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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday morning in Nan's room

Dear Friends and Family,

Its about 8:45 here in sunny Concord, Nan's breakfast tray was just brought in and Cream of Wheat is the main feature. Nan is eating and appears to be enjoying doing so. She has her little carton of milk working and is wondering why they insist on coffee when she has repeatedly ask for tea, oh well. Pam Whitted is waking in her little cot bed, she came last evening, took me to dinner and spent the night with Nan. Over the years she has done this many times and what an act of kindness it is. Nan had a so so night with a tiny episode of vomiting and was sort of restless. I did my normal panic attack thing at 4 am, I wake and every bad thing and every undone thing comes at me like I was standing on a freeway. Nan's current unresolved leaking situation has me pretty upset. I feel like we are dealing with a potential time bomb. So far the situation has remained stable with a constant flow of urine out the incision wound, minimal fevers, excellent output from the nephrostomy tubes, good food intake, weight up to 114 again today. So we wait and wait.

Yesterday afternoon we were a bit lonely, sort of hoped to see someone and then someone very special arrived, Dolly drove down from Calestoga and spent several hours with us. Our time together was wonderful in every way. We were able to catch up with Dollys life and she shared many inspiring thoughts with us. She brought a little book with thoughts for each day that Nan can keep with her to read. When she left she prayed with us reminding us that God cares and is in control. Finally she had to head back to her home and we reluctantly let her go. But shortly later Pam called and was near. So a slow day turned out fine. I took a very special phone call from Emily. She and Loren had just spent a week in Victoria which is a lovely place to visit. She said that from the blog she could tell we were a bit lonely, we got to talk for a few minutes and then a call came in from Nikki. She had a wonderful day at the twins sale and sold many many items. Hearing from friends and family is always great.

I was so glad to be able to spend a day with Nan without worrying about running off to an appointment. We talked about everything we needed to talk about. Some of you know Nan really well, others less well. Nan is a strong person who thinks before she speaks and does not express her emotions all the time. She is careful and thoughtful, compassionate and very steady in her resolve. She approaches life in a very practical manner, always has and takes each day with faith and courage. I admire her, I admire her courage, I treasure time spent with her, love her smile, her soft skin, her beautiful blues, her blond tresses. Having lived with this beautiful woman for 36 years has been a wonderful experience. After a childhood of domestic stress and strain at times living with Nan has been a totally different experience. She has been an adult, no silly games, no pouting or tantrums, just solid honest steady day by day devotion and love. If Nan said it you could go to the bank on it. It is a refreshing experience to live with someone so honest and trustworthy, so true and loyal, so stunning and yet so faithful at the same time. Our family has been blessed daily with this wonderful woman. My only regrets come when I realize that I have not always appreciated her enough and have made her life difficult at times.

Boston sort of spoiled us, we were able to be together all day and all night if needed. Now we struggle with splitting our time between medical and business and its a very hard balance to achieve. Especially with owning a business where there is almost never a time when one could do a little more to make it work better. I'm grateful that Jean has been such a good help this past week and also grateful that Loree will be back to help this week. We have precious clients and we want to take care of their needs too.

Right now Nan is teaching Pam how to play Gin Rummy, Sharon you may get a call for rules!! Nan's voice is strong, her mind clear and sharp, no more Antivan inspired mental vacations. She rests when she can but right now competition is in the air. I'm about to start working on an appraisal since Nan is sort of occupied at the moment. She has had her blood thinner shot, zophram, breakfast, TPN is running, antiobiotic is going in.

I know I always end the emails with a request for prayer. Actually I feel like I should begin the bog with a request, put one in the middle and then the end also. I so want God to heal Nan. I have always heard that one is not tested beyond what one can handle. Our experience since early spring certainly means we should be about to the limit. My hearts desire is that God will either directly heal Nan or arrange events so she can receive the care she needs from someone who knows what they are doing. We long for the day when Nan can move about freely, have enough strength to be able to fly places she wants to go, to be able to visit other GISTers again bringing cheer like Irene does us, regain her health, play with Keanna and watch her dance classes, school programs. Neither of us has given up on the dream of recovery. So this day is another day in the process of getting better. And today we get to see Nikki and Keanna, yea!!

Once again we have been blessed by our friends and good care here at the hospital. Nan can be reached at 925 682 8200 room 3123.

Please keep Nan in your prayers today. Actually please and thank you.


tim and nan and pam

ps Pam is catching on very fast at this game! They have only had to call Sharon once for the rules!


  • At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim and Nan
    Here is Dr Bertagnolli's office number and e-mail. 617-732-8910, pager is 31495. Her email is MMBERTAGNOLLI@BICS.BWH.HARVARD.EDU i will try and drop her an email today or tomorrow, kinda busy trying to save lives today...Thought the info would help!

  • At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Remember, Nan, I go to Sandra for all the rules. If you are playing with someone who doesn't know the rules, make them up! Am so glad Pam and Dolly spent time with you. Just to know that you are not in constant pain is a relief. Keep talking to God, and then listen. He is always there and in full control, may not seem like it, but true. Will call you later. Love to both of you, Sharon

  • At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim & Nan, We didn't tell you that we had a trip planned to Branson several months ago with 45 from Lodi. Joyce & Glenn are with us also. The weather is great and the trees are starting to show their colors. I found the computer for hotel guests last night so we are caught up with Nans recovery. We feel your emotional pain Tim thru your writing. We are so sorry. I agree that you have had enough. We pray for you both each night and have shared your story with others. Love, Yvonne & George

  • At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,
    Just checking in. It has been a rainy day here in NC. A blessing, I got my flu shot and then cozied in to some domesticity. Made a big pot of soup, then had a great quiet time and caught up with some reading.

    The leaves are turning here and it is so pretty.

    Let me share my Mom's poem with you. Her name was Lorna Silvis.

    The autumn breeze blows through the trees,
    Caressing each delicately painted leaf.

    Hues the artists have tried to claim,
    Rich burnished gold and fiery flame.
    But no artist's brush can ere compare with the Master's touch from the heavens fair.

    The winter winds will soon blow cold,
    An icey blanket to unfold.
    Tis then we know that Autumns past; the painted show that couldn't last.

    Have a blessed night, God is so evidently in control, and He loves you both.

    Love and Prayers,

    Phyllis Lytle, NC

  • At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Tim & Nan,
    That was a very long letter that you sent, but good. I was glad to hear that Nan can eat a little now. You both are in prayers all the time. I too wish that God would heal her. Have you told her all the good things you said about her in this letter? It is a nice love letter. I am doing fine, just getting older. How do you stop that without passing away. I have not figured it out yet.
    Love, Fern


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