Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Becoming normal again.

Dear Family and Friends,
After a good day a well deserved rest. Nan is receiving two units of blood and the nurses speak English, do you know how nice that is? How special! Her blood had dropped down to a level somewhere in the 7s like it was on the ship a week ago.
Nan started the day with a CT scan this morning after having to drink that horrid stuff. We have heard from infectious disease doctor, oncologist and kidney doctor. All have made references to pools of liquid, possible points of infection and even some comments about tumor stability. Tomorrow I will fed ex the two CT scans to Boston, to Dr. Morgan to get his read on the tumor situation.
Nan was so ready to drink after returning to the room from the CT. She gulped down water and ice. She has had a good day with naps, hours wide awake watching TV shows, on the phone. There is more talk of allowing her to head home soon, but so far we don't know how soon. I am very excited about her coming home and totally frightened at the same time as here she is helped on every side with anything she needs and at home there is less help, mainly me and I'm not like a team of doctors and nurses. Yet I know God will lead.
All we have to do now is change the bandage. I let Nan go to sleep already and told her I would wake her to do the bandage later, she was so sleepy.
I'm sure I am forgetting events that happened today but I can't think of things now. I went to Lodi this afternoon, then Stockton, then Discovery Bay and finally back to the hospital where she had me bring her a 7 layer burrito and tostado from Taco Bell. She lost a little bit of it but mostly just enjoyed some real food for a change.
Please pray that God will guide us on our path out of here and back home, that His ways will be ours. It appears that the infection is finally subsiding as her fever last night was less severe.

We send our love and a great big thanks for your support and prayers,

tim and nan


  • At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi to you both,
    Sounds like things are going in the right direction- A lot of good has happened in a week-Glad Nan isn't so weak as a few days ago! Bob M lead out in a prayer for you both at church board tonight, I pray for you both to be able to keep on keeping on- I know that God is capable of giving you what you need to get through each day. To paraphrase the beginning of the Lord's prayer- Give you this day what you need.
    Love and Hugs


  • At 3:48 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." Yes, God has blessed each of us with this day. We have much to be thankful for. It seems our weeks roll by faster all the time and we forget to appreciate each day to its fullest. May you have a good day today rejoicing in God's love and the beauties around.

    May God bless you both with continued strength for the day.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Hello Mustards,

    Great News that Nan is improving to a point of Going Home soon. Let Us all continue to Pray that that Pesky Infection will be identified and eliminated, how good that would be !!

    Well another very warm Day has passed and they say one more to go then cooler for the weekend. Could be a bad Fire Risk this summer if We do not get a bit more moisture.

    Don't forget to bring the Van next time You are in Lodi Tim and We will Rotate the Tires in My Big Garage with My good floor Jack to help Us out. Makes the Job very quick & easy.

    Have a good Healing Day and We hope to see You this Sabbath P.M. at Discovery Bay.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Phyllis Lytle said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,

    I just got back from 10 days in Michigan with 5 of our 6 kids and 9 of our 13 grandchildren. It was wonderfully chaotic and filled with great fun.

    Looks like you two have had some really tough times while I have been away. I will have to catch up a few blogs at a time.

    May God's hand strengthen you and fill you with peace beyond understanding as He continues to guide you through this troubling time.

    Love and prayers,

    Phyllis - North Carolina


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