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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Modern Day Miracles

Goodmorning to all of you. This is Roger Peden writing this morning. Carol and I have been here for the past two days. When we arrived we expected to see conditions which were less advanced in progress. We knew that Tim was very optomistic in his reports and that perhaps his hope and expectations were exceeding reality. Carol and I were amazed that Nan is doing so well. GOD HAS PERFORMED A MIRACLE!!! We do not know all the final outcome, but only take each day. None of us are assured of life and health each day, and Nan is no exception. However, we have seen a living miracle in the progress of Nan's recovery.

Today has been a milestone in her recovery. She has had the respirator/ventalator tube removed this morning. It was a installed after surgery to assist her breathing. It was a real help in her breathing, but eventually it becomes an irritation to the throat and mouth. She is now enjoying being able to speak again. It was impossible for her to talk with the ventalator tube in her throat. She is in good spirits and resting comfortably. Her awareness and mental comprehension is doing well, even to the extent of worrying about airline tickets. The medication is being reduced which allows her to have more mental clarity.

She has already been sitting in a regular chair for a half an hour this morning. Yesterday, she received some dialysis and is scheduled for some more today. The blood conditions are not quite stable, but do continue to improve. It is amazing that the human body can accept and deal with the infusion of approximately 150 units of blood. What a marvelous creation God has made in the adaptability of the human body. As wonderful as all the doctors and nurses have been, it is still only the healing power of God that restores life and health.

It has been a real inspiration to be here and see a miracle at work. Nan has a long way to go in her recovery, but she has come a remarkable distance already. God is answering prayers. Thank you Lord. Modern day miracles are happening.


Dear Freinds,

I asked Roger to write things as he sees them and I think he expressed our situation very well. Nan has been able to talk to us this morning in a very soft voice due to her throat irritation. She has been having some heart irregularities today which are new to the scene. Amy thinks it might be caused by the IJ tube which has been installed through her neck into the artery for dialysis, sometimes it can tickle the heart into irregularities or she may be having heart issues. We are also facing a situation where the GI is not handling the food they tried to introduce into her stomach and today there is some old looking blood in her colostomy so they have started her on Nexium which should calm and sooth her system. The liver numbers look overall good and right now she is learning to breath deeply enough to keep the ventilator out. It has been wonderful to be able to communicate with her and let her know she had several trips to the OR and that she is doing well and is tumor free right now. She reminded Roger to use spell check when he was writing his comments, she has asked me about airline tickets so she is sharp as a tack now. Yet she is falling asleep now, more than she should.

We will blog more later but so want to thank you for your prayers and nice emails. We look forward to getting to talk with each of you in the future, to thank you personally for your help during this unbelieveable time.

Lets remember to pray for Rick and for others that are facing immediate challenges, surgeries and health challenges.

So today we reaffirm that God has been very good to us, that His loving hands and presence are being felt here in Boston, room 59. When Nan realized that Roger was in the room she asked him to have a prayer, that was a touching moment, one of many that we will never forget. So many thanks to Roger and Carol for their trip here and for their wonderful friendship.

So until later, thanks for the prayers,


tim and nan


  • At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Goodmorning Nan. Pam :)

  • At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Nan & Tim,

    Welcome to the realm of live conversation again Nan . You have been away for a while and We all miss talking to You. Keep it up . The Lord isn't finished with You yet and We are confident that more good things are to come.

    Rest and rehab, get plenty of both I'm sure Tim will see to that.

    We wait & pray for more good news from room 59 Boston, Dana Farber Inst.

    Much Love and healing thoughts,

    Bob & Carrol


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