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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, May 04, 2007

A mellow evening in room 311

Dear Family and Friends,

At this moment Nan is receiving a rub down with the coco butter lotion that Pam brought the other night. I've captured the moment in a photo. This has been a day when God emptied the blessing drawer kept in heaven down to her on earth. She woke lucid and animated, talked to Jason in Philly, Sharon at work, Rick at work and then we prepared for the upcoming MRI. Even though she was demonstrating that her mental facilities were all there Dr. Ganey thought it was best to be careful and rule out any brain damage so the MRI went forward. I knew how Nan felt about MRIs and the confining space inside the machine. Last time in San Ramon she could not take it and had to be medicated and then returned to the MRI machine later. So a little ativan was given and Nan moved into a world without fears. They rolled her to the other side of the hospital complex, outdoors and then into a little outbuilding where machines were pounding out their images of patients. Soon Nan was moved into a little room with a huge monster machine labeled GE on its front and moved inside nearly disappearing in its dark recesses. I watched through the door and finally someone showed me where the waiting room was. In a few long minutes they came for me and Nan was done. She was still asleep and we rolled the long ways back through halls, up ramps and then into the room. A lift team was called and they gently moved her back to her own bed. We just had one exciting moment, while the tech was moving her into the machine I saw that one nephrostomy had fallen off the narrow bed and was being dragged and stretch to a breaking point, all I could see was it being jerked from her back so I yelled, stop. They did and freed it and sheepishly finished putting her inside. Man you just can't be too careful or too watchful. Do not go to the hospital without a guardian on duty.

Nan was totally asleep after getting settled into her bed so I took that moment to drive to Piedmont and inspect a home built in 1910. A lovely old home with construction like a mack truck, no cracks in the stucco, so sagging or creaking, just solid and stately. Worth about 1.8 million. Then to a different kind of home, a little narrow home on a big lot in Oaklands flatlands on 81st Ave. The home had its own charm and was carefully maintained and I enjoyed the owner like I had the first owner in Piedmont. Then I found the one Taco Bell I know of in the entire area and had breakfast, lunch and dinner all wrapped into a bean burrito, tostado and raspberry iced tea. What a pleasure it was to finally eat. Then I headed back to the hospital and had no traffic so return trip was quick. Nan was still asleep so I laid down on my trusty cot and slept as well. Much later she woke up and asked for water. Nurses come in from time to time to take vitals, hang things or to just check on her. We woke up later and she called Sharon, Nikki called her and Keanna and Nikki told her good bye as they boarded a flight in Sacramento for Vegas. We planned to call Dana but let the time get away from us. Mary, our dear travel friend called to let her know she got back safely from the ship this morning.

This evening they brought her liquid diet dinner but she was not hungry at that point but took a hot tea. They gave her lasik again early evening and the next thing I knew her right bag was bulging with 800 ccs of fluid, left had 650 ccs. One can watch the pounds go down the drain and we are so glad this is happening. So far there has been no negative effects from removing the fluids and she has lost 13 lbs as of this morning. Probably more tomorrow morning.

This evening she was awake for awhile and we talked about things, she hopes to be able to go home by Tuesday but we will have to see how things are going. The current blood cultures are showing no more staph but she did have a fever last night. Kidney doctors reminded us that if there is infection in the kidneys that it can take up to several days for fevers to cease.

This morning I pleaded with God for His special blessings, I have done this before several times, a couple times in Boston as I walked through the rain back to my room at night, others in other hospitals or in times of crisis. I have felt many blessings today just like Roger and Carol mentioned in their email. I was encouraged by a message from Yvonne today which was a nice email program about the 23rd psalm. Nan is much better today, not totally back and very weak. She needs a nap after each phone call since it takes so much effort to hold the phone and talk clearly. We are settled in this evening, I have a hot chocolate from a machine downstairs, just 75 cents and it tastes good to me. I had thought of going out to dinner this evening but let it pass, had some of Nan's less than yummy jello left on her tray.

