Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Asleep at last

Dear Ones,
Nan is fast asleep, something sort of rare in a busy teaching hospital. She has had all her meds, taken some of them by mouth which is pretty new, is riding high on Ambien right now and if needed will have diloted later. Sleeping well is new to Nan since its been a month since she really got decent sleep. On this ward they try very hard to keep her resting as much as possible.
She has been a pretty busy girl today with two long walks, several up times, three meals of at least mild interest and now finally rest.
Dana was kind enough to bring groceries from the store which is several blocks away with lots of things which might trigger her interest. Some of the food from the cafe is not too bad but does not spark an immediate interest in Nan. For example there mac and cheese is typical but she is used to her own recipe and it is baked in the oven, not that is yummy for sure. Nan is starting to drink more boost along with foods and we will gradually transition from forced feeding to what she can eat.
We certainly hope to get a vacuum sponge going soon on her incision, we are not sure about her moving to a rehab hospital, we have heard about it but no one is saying for sure. They will probably want her two different infections to be under control before moving her, that is my guess.
So once again we are under the control of others who know more than we do and we hope know best. We are confident that God's hand continues to watch over precious Nan. Our nurse this evening is a male one and we like and trust him a lot. That helps me sleep better at the hotel knowing Nan is in good hands. She looks great, I just wish she could feel great and be happy too. She had me start reading the blogs from our earliest posting tonight and I think she enjoyed hearing about things from the earliest moment.
Jason called us tonight from his home at MBA. Jo had to quickly pack and leave for PUC so he is alone but he sounded great, enjoyed the trip so much and is glad to be safely back. He doubts he can come here immediatelly since he has lots of recruiting work to do and needs to catch up rather quickly. We hope to see him and Jo soon. Our hopes are that in a couple weeks we can be moving toward home. We could be totally off base but we can still hope.
My how we appreciate your faithfullness in presenting Nan's recovery to our loving Lord. We are seeing his blessings in any manner He wishes to grant them.

So for tonight please continue to lift Nan to our loving heavenly Father seeking His will for her in all ways. We also ask that you pray for Rick, sharons brother and for others who so need Gods help in their lives.

We thank you and we thank God for His divine help.

with love

tim and nan and dana


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