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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Miracles still happen - morning report from Concord

Dear Ones,
High fever during the night, finally down this morning, extreme fatigue, doctors and nurses on top of things. Pam coming to visit this evening.
Dr. Shoba visited an hour ago, said two issues are infection / fever and high levels of fluid Nan is retaining in her tissues. PICC line lady, Nancy, came in to check the line and was distressed to see so much of the line on the outside of her arm, ordered an Xray american style, you know large machine rolls into the room etc. A few minutes later a conference with Dr. Shoba and a decision, PICC line was not deep enough into the artery and was at risk, also needed changing since it could be the source of infection at its tip. Nancy and Dr. Shoba decided to try a seldom used exchange process where they pull out the old picc line and using a wire put a new on into the proper place without creating a new incision point in the arm. Usually only works for newly installed PICC lines but this one has been in for 2 months already. Nancy mentioned praying and God allowed her to complete the picc line exchange in Nans arm right here in the room without having to install a totally new one in a different arm. She was amazed herself that it worked and very grateful to God as we are that one hurdle was overcome with minimal pain and suffering. Nan lost her first colostomy bag today, the nurse installed it and of course is not really very used to them and it failed all over the bed. Nan is so frail and mentally slow right now that it took everything she could do to put a new one on and of course when we had it off her body decided to deliver big time, shall we say several towels will never be the same! But Nan did it and then a very nice nursing assistant came and changed the bed for the second time today but no complaining and she spoke english!!
Nan is receiving three kinds of antibiotics at the present time and has had broth and jello for breakfast, now of course after the picc line workover she is sleeping soundly and has no present fever. Somewhere in her body there is a source of fever that will not give in easily and we need God's directions to find and stop it.
Art is driving up from San Jose to Concord and will give me a ride to San Francisco where the van is parked. Then he will head home and I will try to fight my way back through the traffic. The freeways were damaged by a gas truck fire and repairs will take months to accomplish. The result will be snarled traffic for some time to come.
We will also be seeing kidney doctors and infectious diease doctors today in hopes of locating the infection. At this moment other than being very sleepy Nan is feeling pretty well. She has complained of a headache for the last few days which is troubling. She just started wiggling her feet, even in her sleep she does that to keep blood flowing. She is so faithful at things like that.
I would suggest that she can take calls but I'm not sure she will wake up enough to hear the phone ring. Her cell is beside the bed just in case.
Keanna turns 4 today offically and has asked that we eat at Chillis in Brentwood so when I get the car I will head out this evening to be with Keanna for awhile and then come back to be with Nan. Since Nan has that nsra or whatever condition she is going to get moved to a private room sometime today I think. Hopefully I can spend the night again like I did last night since it has become much more important that I be near to work with medical staff who might not know things like, she is 30 lbs heavy with fluids, that she has a low blood pressure all the time, that her resting heart rate is 110. Any of those things can cause nurses to begin treatments on their own which will not help and only hinder. I know that when her heart rate increases above 115 we are headed for a fever within an hour and when it begins to drop from its 150 or 140 then the fever is getting better.
Pam has been in constant touch with us while we were in Mexico and since we got back. She said that a murderer is in the area surrounding her school and that she needs to be extra careful. She plans to drive over this evening after she gets off work to see Nan and I know Nan will enjoy seeing her.
Steve, Loree and Heather have been great about helping with the work situation and I see from the on line banking that several deposits have been made since we left last monday. That is wonderful.
I am writing now because I'm not sure when I will get back to the room and wanted you to know how she is doing. While we regret losing our cruise we are very thankful to be safely home with good medical care and family / friends nearby. I can't help thinking that God was managing even this trip and sets things in motion for good not evil.

Thank you for your many prayers and positive messages. We treasure every one of them.


tim and nan


  • At 1:02 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the a.m. blog. I do check at least a couple of times a day for news. It's good to hear that Nan is stable and again in good hands and checks coming in even while you are on vacation.

    I hope you get your car before the commute traffic clogs the roads. I can't imagine the traffic with the bridge out. Bart will probably be extra busy!

    What a gorgeous day we are having ~ 80 degrees, gentle breeze and some of the later azaleas are beginning to bloom. All was not lost in the big freeze! The trees are struggling to grow new leaves and many plants are putting out new growth. Spring brings hope back into our lives.

    We are busily cleaning up the apartment downstairs ~ new carpet, paint, washing walls, appliances, etc. Lesley is helping and eager to move into her new apartment. She is energetic and eager and we are VERY pleased with her work.

    Have a peaceful evening and don't let the traffic stress you too much.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm so happy that you two got back safe and sound. Everyone I know have been praying for you guys and with mom's extra fluid retention. Jason called me this morning and said they got to D.C. just fine and how he's the only one dressed for the weather (nice and warm instead of cold and rainny). We can't wait to see you guys for Keanna's birthday and Mother's Day. Take care and you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.


  • At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Am most thankful for a caring and loving Heavenly Father. Just to know that you are back in the US where you can communicate means so much. What an experience you have to tell about! Know that we are still praying and send our love.



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