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Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday evening - facing hard decisions

Dear ones,

This evening we are just not sure what to do next. Nan has continued to vomit all day and this time it is large amounts. She sips ice water and trys her hardest to keep things down. We have used Kitril, Zofram, Adavan and still she vomits. She appears to be doing pretty well on other fronts, heart rate is normal, blood pressure is normal, temp is normal but she feels terrible with the ongoing nausea. She is afraid to go into the hospital, not knowing how long she will have to stay, yet we are afraid not to do anything. It has been over a week of constant vomiting day and night, when I say constant I mean every couple hours and if she is lucky she can sleep all night before it hits again. The leg pain is much better and even the back pain has been less intense today, just the nausea.

We said good bye to Jan this morning. Nan got up and came down to her recliner before we left for the airport at 6 am, she slept there until Terry came to care for her at 8 am. Terry was still here when I got back from Oakland and Terry said that in general she is looking good but Terry is concerned about the vomiting and suggested Adavan IV. Now we wonder if the new antibiotic which we have three more days of is causing the nausea. It did not the last time we used it.

Nan has spent time up and down today and seems to be more comfortable in the recliner than in bed all day. Her hospital bed is supposedly on its way but no call to confirm that yet.

We are pretty low this evening. We just don't know what we should be doing to help her. We are not even sure that the Dr. will allow her back into the hospital with her general balanced vitals and such. Blood was drawn today so the reports may indicate something wrong, those results will be available tomorrow.

Jan called this evening to tell us that after being in a hold pattern for nearly an hour she landed in Denver. She was heading home, soaking in a tub and then sleeping. There are no words to express our gratitude for the time she spent with us. She was such a lift to Nan's spirits and helped her in so many different ways. She rubbed sore places for hours, played with Keanna over and over again, fed me, got movies, groceries and didn't get very lost this time. Jan brought us up to date on her world and her pleasure with Kara getting ready to graduate this week. Our lives were touched by her compassion and her love.

This is one of those evening when you just wish you could call someone with answers and get a good start on improving things, there is no one to call with the answers other than our Father in Heaven. Nan is very discouraged and badly needs lifting. Perhaps Syliva who is coming tomorrow can be of assistance. We sure look forward to her being here to help and I plan to get out and use the time to see some properties too which she is here. She has to go at 4 but I'll try to be back by then.

This evening Starr has a hard time settling down with Nan in the chair, she has been so good lately giving needed warmth to Nan's hip at night, sleeping with her quietly for hours during the day but tonight Starr is having a hard time settling down. She looks at you with her big brown eyes and you wonder how much of our unease she senses.

You may remember that recently I shared my anxiety over needing to renew my license but needing to take 28 hours of classes before I could apply. Well it turns out that all I have to have for this renewal is a 7 hour class called USPAP. I took it this afternoon online and passed so now its just find the hundreds of dollars to renew and ship out the forms. One item out of the way, IRS wants $4,400 by the 26th so that is another challenge. Sutter Delta called today seeking $15,000 for a hospital stay. I told the nice lady to double check, that our insurance and the hospital had an agreement to accept the insurance payment as payment in full and so she started to check and found that there are negoiations being conduced between Blue Cross and the hospital. I think that bill will go away soon.

Jan compiled all the medical bills we have onto a word document so I can see what I am facing at a quick glance, wow!

Nan and I really need your prayers of encouragement, healing and guidance. We just don't know what to do next to solve these issues of nausea.

Thank you loyal friends and family for your continued care and prayers.

We are looking forward to see Marilyn Titherington on June 3 and Dana and family arrives about June 5. Nan can hardly wait. Barbara and Gerry have let us know they can come down thursday evening and stay through sunday if Nan is feeling better and is not in the hospital. What would we ever do without friends and family, you all make life liveable for us.

For your love and pray support we thank you,

tim and nan
ps thank you Jan for everything!!!!!


