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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

God is in control

Dear friends,
Time for me to go to bed and hopefully nan has already been asleep for hours. After last night without much sleep I think she may sleep better tonight.
I've done office work, see a few properties, driven a few miles, had dinner at Applebees, good grilled cheese and side salad. LeAnn our next door neighbor came in and cleaned our kitchen at some point and the frig is beautiful, just is fairly empty when it comes to finding something to eat. When I came home there was an unopened gallon of milk. I thought how nice of someone to make sure I had milk. Then I pulled it out and noted the date, June 12. Milk went down the drain directly.
Loree and I have worked over the books today, this is something Nan has done faithfully over the years and its easy to see how much work is involved in keeping it all straight. We put in all the checks that have been written first and that was very scary, huge amount in the red, then put in the deposits and when they were all in we had about $600. Not enough to cover the bills that need to be paid but still better than it might have been. We are going to use some of the donations to cover some of the bills that involve airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and to cover the lost income I am experiencing since I have been in Boston for so long. The donated funds arrived just at the right time and will go a long ways to help with the basics that are due now. Today would have been a disaster without the generosity of you our friends and family. I will sleep tonight knowing that God has worked things out again.

Nan had a pretty good day, starting drinking again, walked a long ways, was up several times in her chair, used her cell phone some and had more and more to eat. She sounds good to me but of course I am totally in love with this woman and anything she says or does sounds great to me.

Thanks for your prayers, your financial assistance, your cards and letters, emails and calls. You have been a great inspiration to not only our family but to a larger circle of well wishers and loved ones. Prayer is a wonderful mysterious thing that is our privilege to enter into. I read a little book this morning that suggested that God does not get to bless us an much as He would like because we have to ask before He can share blessings on and through us. So I urge each of you to ask for God's blessings on you. Perhaps God is now leading you to someone else in great need, need of your prayers and love.

Good night and God bless each of you in the way you need most.



  • At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Good Morning Tim,

    Thank you so much for sharing Your thoughts on Praying for a Personal blessing. It it so hard to be Paitent with the Lord in waiting for His response.

    We all can see His working on Nan and must realise that He wants the very best for each of our needs too.

    You have a great gift for saying the right thing Tim, thanks again. We all appreciate it so very much.

    Have a sucessful day and God will take care of You and Your Beloved Nan.

    Good Thoughts & Prayers continue for Your Family & Staff.

    Bob & Carrol


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