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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

One Busy Sunday - Nan Steps Out

Dear Friends and Family,
It is noon here in room 16, Sharon has been busy today giving Nan a complete pedicure, clipped her nails, soaked her feet, washed her hair, rubbed her feet.
Nan was awake and up at around 7 this morning after a very good night of sleep, doctors took the beta blockers off her orders (finally), doubled up on the Imodium, stopped finger sticks for blood sugar levels, plan to do a throat scan with barium tomorrow morning, plan to change the vacuum sponge tomorrow and still plan for her to get over to Youville tomorrow. We will see....
When I got here bearing a blueberry muffin Nan was already ready to walk so we did. She went around twice covering about 1,000 feet and was wearing her happy shoes, that is special flip flops that Sharon prepares with dozens of ballon. They are super colorful and always bring smiles to the faces of all who see them. Thanks Sharon for the happy shoes.
When Nan got back to the room her breakfast was here so Cream of Wheat, milk disappeared in no time. Our private room is snug but we've found ways to make it work fine. We have a sink with mirrors, a tiled bathroom and a large window with counter from wall to wall. That counter tends to hold everything from M&Ms to clothes, Keannas precious picture, lotion, boxes of tea bags, Pepsi bottles and a few other things. Sharon is reclining in the fully recliner but has tied a sheet to the top so it is always covered, much more comfortable that way, she is reading "Family Blessings" while Nan's bed is in the middle of the room and has a direct view of the flat screen TV and the clock, on my side is a upright chair and the IV tower which has a single bag of fluid going in and the pump for the vacuum sponge. Nan has her trusty tray next to her bed with bottled water, purell hand cleaner, a candy bowel, hot tea, brush and a box of Kleenex. She is watching Trading Spaces, a home improvement show, pretty cute.
Both Nan and Sharon are bugging me to take my pills for the day but so far I have not gotten around to it, soon when I finish this blog. Today I also need to do laundry at the hotel and start packing for my move on tuesday morning, move to somewhere, not sure where yet. Need to look into that for sure.
Today Nan and Sharon are going to play cards, we are going to dress her up in street clothes and take the wheel chair for a spin, outside again to enjoy the fresh air and breezes. I'll probably go to VinnyTs today for take out pasta of some kind, Nan is really ready for some better food. We are also going to give peanut butter toast with applesauce a try. Dana was kind enough to buy peanut butter and I brought good applesauce to the hospital so that might be a winner too. Sharon has great ideas to help the time pass.
Nan's blood pressure has been good today and Sharon just prepared her baked potato with sour cream and butter and salt and it is so good. It is good to see Nan eating again.
So we plug on, hour by hour, day by day trying to facilitate Nans recovery. When we consider where we were right after surgery and where we are now it is night and very bright day. Nan longs for her recliner at home, comfortable, has a heating pad nearby, a place for Starr to sit and sleep, TV shows to watch, naps to take and phone calls to make. We have it all set up so the laptop sits on a tiny table right next to the chair so she can stay in touch with the world. We can definitely see our trip home on the horizon now.
I want to pay tribute to Nan who has fought hard to get well, has endured without complaining, has never lost the goal, flying home, has remained faithful to her Saviour. She is an amazing woman and just keeps surprising me with her spunk. Now when we walk or sit up in a chair its her idea.
Please continue to remember Nan in your prayers. Right now she is eating watermelon, its amazing to see when for so long she was just being fed TPN. I often wondered if she would ever get to eat again and I'm seeing it. Our prayers center around less output from the colostomy right now, food needs to stay in her body longer so she can pull the nutrition from it.
Have a good day, love those around you and know we long to see you all soon.
with love

tim and nan and sharon


  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    We are so glad that Nan is improving every day. We continue to pray for her and our neighbor always asks about Nan as she also prays for her. She remembers meeting Nan at our wedding (her name is Connie just like mine!).

    Glad that Tim continues to write so everyone can read the improvements. We read every single one!

    When Tim describes Nan's chair at home, I can visualize Nan sitting and her dog right next to her. Art had hoped that the two of you would come to the Garlic Festival this year and a party at our house but there is always next year.

    We love you!

    Connie and Art


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