If anyone wants to visit tomorrow the hospital is located just off Highway 242 on the Grant exit. 242 runs between Highway 4 and Highway 680 as a shortcut and the Grant exit is off the shortcut freeway. The hospital is a few blocks south of the freeway exit on the left side and we can be found by turning to the right as soon as you enter the glass doors. Use the elevators there as the ones in the rear of the hospital connect to a different portion of the hospital and do not connect to Nans wing. If you happen to visit keep in mind that Nan will sleep part of the time and be awake part of the time. She will speak softly and will enjoy seeing you.

This week it seems like Nan begin to take a turn for the better on the day when Pastor Jim came followed by ARt and Connie, then Nikki and Keanna and then Pam. Who can resist that lineup of love?

Thank you to each of you who have poured so much time into repeated prayers for Nan, for emails of support and encouragement and for your arms of love. We are truly in a better place tonight than a week ago on board the ship. God has been good to us in spite of the trauma of the weeks events. How I wish I knew His will. Just one day at a time He allows us to discover it.

Please continue to pray for Nan, she has a very long recovery ahead and a process of building strength again. At least this time it will be with less weight to have to move around.

We send our love and deepest appreciation for your help with our lives.


tim and nan


  • At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Glad to see that you upgraded Nan's saga to include raspberry ice tea to cool down the hero.

    Did I miss something? Is the cruise really over. It is all just too confusing. I mean whats the deal with the coco butter rub down. Sounds like a cruise to me. It is a whole lot better than my days activities.

    Glad that things are mellow at last and that blessings you can see are failing your way!

    Enjoy the Joy,


  • At 5:15 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Happy Sabbath to you!

    So the MRI is over and all seems to be in tact. Dr. Tim could have told them that. It seems you really are needed to watch over Nan! That's all she would have needed ~ to have that nephrostomy jerked out. What a disaster that could have been. Yes, I guess you do need to be there to protect her from her "protectors".

    We had a good thunder storm early this a.m. which watered our dry ground. Since our frost disaster 3 weeks ago the later azaleas are in full bloom now and the rhododendron are in full bloom. The wisteria and over half of the azaleas were frozen out. The trees are getting brave and starting to send out new little leaves again. It will be interesting to see what does survive.

    Roger is dressed in suit and tie and I'm sitting here in my PJ's so I guess I'd better get myself going this a.m.

    Have a blessed day and enjoy the company of friends today.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I, too, Carol, need to get out of these PJ's and get ready for church. Nan, you stay in yours and we'll envy the thought. I trust you will have a great day, one moment at a time. Tim, you have no deadlines today, leave it at that and relax and enjoy quiet time with Nan. It is evident that the blessings He has poured out are awesome. What do people do who do not know Him? I sometimes wonder.
    I'll be thinking of you and praying for you.
    Remember that you are loved,


  • At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Good Morning !

    Good news regarding you, Nan. You look sweet in your picture having your legs rubbed - nice!!!

    Tim, it is so good you were there to stop the moving process into the MRI - wow, you wouldn't want that tube pulled out! You even got in an appraisal - wow, that was good timing. Every little bit will help out.

    Have a good Sabbath. Barb and Ger are leaving this morning for their little vacation to Nevada, Arizona and Southern California. I think they will be home on the 14th.

    Prayers and love continue,

  • At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Good Morning Mustards,

    What good news in the blog this AM We have been Praying that the fluid will continue to lessen in Our dear Nan, She does not need that extra weight to slow Her road to recovery .

    What a beautiful Sabbath Morning it is over here. Plenty of sunshine and just a slight breeze. We are leaving for Sonora about noon and will be back home by 8:00 or so depending on how long it takes to eat after the "Music Man" finishes at the School.

    As You I'm sure have noticed , Gas prices are on the rise again, When will this STOP? $3.39 is not fun at all!! It is good to have a little "Gas Saver" Car again but it is quite a transition from the comfort of the Grand Marquis for every day driving errands etc. Thank goodness for the roomy comfort of the Odyssey on the weekend Trips.

    Roger sent Me some information on some CD's that have the Music that He is using with His New Singing Group, but I'm not having any success finding them around here. I guess I'll have to use the "Net" to get them. The Artist Group is "The Regeneration Vocal Orchestra" by, Derric Johnson Press.

    Hava a Blessed Sabbath Day and know that We continue to pray for Nan's healing and that We are looking forward to seeing You at Home Next weekend for sure.

    Much Love

    Bob & Carrol.


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