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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nan is ready for it to get better!

Dear Family and Friends,
Today is ending up rough again. Nan has been vomiting several times since late afternoon and evening. She is very tired of it. Tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics and we hope, we pray that her tummy will settle down. We finally gave her a small Adavan a few minutes ago to see if we can calm things down. Jan has been an angel all day helping her, talking to her, doing things for her and creating many happy moments. They laughed and snoozed.
Today I got to talk with Dr. Ganey about several points of concern. We are seeing Dr. Melynk tomorrow morning at 9 and hope to get him to order a bed from Apria so Nan can be more comfortable, hope to get his read on the constant nausea, hope to get the paperwork started for AMN107 and try to solve the intense food pain. We'll have to get going early since it takes a bit to get Nan up and dressed ready to travel.
Tomorrow evening Keanna is having a sleep over and Jan being here will help a lot with that. She has the energy to keep up with this precious little person.
In many ways Nan had a happy day and was able to talk on her cell phone to Pam. Pams calls are very interesting right now with Ryan climbing El Capitan, we hear he should be done tonight and safely back in a cabin.
I did a relocation appraisal in Stockton this morning, then back to get the antibiotic in since when I tried early this morning the lumen I use, little tube into her artery, was blocked. We had to have Terry come use her special medical rotorooter and in a few minutes she had the line cleared and it was working again. So the antibiotic got started later than usual today and so did the hydration as it had to wait until the line was clear.
Nan is so tired of the nausea. She has nothing left inside to throw up. Is she dehydrated? Is the potassium low? What else could be causing it? We use the best meds available, zophram, kitril and tonight Adavan.
I am once again facing some pretty incredible money issues, mainly I need a lot of it and quickly. Checks have not been coming in the mail at all this week which is a pretty bleak situation. could you ask God to sprinkle a bit of His mighty blessings our way. I know Nan would sure appreciate a relief from nausea and a return to being able to eat. She has basically eaten no food since she came home from the hospital a full week ago.
So this evening please pray for our dear Nan, for her foot with some pain, for her tummy which can't get settled and for availability of a new med. which could control her tumors.

We thank God for Jan and the joy she has brought us, plus a very wonderful dinner for me tonight, so sorry Nan could not enjoy it also.


tim and nan and jan


  • At 8:23 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hello Mustards and Jan,

    It seems yesterday was an ok day and a not so ok day. It was "ok" in that Jan was there with Nan all day spending time together doing some girl stuff and Tim had a chance to get some work done. It was a not so "ok" day in that Nan suffered with nausea and pain in her foot and thigh. Let's pray for more "ok days for all of you.

    Frost is in the forecast again tonight. Traditionally we have what they call a "dogwood winter" and a "Blackberry" winter. That means when the dogwood blooms and when the blackberries bloom we could get frost. The "dogwood winter" brought us temperatures in the 20's for 4 nights and killed off a lot of vegetation ~ including the peach and apple crops. Now the "blackberry winter" is here. I hope it doesn't finish off the rest of the flowers that the "dogwood winter" didn't get.

    Have a good week end with family and friends with less pain and less nausea ~ rest for the weary and peace in your hearts.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…




  • At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Mustards & Jan,

    We will continue to pray for less nausea & pain, certianly You need some quality relief after all that You have been through the last Year. Nearly a Year has passed since Boston, hardly seems possible.

    We will be having company this weekend but will try to get over to visit next week Tue /Wed or so.

    Dr Appointment for Carrol's Lab test results on Wed 23rd. We are Praying for good numbers.

    Sounds like the Pedens are really having a strange transition from Winter to Summer. I well remember those kind of Years when We lived in the Midwest. California is hard to beat for comfortable weather.

    Have a restful Weekend and know that We are thinking of You.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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