Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday am report

Dear Friends,

Nan is doing pretty well today. On schedule for today: Nan is set to get dialysis in a short while. Then later in the day they will attempt to remove the ventilator if she wakes up a lot after the dialysis. So we have our high hopes for this next 12 hours. Nan has been very sleepy this morning, almost not awake at all so far. They are actually letting her sleep right now because she is going to be going through the dialysis pretty soon. Also when they had to install a j line for the dialysis hookup it was uncomfortable and they gave her a tiny bit of pain meds so we are seeing the result of that tiny bit of meds as well. Her breathing rate is good at 22 to 29 per minute and her volume is pretty good as well. Her blood pressure is lower than it has been but again probably is effected by the tiny amount of pain meds.

Roger, Carol and I camped out just fine last night in the room, had breakfast in the hotel and then came here. We have had very little eye contact today, mostly just waiting and waiting for the next good thing to happen.

If today goes well and Nan begins to wake, gets the ventilator out her chances of getting out of the ICU in the next couple days are very good. It all hangs on waking up fully. Kidney numbers remain high but will be effected rapidly by dialysis. I've heard no other discussions regarding reasons for being sleepy than the high kidney caused levels of BUN and creatins. So I would ask that you direct your prayers along the lines of successful dialysis, Nan waking up, kidneys working better and removal of the ventilator. I know that praying involves time and we appreciate your taking the minutes you do to pray for her. Let me tell you, she is worth it.

Today as I sit at the foot of her bed, Carol is sitting at the side and has held Nan's hand most of the day. Nan likes to have her hand held when we come in. The ventilator machine is to the left of her bed and is reading 22 breathes per minute with a volume of just under 400, her heart rate on the monitor on the other side of the bed is about 111 and her blood pressure mean is about 65 to 70. She has almost no lines to her body now, still is receiving TPN on a continuous basis 24 /7, that is her food supply. It is a pleasant day of about 75 degrees here with little breezes. Nan's room is on the 7th floor and she has a great view out the large window, thats when she wakes up to enjoy it.

So we are holding on to hope for the day. Roger is out taking a walk and exploring. He is doer and is not used to sitting or standing for hours with absolutely nothing going on. How I appreciate he and Carol being here and I know Nan will appreciate it too when she wakes up.

We send our love and ask that you please pray for Nan today. She has once again reached an important point and we need to be able to move forward.

With love,

Tim and Carole and Roger


  • At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How nice to have good friends with you. (You might mention to Carol that we were at Dollywood the same time as she & Nan!!) We pray that all goes forward today. Thanks for letting us know all the details. Love, Yvonne & George

  • At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards & Pedens,

    How glad that We are that You have Good friends to Talk & Pray with and enjoy the company.

    We continue in Prayer for Nan,s progress .

    We are sweltering in the first heat spell of the Summer 100 plus and getting warmer. We envy your cool Atlantic Breeze.

    Much Love and continued thoughts of Recovery for Nan.

    Bob & Carrol

  • At 2:09 PM, Blogger JACKIE SCHONS CACKA said…

    I am so glad that you are letting us know everything that goes on with Nan, I am at campmeeting and can only check on things a couple of time with my lap top. So it is nice to have all the note you write to catch up on. I am praying for her and I will especially pray that God wakes her up. Thinking about you and Nan everyday.


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