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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Walking to the plane

Good morning from Boston,

Our report is basically slow progress and heading the right way. Nan has walked around the pod this morning and did it at a faster clip than yesterday. She then sat in the chair for 30 minutes. When she went back to bed she had me rub her arms and legs using her Gold Bond cream. Dana arrived with coffee, decafe for me or I would be running on the walls. I went and had my cheapest breakfast yet, $3.10 for oatmeal, two boiled eggs and a small carton of 1% milk. Tasted great.

When I got back Nan suggested we get a cheap car for when I arrive in SF so we don't have to find someone to drop everything on the 4th and come get me. She asked for the laptop and we moved it over her. Dana used a pillow to position the laptop so Nan could see the keyboard and she got me a car for three days for $63, she has not lost her skills at finding bargains. Then she had me bring over the printer to print out the details. So now thanks to the kind generosity of friends who provided a ticket from their frequent flyer miles and Nan's wisdom at finding a ride I am all set. I land in SF at 11:59 on the 4th, drive home to work on the books and repack, see properties on wed and thurs and friday morning, then fly back from SF at 1:15 on friday afternoon arriving here in Boston about 10 pm. It seems to me that God has once again helped solve a potential problem and yet get me back to Nan for the weekend. I would hate to face a world without a loving Heavenly Father and a host of solid friends and supportive family. Dana has been like a rock here with Nan, Roxanna has been here many, many times to hold her hand, talk to her, remind her of good days to come and to help her visualize walking out of this place back into real life. Marilyn has been so helpful with getting Dana to and from the airport in Providence where Southwest flys and with laundry and with heart to heart talks about Nan from the good old days. We wish you could be here with us for a couple days. When Roger and Carol drove here 15 hours each way to spend a couple days it was wonderful, a real lift to the spirits for Nan and for me as well.

The covering surgeon was just here and is encouraged overall with the progress. It reminded us that it takes awhile to recover from this type of surgery and to be both hard working and patient at the same time with the progress. The fact that Nan could use her fingers to type on the laptop today and can now operate her remote for the tv says a lot about her progress and strength gathering. Those were impossible steps two days ago.

We know we are in God's hands both here and with the home scene. Nan had a pretty good night and got some benedryl to help her sleep. It did. She has just fallen asleep again now. But of course it won't be long until someone will be here to poke or prod but all is neccessary we know.

Nan has high hopes for tomorrows swallow test but I am not sure she is ready yet. Her voice is much better now, louder and without coughing anymore. Just not sure about the swallowing yet. When they let her swish water in her mouth and then spit it out she coughs sometimes, did this morning. She would love to have ice chips, hot tea, hot water and broth, just love it. Gives a person something to do and is a reminder that you are getting better so I hope she passes. Guess I should take that one to the Lord, He can do anything!

Thanks for remembering Nan with cards and for the donations. I will face some interesting challenges when I am home trying to stretch dollars between payroll, AMEX and other little things that crop up. I'm not losing sleep because that does not get them paid. I'm going to try to get an old car I have ready to sell, don't need the car, could use the money right now. If you can help the church address is: Tracy SDA Church, 2025 Holly Drive, Tracy, CA 95376 and put a sticky note on the check with Nan's recovery fund. What has been given is already helping meet the immediate needs. We are getting close to recovery and in a matter of weeks things will be a lot different than now. We are thankful to God and to each one of you.

With love

tim and nan


  • At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Good Morning Mustards,

    What good news that You had a restfull night. Now for a rewarding day. Nan , You are getting stronger all the time & soon You will be able to eat some food on Your own.

    Good news about the car at S.F. Airport Tim, Be prepared for MAJOR delays on the Bay Bridge. They are in the middle of a massive Retro Fit prodject and have only 1/2 of the usual lanes to get across the Bay. You might consider using the San Mateo Bridge route, Check at the Car rental place, They can advise You.

    Have a great Day , We hope that You are being blessed with Sunshine in Boston, things always seem better when the Sky is Clear and Blue. Some Fluffy White Clouds are good too.

    Much Love to You both, We want You back Home very soon !

    Bob & Carrol

  • At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1Hello Nan and Tim,

    I am so glad to hear you are walking and feeling better. Hopefully your MBS (swallow study) will reveal you will be able to eat soon. The Lord is really working a MIRACLE on you !! Keep up the good work and you will be on your way home soon.

    God Bless You,
    Betty A.-Corsicana, Texas

  • At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good evening Nan and Tim. It's such good news to hear that you are making good progress. I know it seems slow to you but as we read the Blog each day and hear about your achievements it re-enforces what we already know, God is walking with you.

    Tim I will be mailing two more checks tomorrow so please check with the bank and make sure they are getting to the right account.

    Love to both,
    Bob & Sue


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