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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sabbath (Saturday) Morning

Hello again,
Nan had a decent night with fewer heart irregularities as the beta blockers kicked in. These meds lowered her heart rate allowing the heart to rest more between beats. Her blood pressure held fine. I left finally at 12:15 with the sounds of the warning beepers still in my ears. I got back here this morning at 7:30 and found Nan awake for awhile. Amy helped her stand on very weak legs and then sit in a chair for 30 minutes. She also stood up as they were helping her back to bed. She was begging to be able to go back to bed by the end of the 30 minutes. Now she is sleeping well. Well until the doctors came for rounds which is taking place right now. She wakes up a bit to listen to their dire comments and discussions about what to do for her today.

It seems that the current issues facing Nan are irregular heart beats, bleed in the GI tract with a large blood clot just inside the colostomy, kidneys are not yet doing everything they need to do to control toxins, incision not healing as cleanly or quickly as is desirable, throat is still to sore to allow proper swallowing. She is slowly regaining her strength but at this point is extremely weak.

Some of the things being planned for her today include: a second sit up in the chair, a heart specialist consult, backing off on the beta blockers a bit to get ready for the 4 hour dialysis to come. So like every other day this will be a busy day for Nan and one filled with stress for little old me as I watch helplessly as these things take place. Many times I simply bow my head whereever I am and ask God to hold her closely in His healing arms.

It is my hope that you are having an enjoyable weekend and we long to be with each one of you, just hanging out, sipping a cool drink and enjoying normal life. As foolish as it sounds it is hard for me to imagine a normal day ever again from the perspective I have right now. I am so grateful for the miraclous progress Nan has made, she has come a very long ways in these last 2+ weeks but my friend she has a very long way to go.

Many of you have helped us with donations and I want you to know how much I personally appreciate each of them. It is not certain when I will be allowed by the doctors here to make a short business trip to California to inspect properties. So far they say absolutely no, the risks remain far to high and it would be unthinkable to me to be that far away at this point in Nan's recovery. When you help it means I can stay a little longer by her side.

I will give updates later in the day which since we are Seventh-day Adventists is our Sabbath, a day for remembering God's redemptive love. I know of no place better than right here beside Nan to celebrate and worship our loving Heavenly Father.

Will you join me in praying specifically for Nan's immediate health issues. We both thank you very much.


tim and nan
ps Plastic surgery was just here to look over the wound. They think it is making progress, want the dead skin to be cut away each day and will soon use something called a vaccum sponge to help speed up the healing process. Now someone is here from GI department to make decisions about the bleeding in the colostomy. She got a unit of blood last night and will get another one soon today. Dialysis is to take place in about an hour. Soon I will go find food, I can feel I need it.


  • At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Good morning Nan and Tim - another long night for both of you. This is Sabbath and it will be a busy one for Nan and another long one for you Tim. We keep praying on this end. Love, Marilyn

  • At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hello Tim 7 nan,

    We will be keeping You & Nan in our thoughts and prayers all day for sure. Nan is truly in need of some very special intervention quickly. The Lord will truly provide.

    Much Love,
    Bob & Carrol


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