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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Evening peace

Dear Friends,

As I am sitting here in Nan's room this evening I am once again very grateful to our Heavenly Father. Nan is now resting quietly after a very big day. As I have mentioned before Nan sat in a reclining chair twice today which has tired her out. A plan is afoot now to do dialysis sometime tomorrow and also to remove the ventilator. We will see what tomorrow brings. We have the wonderful pleasure of having Roger and Carol Peden here with us this evening. They started driving here yesterday and arrived this afternoon. How good it is to have long time friends to visit with and to interact with Nan. Nan definitely knows they are here. She had a great morning with Roxanna too.

We hope for good things tomorrow and for a turn in the kidney numbers. That is certainly what I am going to be praying for tonight. She is so beautiful as she sleeps and her breathing rate is good tonight and the volume of her air is excellent.

Our nurse tonight is great and Amy was great today. These nurses are so professional and on top of any thing that happens. Now there is talk that if she can get off the respirator she will be moving to a regular room in a couple days. At first the talk was that she might be in this room for a month. I like the shorter duration if its good for her.

A couple people have suggested that I mention the addresses that donations can be sent to again since it was several blogs back that I listed them. I want to express my appreciation for the help that has been given our family. Simply put it allows me to remain here at her side when she and I would normally be working in California. Here are the addresses:

Tracy SDA Church 2025 Holly Drive Tracy, CA 95376 or Bob Miller, Church Treasurer 161 Ramona Way Tracy, CA 95376 Denver First SDA Church 6200 W. Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80227 Please make contributions out to SDA Church and on a separate paper put: for Nan's Recovery Fund or Family in Crisis Fund. No money is taken out of the contributions. All $$ are sent to Discovery Bay for Nan's Recovery Fund. --

So far we are doing OK on all fronts. Nan is making remarkable progress and its been two weeks today since her surgery. Thank you for caring enough to pray and to drop emails to us. Your prayers have touched Nan, they have touched the caregivers here and they have touched our family.

So until morning


Tim and family


  • At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    My Sister and Her Husband Chuck Mitchell are here from Palm Springs where Chuck has been the Pastor for 18 years now. He says that He is thinking of retiring at the close of this Year .
    As you know We have traveled with these two people many Places in the USA and Europe over the last 20 Years.
    The Palm springs church is also lifting Up Nan in prayer. Pat, My Sister has Your blog and She keeps up on what is going on. She has been a Nurse at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs for many years.
    So good to hear that The Pedens arrived safely and are there to encourage You and Nan.
    Be assured that We continue in Prayer for Comfort and Healing for Nan.
    Sleep well and We again look for "Joy In The Morning"

    Bob & Carrol

  • At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Tim,
    As I was reading updates for the past two days, these words came into my head...Great is thy faithfulness, great is thy faithfulness; morning to morning new mercies I see. All that I needed thy hands have provided, great is thy faithfulness Lord unto me.

    My prayers are lifted throughout each day for Nan, you and your family.

    Blessings and Love,


  • At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Hi Tim and Nan - what good news today - Nan, you were up in a chair - that must have felt so good to be in a different position for a little while. My prayers will continue tomorrow as the decision is made to remove the tube - hope those lungs can go on their own! It sounds like the liver has kicked in and now we need the kidneys to do their thing. Keep up the good healing process. I'm so glad you have long time friends there with you both - it takes off the pressure to have loved ones with you. Hugs to you both, Marilyn

  • At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    good morning Tim and Erin,
    Mary and I are in las vegas at the convention and anxiously await your daily blogs. So good to hear that today they may tke Erin off the ventilator. Then she can whisper sweet nothings to you, Tim. Have a good day and we will look in later.
    Love Mary and Ann

  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi Tim and Nan, Great news to hear you were up in the chair yesterday. My prayers are still urgently going up for your healing. You are making very good progress and please continue to do so. Gerry and I are off to Tahoe with our LSV group to take a trip on the Tahoe Gal over to Emerald Bay. Jeni is at the cabin and we hope she will be at the end of the pier to wave to us. Remember when we took the dinner cruise that one year on the July 4 and then watched the fireworks over Lake Tahoe from the boat? Let's do it again!! We love you both dearly! Love, Barbie

  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Marilyn Crawford said…

    Dear Nan,

    Ron and I think about you every day and take joy in your progress. I pray that you will be out of the hospital soon and back home in sunny Discovery Bay.

    Marilyn Crawford


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