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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday evening - at peace

Dear Friends

I am in the hotel lobby on my way to bed. I have just had the most wonderful few moments with Nan. She woke just before I left and leaned forward and kissed me good night. Same soft wonderful lips. She has had some day with ups, downs and finally rest. This evening her heart was acting up but I don't think she was aware of it and it had no effect on her blood pressure but it sure got my attention, listening to the beeper sound when the beat was off a bit. They say it could be due to the dialysis, sometimes it confuses the heart a bit.

Creatin level is 1.7 tonight and BUN is now 48. 2 days ago creatins were 4.7 and BUN was 150 so the dialysis is helping big time. She has been alert and talkative all day and in spite of the nasty round of scoping her insides she is doing well. Red cells are holding now and no more blood in the colostomy so for now good news.

Good night and thanks for your prayers,

with graditute



  • At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Again Mustards,

    We retire with Joy in Our Hearts that Nan is coming back to reality and showing that She is still in the "Ring" (so to speak) We trust that God will take care of the clot issue and get Her kidneys going again.

    Nan, We expect to have lunch with You & Tim very soon at The Olive Garden in Tracy, We won't go there till You can meet Us there O.K.!!

    I'm sure that Tim shares these Blog letters with You but Carrol says that We must send a Card so I'll get one tomorrow and get it off to You very soon.

    Flowers & Ballons ,etc will go in the form of funds to the Tracy Church which will see to it that You get them in Your account. Just see in Your minds eye, $$$'s on the wall or in a vase.

    All of Us who follow Your progress on this blog are more than willing to help where ever We can. We know that You would do the same for each of Us.

    We anxiously await more good news tomorrow.

    I have'nt figured out how to use the spell check on the blog so please excuse my attempts to get it right. Spelling was never one of My favorite things to do, and Typing was right up there too with "not so good"

    Bob & Carrol


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