E. Mail from Roger and Carol,which included some small talk about the good times We all enjoyed when We were singing together in the Choral a few years ago.

    We will talk again in the Morning.

    Much Love and Positive thoughts,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Luella said…

    Nan and Tim:

    It's 5:40 Sunday am. I've just had the opportunity to read the last several days worth of blogs and your message, Tim. WOW! Miracles, soft conversation, kissing, sitting in a chair, a few ice chips, encouraging messages from kind friends. Progress!! I'm thrilled!!!!!!!!!

    When I think of the "stuff" I'm dealing with compared to your situation, I'm humbled and encouraged. You go girl!!!!

    I trust the sun will come out and warm you inside and out!!

    Hugs and lots of prayers,



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