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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What a ride life is, turns, twists, bumps....

Dear Family and Friends,
8:40 pm, Nan is taking a much deserved nap after a tough day all around. On the good news side she continues to not have fevers and even now is sleeping under a blanket, a luxury she has not been able to enjoy for a couple weeks. We are set to leave in the morning for home. The doctors have signed off, the nurse planner has the home health company all primed for the TPN and antibiotics we will be administering twice a day. Yet Nan has not felt that good all day today, she has been on the edge of nausea all day with several bouts of throwing up mixed in. She has not felt that good but got herself up and took a walk around the nursing station today. This afternoon Irene drove all the way up from San Jose to visit Nan. The timing was perfect and as usual Irene brought cheer, precious gifts and hope. Before she left I was able to make an appointment for a property over in Fairfield and left to complete that assignment. Then on the way back I got to talk to Art again who is planning for his trip to Greece soon. Then I spoke with Nan and she ordered nachos from Taco Bell. I bought two and we sat and munched and enjoyed. Then Nan drifted to sleep and I drifted over to the computer to begin working. I found Bob was on the instant message so got to talk to him for awhile. Now I'm blogging. Trying to decide whether to drive home now so I can bring the van back in the morning or wait until the morning and drive home and get it. I lean that way since I really don't want Nan left alone. I think she would like me to go so I can get back early in the morning to effect her escape from this lovely place.
When the doctors came today they discussed the CT scans and referred to pools of fluid and tumor, it seems they think there are two tumors growing. I took the CT scans to Fed Ex today and shipped them to Boston where they will arrive in the morning for Dr. Morgan to study. He knows more about scans of Nan's body than anyone and we will wait to see what he thinks and what he suggests regarding future treatments or trials that might be available. We always deal with a 2 level challenge when treating Nan, the immediate issues, potassium, dehydration, kidneys and then the serious back issue of tumor growth. We have known since Boston that one tumor was left in her body by accident during the surgery and that it has grown some but a second one now is the new challenge we are facing. Nan is dealing with it all as well as anyone could but I can tell it concerns her just like it concerns me.
Going home has new challenges, can Nan be alone at all at first when we go home? Can she walk enough to get about in the house? Can we manage the nausea issues well enough? Is it safe? So tomorrow morning we find out I guess. Doctors think we can do the antibiotics at home as well as here at the hospital and since her fevers seem to have passed they think it is time. May God help us.
We are looking forward to when Jan can come visit for a few days. She is so dear to Nan's heart and it will help a great deal to have her with us. Nan has enjoyed talking to her twice today and to others as well. She got to talk to Keanna this morning before they boarded the plane home from Vegas and Keanna was excited about getting on the plane. We have not heard from them this evening. Steve was driving home today with Meleboo on board as Nikki and Keanna flew home. It will be so good to see them all again and this weekend Jason and Jo are coming over for a family celebration of Keanna's 4th birthday for the family. It is wonderful that Nan can be out in time for the special day. I'm going to need to buy groceries and find some money to pay bills, here we go again with another financial crisis. Need to mail the invoices for the medical care on ship and in Mexico to the insurance company tomorrow as well so that money can get into the pipe line to us. Over $11,000 charged to AMEX in two days.

Please pray for Nan this evening and for God's guidance over our journey. Some days are harder than others and this one has been just plain hard, discouraging and stressful.

Thank you for your prayers in Nan's behalf. She sure needs everything God can do for her right now.


tim and nan


  • At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    What and exciting time to be on to the BLOG. Just when an escape is planned.

    Once upon a time there was a handsome Prince whose beautiful Princess was being held captive in a large castle in Concord. She had been there many days. Enduring torture of the worst kind. The CT probed her inurds, MRI attacked her brain and many a bottle of foul tasting liquid was given but it all was in vain. The Princess refused to give up hope and insisted that she would be free! And so it was that soon the handsome Prince got into the castle and took the fair princess home! Where they lived a happily ever after!

    Your day is coming. (soon)


  • At 4:40 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning,

    It looks like another day of anticipation, fear, concern, questions and the unexpected. Tim while you are at home Nan has the best, most experienced caring nurse she could find. I do wish you had more help however.

    Did anyone ever follow through with the Social Security Disability? That would help with providing respite care for her at home while you are out working. You may need to hire a lawyer to get it and yes, he will take his % of your settlement money to get it, but it's better than what you get now. A good disability lawyer will come to your home.

    Have a very uneventful day today and I pray the transition to home goes smoothly for you.

    Our love and prayers continue ~ Carol

  • At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Glad to read that You are going home this Morning, We will be Praying for a comfortable transition for You both.

    It was good to chat with You last evening Tim, What challenges We do face caring for Our Ladies. You do have Your hands full, Nan is so blessed to have You as Her caregiver.

    Sounds like You will be having a full weekend with Your Family, B. Day for the little one ,etc.

    We will be in touch as to a visit,We don't want to over-load Nan's stamina level and You do need the time with Your Family. We can come over when ever it is convenient for You both.

    Carrol's Monthly Chemo Clinic(Aridia Infusion) Appointment is Monday 8:30, 4 hours plus, in Stockton. Always a long Day but thankfully She is still off of the Chemo. Depending on the latest test results, May 23rd We will find out if She can continue to be off for another 2 Months. We pray for good numbers.

    God Bless You in a very Special way today as You transfer to Home Care again.

    Much Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Morning Tim,

    Although you don't know me that well, I have found Nan to be especially on my heart these past few days. As always, when this happens I have continued to pray for her... and for you. Please know that you are not alone... that God is faithful to rise up others on YOUR BEHALF... because of His great love and faithfulness towards you. I feel priveleged to be able to support you and Nan in prayer. Thank you so much for the "blogs" every day... they help alot in knowing how to pray.

    In His Love,
    Beverley Napier (Art's daughter)

  • At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    God is soooo good to His children.We can go through so much and know for sure that He is there with us, carrying us all the way.

    Enjoy being home, again, and have no thoughts of going anywhere soon, please.

    Know that I love you both and continue to pray faithfully.

    Love, Sharon


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