Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

God works through alert nurses

Dear friend,

About 20 minutes ago Nan began to show signs of distress. The nurse on duty caught the signs and found that she had a plugged breathing tube. For a few minutes Nan was in grave danger but due to fast action on the part of several people she was saved and is now starting her mini recovery. The tube was placed in her during the original operation and somehow had become completely plugged. She was in full distress and I don't really know how close she came but the doctor came out to the hall and said they saved her. The nurse here in the room says she has angels watching over her.

Right now there is someone from respiratory working on making sure her tube is clear completely. They have given her a med that helps her heart beat and a mild sedative as well to help her calm down. Just before they threw me out I could see in her eyes she was in trouble, could not breath at all.

I walked to the hall and called Karen Cress who is one of our wonderful prayer warriors and she began to pray for Nan's life. After a few minutes the doctor came out and let me know that the crisis had passed and that there was an anthesiologist intern on the floor and she knew exactly what to do quickly. Nan is now OK officially with yet another small setback on the road to recovery. It reminded me how fast things can go sideways during this time when Nan is so weak and vunerable. They pointed out that for one of us not being able to breath might mean that in 5 minutes we would be going down but for Nan with her weakened condition the results of the plugged tube were immediate. Her body was in distress and failing fast. I am so thankful to God and to his professional assistants here in this ICU for once again saving her life.

So I am writing once again to ask that you pray for Nan's overall recovery and specifically for the kidneys, the latest blood test is back with similar results to this mornings, no downward trend yet. 4.2 creatins as of early afternoon.

I look forward to her beginning to feel better, to her waking up completely soon and to her kidneys catching up with the toxins sooner than later.

Thank you for your prayers in her behalf.

shaken a bit but not giving up. I guess you know I will be here late tonight, my room which is two blocks away seems like a hundred miles from her side.


ps I am so glad that Marilyn, who is our long time friend from Rhode Island, will be here tomorrow and Roxanna is coming on Tuesday. Also arriving by car from North Carolina will be Roger and Carol Peden. All of these dear people have busy lives and I appreciate on Nan's behalf their coming to visit her and support us both.


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