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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

She is on the move

Dear Friends and Family,

We are now moved to 7-B room 38 at least for now. It is a step out of the ICU and while we hated to leave those precious nurses and doctors behind this is an important step. Jenn is our new nurse here and she is already proving her self to be kind and wonderful big time. Nan is getting used to the small tube which is down through her nose and into her stomach so they can begin to introduce food into her GI system, one more tube and perhaps food and drink by monday, that is what they are saying now.

I wrote a blog but it got lost when the network system stopped for a minute. Anyway thats why I am writing this one. Nan has settled into her new room and is looking forward to walking, recovering and leaving SOON.

It was nice to be back in a hotel room with showers, frig and cool breezes. Our room has a lovely view of the hallway, that may have something to do with the lower price but since the only view I want to see is Nan getting better in the bed the room is perfect.

They are going to start feeding Nan a more direct food through the little tub at 10 CCs an hour at first and then see how she responds. The last time they tried this the stomach refused to accept any food and backed up so this will be interesting to observe. Of course we've moved ahead at least a week since the last attempt so things will probably be much better now. One tiny thing, Nan now has a much newer flat screen TV and since she is beginning to be more interested in watching some programs this is a big improvement over her ICU tv which had mostly pink and blue pictures.
We certainly hope and we pray that Nan can sleep tonight. For her recovery to work she needs sleep and its been scarce. Everyone says that she will sleep better off ICU so we will see. Nan's hematocrit continues to hold at 33 which amazing, it means no blood loss for the past 4 days, her creatin level is sort of holding and renal docs think she might only need a couple more times or less of dialysis. This afternoon she got a new pck line for TBN (liquid food) and they removed a central line. They also are concerned regarding her leg hurting a bit so will have ultra sound in the morning to make sure there is no blood clot there. Right now she is sleeping well after seeing the occupational therapist and being put through some paces. She will walk again this evening and sit in the chair for awhile then hopefully sleep well tonight. She is sure sleeping well right now. Dana has gone to the room to relax, Roxanna has driven back home and it is very quiet here in Nan's room. Her nurse Jenn is really great and is much the same kind of nurse as Amy but without all the years of professional experience. We will never forget the nurses of the ICU, they gave Nan great great care.
Prayer concerns this evening are the possible blood clot, being able to sleep and get some much needed rest tonight, kidneys learning to work better and throat healing so Nan can begin to drink and eat on her own.
Thank you for your prayers, for your emails, for your love and we promise to pass it on when we are back on our feet, God will lead us to a ministry of helping people somehow. This has been too many miracles to ignore in the future.
It is my plan now to travel to CA next Wed, work thurs and friday and fly back friday night. There are things I need to care for there that cannot be ignored and our clients have been very kind and understanding but there are legal issues that must be addressed by my presence in peoples properties.
So as things keep getting better for Nan and Dana and Roxanna both keeping watch over her I think I can slip away for a bit. It all depends on her progress and God's will.

Thanks for everything you have done,
tim and nan


  • At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It will be good to have you back soon. The doggies will especially be relieved to have some family there. I hope you sleep well tonight Nan. Sometimes with the excersise it can make it hard too sleep peacefully. Keep going you have been doing so great.
    Love to you both,
    Pam :)

  • At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Nan,

    Good to hear that You are on the move. One Step closer to Your "Slate Green Odyssey" . Carrol has started driving Ours and She loves it. I guess I get the Mercury from now on.

    Tim, We are Praying for a good night of rest for Nan and You too. Also that new tests and scans will show only good things.

    Do You have a Boston accent yet? They say it only takes a few days of staying there to pick one up.

    We will talk in the morning. I read My Hometown Newspaper "On Line" at 6:30 a.m. or so every day. It is from Jamestown N.D. It is so interesting to see what is going on in the Town that I still
    call "Home" after being gone from there for nearly 51 Years.

    Have a good rest,

    Love & Prayers For You Both,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Roger and Carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,
    Sorry I haven't been in touch much the last few days. Life is getting a bit crazy around here now.

    So glad Nan is back to expressing her determination again. That's our Nan! I know there are some discouraging days, but you have to look back to where she was 3 days ago, a week ago, 2 weeks ago. She's doing great!

    I hope Nan enjoyed a quieter room last night and was able to sleep better. And Tim, do take care of yourself! You should have had a quieter sleep last night back in your room with the comforts of home.

    Love and prayers ~
    Roger and Carol


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