  • At 11:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You and Nan must be very nice. No one else I know has such a large number of friends! This however does nothing for the nausea that Nan is currently enduring. What next we ask, what next? Is there any thing that this large number of friends can do? You bet there is! Some of us can be on the front lines holding hands and providing direct help. For the rest of us there is the prayer thing. A celebration of our own belief and a benefit to the recipient.

    There may of course be interference in our prayers. These are caused by the little barnicals from life that stick to us as we pass by. Please God forgive me and allow me to have more power for others. These are my prayers Tim. Not just for you and Nan but for me and all the others who wish to be more useful. Let the vigil begin. Let it begin with me.

    Rest in the pease of Christ's loving arms. Amen!


  • At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Well we are setteling down to a more relaxed state of affairs as the busy weekend of Partys, appointments Lunches,Dinners & Company are all gone now. Lots of good times , Games, food etc.

    We lost another very dear friend to Cancer last friday Hilda Unterseher, She and Her Husband Cal were Teachers here at Lodi academy and also Modesto Academy in Years past. She was under treatment at the same Clinic that Carrol goes to so another Chair will be empty at Our next Visit. How wonderful it will be when the Lord returns and all of this"Cancer Stuff" will be gone forever !!

    We wish so much that there was something that We could do to relieve Nan's Nausea. That is not a fun thing to deal with even on a short time baisis, I can't imagine how debilitaing it is to deal with it on a constant baisis. We continue to Pray that the answer will be found and a more comfortable state will be in place for Our Dear Nan.

    Our accountant & Tax advisor Larry Anderson was here this weekend and We have everything in place for the coming tax Year. He has for so many Years been Our "Rock" in finance matters and We do so much appreciate His Never failing Good Advise.

    Carrol had the final Practice session for the upcoming band(Lodi Comunity) concert last night. Things went well, they will be playing for a Memorial day Service at the local Veterns Cemetary in Lodi. Larry brought his saxaphone with Him for the weekend and sat in on the Practice too . For many years He played in the Band and was able to renew frendship with many long time members.

    Dr's appointment on wed will tell Us if Carrol's numbers are good enough to stay off of the Chemo for another two months, We are Praying for that to be the case.

    Good to read that you have friends coming to stay with Nan while you are able to get some work done Tim. We will try to get over for a visit sometime after our Wed appointment with the Dr. Maybe thursday would work. We will call first.

    Have a good day,

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Afternoon,

    Nan, I have to say that you have "great legs", saw a bit of those yesterday and you always look good in your pictures.

    That is amazing.

    I wish the answer was there for you for the vomiting, perhaps it is the Gleevec.

    Hopefully a new trial will be coming up and you can make the change, hold the tumors at bay and feel better.

    You certainly have a "strong constitution".

    My best wishes and thoughts are with you. Hold on tight to each day and keep your chin up.


    sue m

  • At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan: As you know we are back from Greece where we had a wonderful time. We visited Athens and the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. The group of eight was perfect, not too big and not too small. We walked so much each day but always had time to remember both of you. Art checked e-mail several times.

    I wish the vomit can stop soon. Nan, hang in there you will be well soon. It is so difficult to understand why such a beautiful person inside and out has to suffer so much. I pray that very soon you can enjoy life without this illness.

    Tim, please continue to call Art, he is always free to talk to you. He was so tired when we got back but told me I'm going to take a short nap and get up and call Tim, well it was very late when he woke up and was upset that he didn't get to talk to you - the time difference and the plane ride got to Art but he is much better now.

    We will be leaving for Palm Springs area on Thursday for a week - we need to check on the house there and exchange cars for our upcoming road trip. We have wireless internet so we will be in contact as well as by cell phone.

    Our prayers are with both of you.

    ---Connie and Art

  • At 7:38 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,

    It's about time to head to bed, but I do want you to know you have been in my thoughts and prayers most of the day today. It has been a quiet day here and gives time to think and pray.

    I hope you had an ok day today. I prayed for God to lead you in your decisions and to know which way to turn for help. And for Nan to get relief from that horrible vomiting! We thank God that the pain in the leg and foot have eased up a bit.

    May God continue to bless you and bring you peace.

    Love ~ Carol


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