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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Keanna turns 4 today! Nan is getting lots of sleep

Dear Family and Friends,
Its evening now, Nan has fallen asleep and a TV program is on quietly in the background. An hour ago when I returned I found Nan's temperature was starting to rise, her heart rate was up a bit so I requested some ibuprofen. Our thoughtful nurse brought in all of Nan's evening meds and included the ibuprofen she needs to head off the fever before it gets serious. Nan has been pretty much out of it today, an example is when Art came in to say hi and ask what day it was she told him Saturday. She is not capable of doing very much for herself right now and Art thought he saw the effects of too much meds so this evening we are not doing any dilautid, last night she had two doses during the night. Her body takes a long time to clear meds through her kidneys. I wonder if we are headed for at least a single session of dialysis to pull fluids off her body and to give her kidneys a break. We hear that a kidney doctor, Dr. Rhone was here today but I was gone getting the car and Nan would not remember such a visit. Tonight there are three kinds of antibiotics going and blood cultures have been taken, the urine has been sampled and hopefully soon the actual infection can be located and wiped out. Today Nancy, the PICC line lady was able to replace Nan's line without replacing its location, unfortunately the end went up into her neck, not down into the proper artery, this error was discovered by an xray and so she tried again, same result. Third time and they got it right so Nan got three more xrays today. Nan has eaten some food at each meal time without any nausea. She has little pain going right now but her arm where they worked is causing some understandable pain.
Art took me to get Nan's van in San FRancisco and the roads were clear all the way. Not only that both Art and I had easy trips back to our respective locations. I saw the melted freeway and it is unbelievable really, huge steel girders melded down to the ground. Crews were already working on the removal of the bad stuff and then the rebuilding can begin.
This evening I drove out to meet Nikki, Steve and Keanna at Chilis in Brentwood. We had good food, welcome after the minimal food I have had the last 4 days, very wonderful fellowship and an enjoyable time with Keanna who proudly held up 3 fingers and then 4 to show her age had changed. She drew her grammy a picture which I brought back for Nan to enjoy, made her smile the first time today. After the meal they came to sing to her and Keanna hid her head under steves leg and then came up smiling. What a kid! And what a lift to the spirits to be with these precious people. It was hard to see them drive away afterwards. At the resturant my phone battery died and I could not get back soon enough to make sure Nan had not tried to reach me. She was fine and deeply sleeping. I woke her and showed her the picture Keanna had drawn and then it was pill time. We watched two TV shows together and she stayed away for them until I was on the phone to my brother and she fell asleep again. Later I will wake her since we need to do her tummy dressing yet tonight.
If I had a wish I would seek to have the fever located and a second wish would be to find a way to remove some of the extra fluid in her tissues. Can we pray together about those points tonight or in the morning when you read the blog.
Tonight we are sending our love to you from room 325 on the third floor of the Concord John Muir Hospital, Concord Campus. Pam was going to come this evening but I told her she would be sitting in a room with a sleeping very tired patient so she put off the trip until another day.
Please pray for Nan!


tim and nan
ps A big thanks to Art for his help, friendship and taxi service. Thanks Connie for sharing your guy with us for awhile today!


  • At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Very glad you and Nan are safely home. It will not be long till the regular Nan is back. With the good and diligent care of her terrific husband, the doctors and nurses that are familiar with her situation along with Nan's will to be well, that amazes us all, it could not be long before she is home entertaining her lap warming dogs!

    What a day that will be!

    Great news about your van. How do you rate Art as a driver? You didn't mention but I hope it is better than his blogging. Even priceless friends like Art have weaknesses I guess.

    We are praying for the infection to be found and eliminated and the the fluid to decrease so we can read all about it in the blog of hope, faith and joy of moment that you so generously share.


  • At 4:52 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    And I do hope it will be a very good a.m. for you both with answers and solutions for Nan! I can't believe you got to your car without a traffic snarl somewhere. God does take care of you, Tim.

    We will continue to pray for a cure for the extra fluid and to locate the site of infection. Yes, Nan's "will to be well" does amaze us all!

    We have another day of beautiful spring weather here in NC with azaleas blooming. Try to take a few minutes, Tim, to enjoy the day in CA. Find a quiet place and "Come apart and rest" even for a little while. Your body and spirit need it!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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