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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday evening report - Huffmans make Nan's day

Dear Family and Friends,
Last Sunday we spent the day in a small steel tube going 365 mph effectively being rescued from a really bad situation. One week later Nan has improved to a point where she is totally lucid, engaged in conversations with many on phone calls, entertained Wes and Nan Huffman this afternoon, walked to the nursing station, sat up for lunch. Doctors have ordered a CT scan for tomorrow to try to get a clearer understanding of what she is facing internally. The low grade fevers continue and Nan is mentally ready for her ice cube packs which help keep her cooler during the night. We no longer are facing fevers in the high dangerous numbers yet any fever indicates that something is wrong or not quite right. The infectious disease doctor was even musing today about allowing Nan to go home with IV antibiotics.
Today Nan was her old self showing humor, enjoying her smaller body, bantering with the nurses and telling me it was time to leave for my work schedule this afternoon. She had most of the food brought to her at lunch time and then had a full bowl of tomato soup this evening along with a serving of banana pudding. I had brought a sack of apple pieces from McDonald's and she at them all. Later she felt the gas they created but all in all she thought it was worth it. She has enjoyed learning how to use her new blue tooth ear piece for her cell phone and found that talking is easier if you don't have to hold the phone up the whole time. She is still working on slipping on the ear loop as it is hard to get used to but I know after a week it comes natural. So there are even more reasons to call Nan now. So she can use her new Blue tooth device.
This afternoon I left at 1 pm after getting prepared with the little office here. I drove to Tracy to do a construction inspection. The fee is only $50 so its hardly worth it but I really enjoy getting to know the builders and in this case the people who are building this new home are really enjoyable. They are aware of Nan's health issues and always tell me to pass along the fact that they are praying for her.
The second job was a redo, I had seen this nice little ranch when they bought it last year and now they are doing a refi. So I did a new inspection and then headed home to just walk through the very clean house thanks to Sylvia, talked to the lonely doggies, grabbed some new clothes, a little pillow for Nan, some tax papers I can work on by remote, files and then headed back. Nan called a couple times and each time I was momentarily thrilled to hear her voice. The second time she excitedly told me that Wes and Nannette were here visiting and asked how long before I would get there. Unfortunately they had to leave before I could get back but we thank them so much for coming to visit Nan. She was so happy and touched.
This evening we once again hit a snag. They wanted Nan to start drinking that horrible liquid in preparation for a CT scan tomorrow but they discovered it had iodine as an ingredient. Nan is very allergic to iodine so she can't have it without premedication. So now we wait to find out what happens next.
We are looking forward to visitors in the next few weeks. Nan can't wait to see friends and family and is getting ready to be home when it is right. We hope this week.
So tonight we ask for your prayers for Nan. We received a very special email from Pastor Karen Cress letting us know she and the church family in Denver First are praying for a defeat of the infection, for guidance for the doctors and for normal temperatures. It was very encouraging to hear from her and to find this wonderful prayer support from many people who do not even know Nan. Thank you Denver First and Karen and John.

tim and nan


  • At 9:25 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    HELLO Tim and Nan,

    Looking back at the pictures of the last week I see a vast improvement. Walking is good and eating is good, even if it does give you gas! So on we go with the continuing saga of "Nan's Recovery". You go girl!

    Life at Lakemont continues to be "interesting". We have a lady here who moved in March 2 and wanted to be here for 3 months. I moved her into one cottage and would have to move her to another if she wanted to stay the entire time. She chose not to move to the other cottage. Now I have people coming in this week end and she is refusing to move! After talking to her this a.m. for about 1/2 hr. she finally mellowed when I said we would need to call the sheriff out to move her on Friday if she is not out. She didn't think that would be necessary. Roger does have to help her move however. Lucky him!!! She has 3 cats and is having a problem finding a place that will take them. I calmly suggested a motel or a shelter. Motels take pets ~ shelters don't. Not a good scene. Fortunately I have nothing else to offer her.

    So, that's the beginning of my day and I still would not want to trade places with you for a minute.

    Have another good day today and continue to gain strength for your trip home!

    Love and prayers,


  • At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nan and Tim:

    I'm so glad that Nan is improving a day at a time. What a difference from a week ago. I'm not sure if we will be able to go see you guys before we leave on our trip to Greece. Art is still doing lots of work at his mom's house. He really had to deal with so much. I'm trying to help him at least emotionally. The house is finally listed, now we'll have to see how long it will take to sell.

    Nan, I admire you so much and wish you well, you are a brave woman. Our neighbor continues to ask for you and says that she prays for you every night. You have lots of people praying for you and it is working!

    Tim, you better take advantage of Art's phone calls as he will be gone for 10 days starting this Thursday.



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