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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday July 4

Dear Friends,
My cell just rang, its 1 am Boston time. After my heart stopped racing Nan's voice came on the line to tell me that she was suddenly getting a blood transfusion. She was told her hematocrit had dropped 2 points. That was all she was told, not over how many days, no other reason, just she was getting blood and they would be waking her every 15 minutes to take her temperature for the first hour or so to make sure nothing was going wrong with the transfusion. Well that gets my attention since I am in our home in CA tonight.
My day started at 6 am in Boston, up, shower, go to Nan's room to say a tearful goodbye, hit the T train for a 35 min. trip to the airport, board American Airlines non stop to SF, arrive on time, ride AirTrain to rental car and get my Dollar rental, hit the road to see properties in SF, Richmond, Albany, Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Pittsburg, Antioch and then finally home. Then over to friends home for some food and back home where our dear friends Art and Connie came to visit and pray with me. Then the phone call from Nan and my mind starts racing. Why the sudden drop in the hematocrit? Nan's voice was calming, not alarmed but more annoyed that her sleep was being disturbed.
After I left today the large room we were in was needed for other patients so Nan was moved to a smaller private room in a different section of the hospital. Fortunately her recliner made the move to the new room and this evening when she called me at 9 Boston time she was watching the fireworks out her window. Her voice is much stronger and she sounds like herself again. But once the move to the new room was completed she began to sneeze and has continued to sneeze the rest of the day. While we were talking she was sneezing again. I have to wonder why!
It was very hard to walk the blocks away from the hospital this morning. Nan and I have been through it all together in her room and now I was leaving her behind. How she wanted to board the plane with me and come home, how she wants to walk out the door of the hospital, how she longs to be strong and well again!
I am now on count down, counting the hours until I can board the American flight back to Boston. I will arrive at the airport at about 10 pm, take the train back to the Hospital and talk my way back into her room when I arrive so I can see her again. These work days are going to seem like forever until I can head back. I know she is good hands at the hospital and Dana is there keeping a watchful eye on her but I am just vain enough to think that she needs me too.
Can I ask you to pray for this sweet lady one more time when you read this blog. I have no idea why she needed blood tonight but I know God knows very well. Can we ask Him to handle it whatever the reason? Can we ask God to control the allergy she has to the room, or whatever the reason for sneezing, it cannot feel good to the tummy which is healing to be sneezing over and over again.
I pray that God will watch over my precious Nan tonight, keep her safe, keep her warm, protect her from anything that might lurk to threaten her recovery.
Tonight we are 3,000 miles apart and I really feel the distance, I know she does too, I could hear it in her voice. Yet we both felt led to go ahead and make this quick business trip to keep things legal and perhaps produce some added income in the process also.
Thanks for your prayers on Nan's behalf and the cards and emails have been wonderful. When you are in the bed 22 hours a day cards and emails become even more precious to read and reread. Thanks for remembering Nan in such visible ways, she appreciates it a lot.
Well its off to bed now, its now 1:30 am Boston time and I'm wearing out finally.
Good night or morning, please know your investment in Nan's recovery is appreciated.


tim and nan


  • At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Jason Mustard said…

    We're praying, dad, always. Can't wait to be back in the states where we can talk to everyone more regularly.

  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger Noemi said…

    Time and Nan you both continue to be in our prayers. Bryant says Boston has the best firework show in America. He wanted to know if you hear the music and cannons, it's a tradition there it's here. Heard from Justine today, she said Jo and Jason were in the hot tub with friends this evening celebrating their anniversary. Tim the love you have for Nan is priceless.
    Bryant and Noemi

  • At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am continuing the prayers for Nikki's Mom and Family, and we are all hoping for a swift recovery and return home for Nan.

    Maureen and Work pals.

  • At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    Some how We scrolled on past and
    Missed this blog. Thanks for the Up date.

    We think of and Pray for both of You many times during the day and long for the time when We can sit down and talk Eye to Eye instead of all this E. Mail stuff, as good as it is , We look forward to getting together in person very soon.

    Much Love,

    Bob & Carrol


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